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Tigress Noorjahan or T-114 and her cub found dead in Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park, situated in the Sawai Madhopur District in Rajasthan faced another major loss with the death of Tigress T-114 and one of her cubs. The news came just a few days after the death of T-57, who was found sick in December. However, T-114 was only six years old and she was seen with her three cubs in the Phalodi range of the park recently.

Yesterday, on January 31, around 6:30 AM, a patrolling party found the dead cub first, near the Nahari’s Nullah area in the Phalodi range of the forest. When they informed the authority, a search operation was launched to find the mother and other cubs. The mother, T-114, Noorjahan was found dead in the evening at a distance of around 850 metres from the spot where the carcass of her cub was found.

As per the NTCA or National Tiger Conservation Authority’s protocol, a committee was made by the CWLW or Chief Wildlife Warden. The committee made a decision to shift the other two cubs to Abheda Biological Park in Kota because the chances of their survival in the open forest became bleak as their mother died. The committee also said that there will be rewilding attempts to ensure that the cubs do not live in the cages for a long time.

While informing the news to the media and the reasons for their death, a senior official said “As it was dusk, they decided to do the postmortem on Wednesday. Cremation of the cub has already been done after conducting a postmortem.”

An official also said that it seems the mother tigress was killed by an adult male tiger while protecting her cubs as she had multiple injury marks on he body. The final reason would come soon after the postmortem.

T114’s death serves as a reminder of the challenges facing wild tigers and their habitats and the importance of continued efforts to protect and conserve these magnificent animals. In response to the tragic news, park officials have stated that they are taking steps to monitor and protect the remaining tigers in the park.

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Published: 01 Feb, 2023

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