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Top Tourist Attractions in Khajjiar

Lush green meadows, dense forests of deodar trees, snow laden mountains and a sprawling 9 inch golf course, all these and more make Khajjiar an incredible destination for nature lovers, backpackers and honeymooners. Situated at an elevation of around 2000 meters, Khajjiar sits on a verdant plateau, making it a favourite destination for picnickers.

The pristine Khajjiar Lake, surrounded by lush green meadows, has been the shooting location of many Bollywood films and songs. Offering an array of activities including paragliding, zorbing and horse riding, Khajjiar Lake is a place that lets you enjoy sightseeing and adventure in equal measure.

The Deodar forests surrounding the Khajjiar Lake consist of the Panch Pandav Tree, which is one of the most unique sites to see in Khajjiar. According to the locals, the 6 shoots of the tree represent the 5 Pandavas and Draupadi. A short trek from Khajjiar will take you to an impressive deodar tree, which has 15 shoots of similar height. The natives call it the Mother Tree of the region, and it is another unique but often overlooked specialty of Khajjiar. Devotees and those in search of a spiritual experience can visit the nearby Khajjinag Temple after a short but extremely scenic hike. Built in the 12th century, the Khajjinag Temple offers perfect solace.

One can also admire the amazing images of the Pandavas along with the artfully designed portraits of the defeated Kauravas hanging from the roof of the circular path of the mandapa of the temple. There’s another temple situated near the Khajjiar Lake, known as the Golden Devi Temple, which is the picture of utmost serenity and spirituality.

For nature lovers and especially wildlife lovers, Khajjiar is a truly delightful destination. From the Himalayan Black Bear and the Black Marten to a plethora of rare and endangered species like the leopard and the barking goral, besides other fascinating species of wild animals, the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary in Khajjiar is a great place for wildlife lovers. Who knows? Maybe the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary will make you a fan of David Attenborough if you aren’t already!

The surrounding mountains of Khajjiar are home to numerous picturesque villages, exploring which is a delightful experience. The villages of Rota and Ladi, among others, will surprise you with spellbinding views of Mount Kailash. Trekkers and adventure buffs come to Khajjiar to enjoy the astounding views of Diankund Peak, which is also renowned for being the highest peak of Dalhousie. You can also enjoy the magnificent sights of the surrounding snow capped peaks from Diankund Peak on a bright and sunny day.

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