Reasons Why New Zealand Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

Adventure, Serenity & Food: Why You Should Be in New Zealand Right Now

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New Zealand is one of the most underrated travel destinations in the world and it’s an enigma to me as to why people often miss out on this picture-perfect destination. The country is blessed with pristine beaches in Auckland and North Island, enchanting Mount Cook mountain range and vibrant cities like Queenstown for luxury experience. While nature is what might attract you, New Zealand is a hub of adventure, with the country pioneering in activities like skydiving and bungee jumping in Queenstown. This country in Southern Hemishphere also offers a wide range of lip-smacking food like Hangi and NZ Burger and while you feast on them, look for the famous wines and beers of the country to wash them down with. Offering something to everyone, New Zealand ensures that your trip to this country is a tale to be told for ages. If you are still not convinced let these reasons to visit New Zealand change your mind.

New Zealand is a country of pristine beauty. It changes its shades and sceneries every few kilometres. You might be driving across scenic coastal roads and in a few hours, you would be greeted by the sight of snow-capped mountains. The country is blessed with numerous natural hideouts, lakes, mountains and beaches. To top it all, all this is served within touching distance of each other. You wouldn’t have to travel long to have a totally distinct and unique experience. Here are some of the top places to see in New Zealand.

The country is quite literally a paradise…

Muriwai Beach, Auckland: The Famous Black Sand Surf Beach

Muriwai Beach, Auckland

Hands down, this has to be one of the best beaches in New Zealand and one of the prime reasons why New Zealand is a destination like no other.

Milford Sound: Where Nature Keeps You Company

Milford Sound

Perfect for a mountain experience in New Zealand, Milford Sound is one of the top tourist attractions. Experience the beauty of rainforests, mountains and waterfalls at this place.

Matapouri: Step into The Mermaid Pool

Matapouri, New Zealand

Also known as mermaids pool, it is one of the best places to visit in New Zealand. The crystal clear water alongside the colourful sky make for a perfect vacation experience.

Mount Cook: Climb the Tallest Peak in the Country

Mount Cook, New Zealand

The magnitude of this place can only be assessed by visiting here. The highest mountain in the country offers some of the most enchanting views of the country.

New Zealand and Adventure are Synonyms

New Zealand is an adventurer’s paradise and this won’t come as a surprise to anyone. From introducing the first professional bungee jumping to pioneering the art of summiting Mount Everest, Kiwis have been quite famous for their daredevilry. Adventures in New Zealand have no limits – jump from the sky or dive into the deepest oceans, venture into mountains or fish in the open waters, New Zealand will bring out the adventurous side in you with its enthralling adventure spots.

Bungee Jumping: Experience the Highest Bungee Jump in the World

bungee jumping, new zealand

Kiwis have pioneered the art of bungee jumping and it is one of the reasons why you should visit New Zealand. The country boasts of some of the best bungee jumping facilities in the world. Queenstown and Auckland are the best places for bungee jumping in New Zealand.

Sky Diving: Take the Meaning of Adrenaline Rush to Next Level

Sky Diving, New Zealand

As I said, adventures in New Zealand is at the next level. Skydiving in New Zealand is quite popular and it is available throughout the country at a starting price of NZ$ 250. The thrill of jumping from a plane at 10,000 feet has no match and if you have this in your bucket list, there is no better place than New Zealand to tick off this thing of your list. Abel Tasman, Bay of Island and Fox Glacier are some of the best places for skydiving in New Zealand.

River Rafting: Conquer the Waves and Rise above them

River Rafting, New Zealand

Rapids in NZ offer some of the best conditions for rafting and if you plan to visit the country, you can’t afford to miss out on one of the best things to do in NZ. With rapids ranging from grade 1 to 5, the country ensures that everyone can have a taste of rafting. Also, the country holds a record of the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world(7m) in Rotorua River. Other than that, Tongariro river is a famous rafting spot in New Zealand.

Heli-skiing: The Best of Both the Worlds

Heli skiing, new zealand

One of the hidden gems in New Zealand, heli-skiing offers adrenaline rush like no other adventure sport. Taking a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain and creating your own path on the powdery snow is something you can experience only in a handful of places and New Zealand happens to be one of them. Queenstown is the place to go for heli-skiing in the country.

Caving: Be Indiana Jones and Find the Treasure

Caving, New Zealand

Offbeat destinations are abundant in this country. Some lie hidden in the mountains while some are hidden under the dark caves. If you wish to be a discoverer for a day, New Zealand has numerous caves for you to be Indiana Jones. Enjoy the guided cave exploration tour of Nelson or black water rafting in Waitomo Caves.

New Zealand is Home to Hobbits

The Hobbiton from the epic tales of Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies was based on the Alexander Farm in North Island. The place has got all the hobbit houses and you can take a guided tour of the set. Also, many other movies were also shot in the tranquil mountains of New Zealand.

The Country is a Haven for Trekkers

trekking trails, new zealand

New Zealand is home to the Southern Alps, which run through South Island offering some of the most enticing trekking trails in the country. Trekking in the country takes you across the hidden natural wonders and acquainting you with the local culture. If you seek incredible locations for outdoor vacation, look no further than New Zealand. Some of the best trekking trails in the country are:

  • Abel Tasman Coastal Track – 4 to 5 days moderate trek
  • Dusky Track – 10 days hard trek
  • Heaphy Track – 9-10 days moderate trek
  • Hollyford Track – 3 days easy trek

It is Home to Some Culture Experiences

New Zealand Tribes

New Zealanders are believed to some of the nicest people in the world and this is quite visible when you visit New Zealand. From giving you a warm welcome to showcasing the local Maori culture, these people ensure that your stay here is a memorable one. The Maori tribe is one of the most vibrant and exuberant tribes in the world and the Maori Haka, which is a traditional ceremonial dance, has gained quite a global fan following. Travelling to New Zealand would acquaint you with a culture which is thousands of years old. Coexistence of tradition and modernity is a sight to behold. If you are a culture buff like me, the trip to New Zealand would be one of the best in your life.

Where to go for Maori culture?

Rotorua: This is the place to go if you wish to alternative experience the Maori tribal culture. This region also has the highest Maori population.
Bay of Islands: This is a popular alternative to Rotorua if you wish to witness the famous Maori Haka dance.

The Food Here has no Match, Whatsoever

gluten contaminated foods

Food is one of the most important reasons to visit any destination and it can be the difference between an amazing vacation and not so amazing one. It is no secret that food in New Zealand is some of the best in the world and their meat products have been creating a lot of buzz in the travelling community. There are certain meat dishes, snacks, desserts and drinks that New Zealanders are very proud of, so if you are travelling to New Zealand, it is strongly recommended that you must try them.

New Zealand Burger: Cherish the Most Famous Food of New Zealand

New Zealand Burger

Probably one of the most famous local dishes and a must try for international travellers, the burger will explain why New Zealand is touted as a popular food destination.

Hangi: The Essence of Kiwi Cuisine

Hangi recipe, new zealand

A local delicacy cooked using meat and vegetables, which are slow cooked in an underground oven, Hangi is an explosion of taste in your mouth.

Crayfish – The Speciality of New Zealand

Crayfish dish, new zealand

Also known as lobster, Crayfish is one of the most exquisite dishes you could try in this country. Although it is slightly costly, it would be worth every penny.

Hokey Pokey Icecream: The official Sugar Ambassador of the Country

Hokey Pokey Icecream, New Zealand

If you were to try one ice cream in this country, make sure it’s Hokey Pokey. Made with caramelised honeycomb, Kiwis prefer this over any other sweet thing.

The Country has its Own Unique Flora & Fauna

Kiwi Bird, New Zealand

New Zealand used to be the landmass connecting Australia and Antartica, known as Gondwanaland, however, after the landmass split up, New Zealand was blessed with rich wildlife. The most interesting facts about New Zealand lies in its rich flora and fauna species, some of which are native to the region. The towering kauri trees are the biggest flora attraction followed by fronds of nikau palms. The national symbol of New Zealand, Kiwi is also native to this country. There are many other unique species of plants and animals you will find here.

Roadtrip Across New Zealand is Incredible

new zealand road-trip

Roadtrip in New Zealand are unrivalled. With a diverse landscape, scenic coastal and mountain roads, road trips are the best way to see New Zealand. There is no better feeling than hopping onto an RV or campervan and cruising across the mesmerising country. The roads are well-built and all towns are accessible by roads. Road trips also help you venture into the wild and travel in your own style. Break the rules of travelling, and explore the country on your own terms. Camp under the starry sky or venture to the beaches, whatever you think can be possible during the road trip across the country.

New Zealand has the Best Wines in the World

New Zealand Wines

If there is anything which the Kiwis love more than adventure, is their wine. The locally brewed Kiwi wine is touted as some of the best in the international markets, despite the fact that New Zealand produces just 1% of the total global wine production. You will easily find them across the country and their smooth taste is something you will cherish for a very long time.

No Day is a Bad Day to Visit New Zealand

Enjoying in water

One thing which makes this country stand apart from other popular tourist destinations is its pleasant weather. The country experiences 4 season weather cycle, with each season being moderate and pleasant, making New Zealand an all year round destination. The summers are pleasant and winters are not very extreme. However, you can take advantage of all the seasons, for example – skiing in winter season is a major attraction while you can take part in water adventure sports in the summer season.

You Won’t be Photobombed by Strangers

Holiday in New Zealand

The biggest issue with visiting any top trending holiday destination is that you will always be surrounded by locals and travellers. If you wish to beat the overcrowded destinations and seek a quaint getaway destination, pick New Zealand. The country is not crowded and locals respect travellers visiting here. The country has plenty of offbeat destinations as well as popular tourist attractions like Auckland and Queenstown, and they are also not crowded. You can click as many pictures as you want without getting photobombed by random people.

It’s Safe for Solo and Female Travellers

Solo Travelling, New Zealand

From welcoming locals to helpful authorities, everything about New Zealand is fascinating and enticing. Safety is the biggest concern of any traveller and this country ensures that nothing happens to you while you explore the hidden attractions during your vacation in New Zealand. Solo travelling isn’t a concern here. Apart from that, this country has no harmful plants or animals, so you can relax and venture into the wild.

Best Time to Visit New Zealand

Located on the Southern Hemisphere, weather patterns are the opposite of what we are used to in the northern hemisphere. New Zealand is an all year round destination, with each season having its own perk.

  • Summer season: Summer season in New Zealand starts around December and lasts till February. This is the peak tourist season in the country and locals head out to beaches and other popular destinations. The summer season here is moderate.
  • Fall season: Between the months of March and May, the region experiences fall season. This is again a good time to visit the country as the summer crowd would fade and the prices would drop. You can still travel in your summer clothes.
  • Winter season: For snow seekers, the months between June and August are the best time to visit here. You can experience skiing in NZ. The winters in plateau regions are moderate.
  • Spring season: Between the months of September and November, Kiwis witness the spring season, which is perfect for nature sightseeing tours and adventure activities.

So, are you convinced yet that New Zealand is one such destination which can hold you captive forever? Don’t wait long, plan your trip to New Zealand and have the time of your life.

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