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Mandarmani Beach West Bengal

After Digha, Mandarmani is one of the most popular beach destinations in West Bengal. The strip of sand stretches to almost 13km, while the atmosphere enveloping it is serene. From enjoying a leisurely stroll to sungazing, tourists can try a variety of activities during their sightseeing tour of Mandarmani. It is renowned for being the longest drivable beach in India. Red crabs, which visit the beach in large numbers, are also a beautiful sight to come across.

Best Time to Visit Mandarmani Beach

The winter season is the best time to visit Mandarmani Beach. Commencing in October and ending in February, it is marked by cool and pleasant weather conditions that are ideal for tourism. During these months, the temperature of the region ranges between 10°C and 32°C.

How to Reach Mandarmani Beach?

The best way to reach Mandarmani is by rail. The nearest railhead to Mandarmani is Digha Flag Station which is located at a distance of around 29 km. The station boasts impressive transit connectivity to almost all the regions of the state. From the railway station, tourists can hire a cab to reach the destination. For those who prefer time over money, the airway is the best mean to reach Mandarmani. Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is the closest airhead which is located at a distance of 179 km from Mandarmani. From the airport, tourists can take a cab to reach the place.