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Tourism Update: The Land of the Rising Sun – Arunachal Pradesh Reopens for the Tourists

The mystical and harmonious treasure of nature – Arunachal Pradesh is all set to attract tourists. In order to promote tourism in the region, the government of Arunachal Pradesh has decided to reopen the state for travelers.  Be it a foreign or an Indian Traveler, all are welcome to this treasure house of nature where the picturesque hills, lofty Himalayan mountains, unexplored passes, tranquil lakes and warm hospitality of people are the things of delight to cherish forever. All the tourism activities were closed in the region due to the deadly pandemic of coivid-19.  But now keeping in view the decreased covid cases, the government has decided to boost Arunachal tourism with proper adherence to covid appropriate behavior.

Tourists have to follow proper covid-19 travel guidelines in order to enjoy Arunachal Pradesh tourism. Those who are fully vaccinated with both the doses of covid-19 are allowed to enter the state.

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The government has also passed an order to issue Inner Line Permit (ILP) and Protect Area Permit (PAP) under the existing rules and regulations. An Inner Line Permit is very necessary for Indian tourists if he /she wants to visit Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram for a limited period. Similarly, Protected Area Permit is compulsory for a foreign tourist to see certain areas which are protected including Arunachal.

Due to covid, the travel industry is affected badly, the decision to revive the tourism here will be very beneficial for homestays, tour operators, travel guides, cab operators and hoteliers as they have been facing financial difficulties due to the suspension of the permits for travel. Tourists will now be able to explore the best destinations in Arunachal Pradesh without any restrictions.

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Arunachal Pradesh Tourism Update – Covid -19 Travel Guidelines for Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang Arunachal Pradesh

The administration will issue an advisory about covid guidelines for tourists but these are the must follow necessary covid-19 travel guidelines if you want to enjoy Arunachal Pradesh tourism for an amazing vacation.

  • Tourists who are fully vaccinated with both the doses of covid-19 are allowed to enter the state.
  • Passengers are required to download the Arogya Setu App.
  • You need to book your hotel in Advance and you also need to get the necessary permits online in advance to avoid overcrowding at permit centers.
  • You must wear Mask and carry a bottle of Sanitizer for your safety. You should maintain a proper social distance at public places.

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Top Tourist Attractions to Visit in Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro Valley Arunachal

Tawang – Tawang is one of the most exciting places to see in Arunachal Pradesh. Decked with beautiful Chong-Chung Mi ranges, Tawang Chu River, glacial lakes such as Sela Lake, P.T.Tso Lake, Sangetsar Lake, Banggachang Lake, Tawang is one of the best sights to behold for visual seduction and amazing photography. The pleasant weather makes the sightseeing very soul- pleasing here which makes the holidays in Arunachal Pradesh the most memorable one.

Ziro Valley- Ziro – valley is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in North-East India. Dotted with scenic rice fields, quaint villages, lush green hills and picturesque sights all around Ziro Valley induce tranquility to the nature lovers and solace seekers. It is also a very good tourist destination for adventure activities like wildlife exploration, jungle camping and trekking.

Itanagar – The capital city of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar is a must not miss tourist destination for an amazing holiday here. The rich culture and heritage in the form of architectural wonders, tribal culture and museums are the delight inducing sights of Itanagar. It is known for its stunning beautiful landscapes and Buddhist culture and heritage. This place will give you an amazing festive vibe as festivals like Reh, Mopin, Losar are celebrated here with great enthusiasm. It is a melting point for different tribes like the Nyishi Tribe, Moplas and Monpas. In Itanagar, you will get to see the lifestyle of different cultures.

Tezu – Tezu is one of the most popular tourist destinations if you are travelling to Arunachal Pradesh.  Forest clad stunning hills of Mishmi, botanical gardens, museum, picturesque sceneries, wildlife sanctuaries and soothing weather makes this place an awesome stopover for nature lovers and honeymooners. Don’t miss the stunning Glow Lake decked with lofty Himalayan Peaks, it is a beautiful sight to behold and a major tourist attraction of Tezu.

Bhalukpong – If you are visiting Arunachal Pradesh, Bhalukpong is a must visit tourist destination. Blissful Kameng River, ancient historical ruins, stunning land of Orchids, awesome tiger reserves make Bhalukpong a place worth a visit. This town is named after an ancient king known as King Bhalukpa, the stories and legacy of whom are visible in Bhalukpong Fort. This is indeed one of the best places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh.

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If you are planning to visit North -East India then it is absolutely the right time to plan your Arunachal Pradesh tour for an amazing vacation. The lofty hills, lush greenery, adventure activities and scenic heritage tourist attractions will absolutely delight your spirit and rejuvenate your mind. If possible, share your travel experiences with us in the comment section. We would be eager to listen to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Is Arunachal Pradesh safe to Travel?

Yes, Arunachal Pradesh is absolutely safe to travel. Tourists need to show a fully vaccinated covid certificate in order to enjoy Arunachal Pradesh Tourism. The government has decided to reopen Arunachal to boost the tourism sector of the region. All the tourists whether Indian or foreign are freely allowed to enter the state keeping in mind the necessary conditions of coivid-19 travel guidelines.

Q.What are the covid-19 travel guidelines for Arunachal Pradesh?

  • Tourists who are fully vaccinated with both the doses of covid-19 are allowed to enter the state.
  • You need to follow social distancing. Wear a mask and always carry a bottle of Sanitizer.
  • You need to book your hotel in Advance and you also need to get the necessary permits online in advance to avoid overcrowding at permit centers.

Published: 08 Oct, 2021

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