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Vishwas Swaroopam in Nathdwara, Rajasthan – World’s Tallest Shiva Statue

In Rajasthan’s Nathdwara, the tallest statue of Lord Shiva in the entire world was unveiled on October 29, 2022. The statue, which is referred to as ‘Viswas Swaroopam,’ means ‘Statue of Belief,’ is located in Nathdwara on a hillock called Ganesh Tekri and depicts all the characteristics, feelings, and expressions of Lord Shiva. Located around 45 kilometres from Udaipur, the statue possesses amenities including stairs and elevators. Additionally, it contains a VIP lounge, visitors’ room, administration office, and meditation room.

The largest Shiva statue in Rajasthan was unveiled to the public by the renowned spiritual guide Morari Bapu along with Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, assembly speaker CP Joshi and other famous personalities. It has been constructed by Sant Kripa Sanatan to boost up religious tourism in the state, which is a crucial part of Rajasthan tourism sector. The Nathdwara Shiva statue, which took 10 years to complete and was built on a hill of 51 bighas, is a big part of Madan Paliwal’s visionary proposal for the Miraj Group in Udaipur as per the reports.

Important Quick Facts to Know

Height of the tallest Shiva statue 369 ft
Location of the tallest Shiva statue Nathdwara, Rajasthan
Name of the tallest Shiva statue Viswas Swaroopam
When was the tallest Shiva statue unveiled? October 29,2022
At a time, how many people can go in? 60
On a day, how many people can visit? 700
Which amenities are provided while visiting the statue? Four elevators, stairs, VIP lounge, visitors’ room, administration office, and meditation room
Who is the sculptor of the statue? Naresh Kumar from Pilani
Which metal has been used to make the statue? 30,000 tonnes of Panchdhatu or metal
Who made the tallest Shiva statue? Constructed by Sant Kripa Sanatan as a part of a dream project of Madan Paliwal, the Chairman of Miraj Group.

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Interesting Facts about Nathdwara Shiva Statue

Tallest Shiva Statue in Rajasthan

  • The new Shiva Statue at Nathdwara, Rajasthan has a height of 369 ft along with two large water tanks built above the head of the statue.
  • Previously, it was decided to be a height of 251 ft but, after drafting the idea of planting the Ganges stream on Shiva’s head, the total height of World’s tallest Shiva statue became 369 ft.
  • The statue can be seen from a distance of 20 kilometres.
  • The sculptor of the Lord Shiva statue is Sculptor Naresh Kumar, who is from Pilani.
  • The foundation of the statue was laid by Sant Morari Bapu, 10 years ago in 2012.
  • Along with the statue, arrangements for Jalabhishek have also been made above by planting two large water tanks. One tank will be used to draw ‘Gangaajal’ and the other is made for emergency purposes.
  • On the right side of the World’s tallest Shiva statue in Rajsamand, there is a statue of Nandi, which is 25 ft high and 37 ft wide.
  • One of the amazing facts about the statue is it can stand like this for 250 years and can withstand thunderstorms and hailstorms up to the speed of 250 kmph.
  • A sum of Rs. 300 crores has been spent in preparing this tallest Shiva statue in the world.
  • 30,000 tonnes of Panchdhatu or metal have been used in the making of this statue.
  • According to reports, 2,600 tonnes of steel, 2,601 tonnes of iron, 26,618 cubic metres of cement have been used to make the statue.
  • The base of the statue has a dimension of 30×25 metres.
  • The statue is decorated with laser lights which will be reflected in the night sky.

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Everything You Need to Know to Visit Statue of Lord Shiva in Rajasthan

Vishwas Swaroopam in Nathdwara

  • Reportedly, the statue has four elevators and stairs to see the place where Shiva’s trident is placed near the shoulder.
  • At a time, 60 people can go in to visit.
  • 700 people can visit the statue on a day.
  • 10 batches of 10 people will be able to have darshan at different places of the statue.

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Want to know about things to do while visiting the Statue of Lord Shiva in Nathdwara?

The top things to do here are: –

  • Temple Visit
  • Darshan
  • Seek Blessings
  • Sightseeing
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Eating at Food Court
  • Enjoying in Adventure Park
  • Visiting the Jungle Cafe

Moreover, the most interesting thing is the venue will host the adventure activities like:

  • Bungee Jumping
  • Ziplining
  • Go-Kart

Best Places to Visit Near Nathdwara Shiva Statue

The best places to visit in Nathdwara which are the nearby tourist attractions to the statue of Lord Shiva are:

  • Shreenathji Temple
  • Haldighati
  • Maharana Pratap Memorial
  • Dwarkadheesh Temple
  • Charbhuja Temple
  • Nand Samand Dam
  • Shri Eklingji Temple
  • Molela Terracotta Village
  • Ranakpur Jain Temple
  • Chittorgarh
  • Kumbhalgarh Fort
  • Pali
  • Alsigarh
  • Mavli

Best Time to Visit Nathdwara

The best time to make a Nathdwara tour plan to visit this statue and its nearby tourist places is from October to February when the temperature becomes low and the weather becomes perfect for travelling.

How to Reach this Trending Tourist Attraction?

Well, you can reach Nathdwara by taking a flight to Udaipur Airport and then a cab to the complex of the statue. You can also avail buses from different points of Gujarat and Rajasthan to reach this must-see place in Rajasthan. It is located near to the famous Hindu Temple, Ganesh Tekri Temple and can be reached via National Highway 8 from Nathdwara Market.

The tallest statue of Shiva in Nathdwara, Rajasthan is thrown open to tourists to boost up religious tourism in Rajasthan. Now onwards, a trip to Nathdwara cannot be completed without visiting this must-visit magnificent statue. For travelers, adding this wonderful tourist attraction to their forthcoming Rajasthan tour is necessary as the place cannot be missed by any chance. If you have any query about this place, please write to us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the tallest statue of Lord Shiva unveiled?

In Nathdwara, Rajasthan, around 45 kilometres from Udaipur, World’s tallest Shiva Statue is unveiled.

Who built the world's tallest Shiva Statue in Nathdwara?

It is a dream project of Madan Paliwal, the Chairman of Miraj Group. It has been constructed by Sant Kripa Sanatan.

What is the height of the statue?

The height of the statue is 369 ft.

What is the name of the statue?

The statue is referred to as 'Viswas Swaroopam,' which means ‘Statue of Belief.’

Published: 03 Nov, 2022

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