10 Quirky and Unusual International Airlines That You Must Book a Ticket For

Airlines Around the World With Quirky Concepts

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For most of us, flight journeys are incredibly dull unless you’re not flying in the business class. But even for business class flyers, it gets tedious after a specific time. From less leg room to airplane food to cabin pressure and moisture to loquacious or inconsiderate co-passengers, there are many reasons to loathe flying. Well, is there any solution to it? Certainly, no! But, there is a way to start loving your flight journeys – and you ask how. Well, some unique and bizarre airlines around the world make your flight journey enjoyable and all you just have to do find these world’s most unique airlines before booking your flight. Scroll down to know about the top airlines with quirky concepts.

Air Malta – Your In-Flight Spa Centre

Air Malta Massage

Sitting in an upright position and that too without any much space to stretch legs is obviously quite tiring and taxing, especially when on a long flight. Like most of you, The thought of getting a massage service on a plane has struck my mind many times. But I was unaware of the fact that Air Malta offers the Sky Spa service until I researched for this blog. Back in 2015, they started the first ever flight with spa service. Two professionals welcome passengers and give them various in-flight spa and beauty service – from feet, neck and head massages to beauty treatments.

OssiUrlaub.de: Fly Nude


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There are many bizarre airlines you won’t believe actually exist, and one of them is OssiUrlaub.de – a German Airlines. If you have no inhibition to fly nude with other passengers, then you must look for a chance to book their nude flight. Started in the year 2008, the nude flight operates on a summer day trip from Erfurt city to Baltic Sea Resort. The passengers come fully clothed while boarding the flight but as soon as the aircraft reaches the height of 30,000 ft, they remove all their clothes. While getting off, passengers are supposed to be nude.

Eva Air – Enjoy a Hello Kitty Bonanza

Eva Air

You must have got a fair idea of what this is all about, right? Eva Air – a Taiwanese International Airlines, has taken Hello Kitty fandom to the next level. They operate Hello Kitty theme-based flights. The theme extends to headrest cover, food packaging, toilet paper, and food menu. Not just limited to the aircraft, the theme of Hello Kitty also continues to the boarding pass and the waiting lounge. The entire theme is something which takes you back to the memory lanes of your childhood. So book with Eva Air to relive your childhood, even if it is for a few hours.

La Compagnie – Enjoy Massage Beds, Samsung Tablets and Michelin Star Food

La Compagnie

A France based airlines, La Compagnie only flies between New York and Paris. The airlines is known to offer impeccable services including massages, Michelin star food, and Samsung tablets to all the passengers. The most exciting thing to know here is that the ticket price of La Compagnie flights is comparatively cheaper than other airlines. Though there is nothing quirky as such but the kind of services the airlines offer that too at affordable rates is a unique thing in itself.

Viet Jet Air – Board A Flight with Bikini-Clad Attendants

Viet Jet Air

While you see air-hostesses in a smart and elegant formal wear in other airlines, VietJet Air from Vietnam has attendants that welcome you in sensuous bikinis and stockings. Though it might seem to be a controversial concept, it serves as an empowerment symbol amid the country’s conservation image. An important thing to know here is that this is not a standard concept in all their flights – it is more like a bonus on some specific routes.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – Choose Your Seatmate On The Bases of His/Her Social Profile

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Next on the list of top unusual airlines concepts around the world is KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The aviation company is known for its unique service, ‘Meet and Seat.’ Wondering what’s, it’s all about? In the time when social media has itself become an open world, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines bring this world into their flying experience. With their Meet and Seat service, you can view the profiles of your fellow passengers. Not just this, it also tells you where a particular person is sitting. All this can be checked long before the flight takes off. You can then select next to the person that you liked based on their social media profile. That’s something!

Germanwings – Go Blind Booking


How about booking a flight with no destination in mind? You must be thinking if it is even a real thing. Well, Germanwings by Lufthansa gives their passengers an option of ‘Blind Booking’ where the ticket price is as low as $50. In the Blind Booking options, you will not have any idea of your destination until and unless you reach there. While booking a ticket, they first ask you to select your departing city and then a destination category from the list. The list includes categories like gay-friendly, party, nature, sun and beach, culture, shopping, trekking, and hiking. Hence, you aren’t entirely kept in the dark.

Qantas Airways – Land Virtually to Other Amazing Places Through VR Headsets

Qantas Airways

For those who always prefer to travel in first class, Qantas Airways bring some fun and entertainment on your flight journey. This Australian Airlines brings the magic of virtual reality headsets into their flying experience. With the help of these VR Headsets, you can get a 360-degree view of the Qantas first-class lounge at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and the runway side videos of A380 planes. Along with that, the flight also takes you on a 3D tour of Kakadu National Park in Australia. The airlines also gives you a chance to dive in the Great Barrier Reef, land at Hamilton Island and climb the Sydney bridge – without even leaving the comfort of your seat. I guess this is the perfect way to turn the boring long-flights into an interesting one.

Virgin Atlantic – Explore the In-Flight Art Gallery

Virgin Atlantic

Proffering a fantastic flight experience to the business class travellers is the Virgin Atlantic flight between London and New York. In the year 2013, this British Airlines started an in-flight art gallery which allows travellers to go through an enthralling art gallery and that too while in the air. The experience of exploring an art exhibition while being thousands of feet above the ground is quite unreal. This exhibition is organized by the internationally known street artists – Bon Eine. Besides, the artworks displayed at this gallery are also put up on sale, and the prices range from £2,500 to £15,000.

Kulula Airlines – Enjoy Good Humour

Kulula Airlines

Kulula Airlines is one of the must-book airlines in the world and that too, for an odd reason. This South Africa-based airlines is known for its witty sense of humour. And yes, for their light green airplanes as well that are quite appealing to the eyes. But more than that, it’s the sense of honour which can be seen on the planes and even in announcements. The jets at Kulula Airlines are decorated with some cheeky labels and related phrases like ‘this way is up,’ ‘flying 101’, ‘the big cheese,’ and more. Not just this, their cabin crew is also humorous and give instant quip. Do not be surprised if you hear instructions in their signature style.

Ok, let’s spill some beans by telling you some of their instructions which are – “please remain in your seats with your seat belts fastened while the captain taxis what’s left of our airplane to the gate” and “please note we do not accept unwanted mothers-in-law or children.”

So, these are some top airlines that you must, and again I say must book a ticket with for that out of the world experience.

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