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Listen to the Call of the Wild During Monsoon in Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve

Jim Corbett National Park opens for tourists to become one with nature through wildlife safari all-round the year.

Jim Corbett National Park is now ready to enthrall the tourists with its enchanting wilderness. It is universally acknowledged that monsoon is usually not the favorable time to visit National parks and tiger reserves in India and most of them remain closed during monsoon (between July to October).

Wildlife tourism has been hit hard due to covid pandemic and because of this reason Jim Corbett National Park was closed in the month of May. This year, the five zones of Jim Corbett National Park – Garjia, Bijrani, Dhara-Jhirna, Dhela and Pakhro will be open for the tourists for day visits for round the year tourism. Tourists can enjoy a wildlife safari from all-round the year, starting from 30th June.

Not only the opening of Jim Corbett National Park tourism would be a great initiative to generate love and keenness among wildlife lovers for nature but also “it will help people whose livelihoods are connected with it,” said Rahul Kumar, the Director of Jim Corbett National Park.

According to Uttarakhand’s Forest and Environment Minister Harak singh Rawat, Rajaji Tiger Reserve and Jim Corbett National Park will be opened for tourists for the whole year. It is a very good initiative from the government as it would help to compensate for the loss caused by covid pandemic and generate revenues to support the livelihoods who are connected with the tourism sector.

The opening of Rajaji Tiger Reserve Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve during monsoon is still a question according to the experts as monsoon is a breeding period for wild animals and it would create human- wildlife conflict.

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Important Highlights

Jim Corbett Tiger

  • Your bookings for the Jim Corbett National Park’s day wildlife safari should be done in advance from the official website of Corbett Tiger Reserve.
  • Wildlife Safaris might lead to cancellation if the weather conditions are not favorable.
  • Booking of Wildlife Safaris would also depend on the availability of slots.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the 5 Zones of Jim Corbett National Park for Monsoon Safari

  • Garjia Zone
  • Jhirna Zone
  • Bijrani Zone
  • Dhela Zone
  • Pakhro Zone

Garjia Zone

Garjia is one of the most popular wildlife safari zones of Jim Corbett National Park, decked with a variety of fascinating floral and faunal species. It has a very vast population of Royal Bengal Tigers to overpower the senses of wildlife lovers.

How to Reach Garjia Zone?

Garjia gate is 9 kms away from Ramnagar which is an entry to Garjia Zone. After crossing 5 Kms of buffer zone from Aamdanda gate, you will reach Garjia ecotourism zone.

Jhirna Zone

Tucked at the southern edge of Jim Corbett Reserve, Jhirna Safari Zone is the bucket of lush greenery all around. Villages and their simple lifestyle add to the charm of Jhirna. Tigers, sloth bears, deer, chitals, elephants enchant the souls of wildlife enthusiasts.

How to Reach Jhirna Zone?

It is 16 km away from Ramnagar and the entry to Jhirna Zone is Jhirna or Khar Gate.

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Bijrani Zone

Your Jim Corbett National Park tour would be wonderful if you visit Bijrani Safari Zone. It is popular for its dense sal forests, water streams and wild animals like Tigers, leopards, antelopes, black bears, Sambhar deers etc. You can also get a glimpse of beautiful birds all around. It houses around 600 species of resident and migratory birds.

How to Reach Bijrani Zon?

It is 5 km away from Ramnagar Railway Station and the nearest Airport is Pantnagar Airport (95km).

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Dhela Zone

It remains open for the whole year. The area resounds in the calls of Royal Bengal Tiger wild elephants, wild bears, leopards, Nilgai and a variety of bird species. The fresh green tint of sal, haldu, bahera trees will soothe your soul.

How to Reach to Dhela Zone?

It is 20 Km from Ramnagar and located right beside the Jhirna Safari Zone of Corbett Tiger Reserve.

Pakhro Zone

It is very popular for leopards, tigers, elephants, wild bears and a variety of faunal species. It is situated in Sonanadi Zone. Its lush green surroundings are enough to rejuvenate your toil-weary soul.

How to Reach Pakhro Zone?

Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun is the nearest airport to reach Pakhro Zone. It is 23 km from Kotdwar.

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature at Jim Corbett National Park during monsoon. Covid 19 pandemic has paved the way to enjoy Jim Corbett tour at this offbeat season. Visiting Jim Corbett National Park and enjoying the lush green surroundings would surely fine tune your spirit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.At what time the advance online booking for day Wildlife safari at Jhirna, Dhela, Garjiya, Pakhro will start?

At 10 am the advance booking for the day visit at Jhirna, Dhela, Garjiya and Pakhro eco-tourism zone will start. Booking will be confirmed only if the slots are available. You can check out official website.

Q.Do we need a tour guide to visit safari zones?

Yes, Tour guide or naturist is absolutely important to enter the tiger reserve area. Without a guide you will not be allowed to enter safari zones.

Q.Do we need permits all the time for entering Corbett Tiger Reserve?

Yes, Permits are important all the time for entering Corbett Tiger Reserve, forest officials will check your permit at the entry gate.

Q.What are some important rules to follow before visiting Corbett Tiger Reserve?

Some important rules to follow before visiting Corbett Tiger Reserve are –

  • Smoking, lighting or any kind of firearms is strictly prohibited in the tiger reserve.
  • Do not play any kind of music or tape recorders.
  • Entry to the restricted zones is strictly prohibited.
  • Officially registered nature’s guide will guide you in the forest so never forget to get a nature guide.
  • Do not disturb or feed wild animals for your safety.

Published: 01 Jul, 2021

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