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Three Tiger Cubs Spotted in Rajasthan’s Sariska Tiger Reserve

A wonderful news for conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts as three new members are added to the list of tigers in Sariska National Park. Three quite adorable tiger cubs are sighted in the Tiger Reserve of Sariska. The joyous news was shared by Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma on his Twitter.

Increase in Tiger Population in Sariska

In the year 2005, the sanctuary faced several challenges regarding tiger conservation and underwent a loss in the tiger population due to poaching and various other reasons. Many wildlife conservation methods and efforts were made to increase the tiger population in Sariska.

Three baby tiger cubs were recently spotted with Tigress ST 12 roaming in the Tal Vriksh range of the reserve which is a remarkable development for the Sariska Tiger Reserve. The total number of big cats in Sariska Tiger Reserve is now 25 along with 8 adorable tiger cubs. Many safety measures and conservational efforts are set up by the government to protect every wildlife of the forest including enhanced surveillance, 24 camera monitoring and trackers installed.

About Tiger Conservation at Sariska Tiger Reserve

Three New Cubs Spotted in Sariska Tiger Reserve Rajasthan

To restore and maintain the tiger population of the reserve, a rehabilitation programme was started in 2008 by bringing two tigers from Ranthambore National Park. Panthera tigris (Tigers) holds the title of national animal of India and hence has a significant and cultural importance which showcases strength, power and grace. Royal Bengal Tigers are one of the most charismatic species found in the jungles of Sariska.

With the wide range of plants and animals that can be found here, a visit to Sariska National Park will provide visitors with an unparalleled experience. Sariska Tiger Reserve is nestled in the Alwar city of Rajasthan and is spread across an area of around 1300 square kilometres which is home to several wildlife species including the Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Striped Hyena, Golden Jackal, Chital, Sambhar, Blue Bull, Chinkara and Four Horned antelope along with several avian species, reptiles and floral species.

Published: 15 Mar, 2024

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