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General Information

Mizoram is one of the youngest states in the country situated in the north-eastern part of India.Mizoram became the 23rd state of the Indian Union on 29th of February 1987. Mizoram is perched like a lone sentinel on the tip of the north eastern border of India.Mizoram is sandwiched between Burma on the east and south, Bangladesh and Tripura in the west and Assam and Manipur to the north.

Mizoram, predominantly a Christian populated state, is towards the southernmost tip of the North-Eaastern states, sharing borders with Manipur, Assam, Tripura then jutting down between Myanmar and Bangladesh. Lushai Hill District was the name given by the British. It was part of the state of Assam until it became a Union Territory in 1972.Later on it was called Mizoram.

Mizoram, a land of the Highlanders,lies in the north east corner of India. The hills with an average height of 900 mt, run in ridges from north to south. These steep hills are cut apart by rivers creating deep gorges.

Mizoram has a pleasant climate. It is generally cool in summer and not very cold in. winter. The entire area is under the direct influence of the monsoon with heavy rains from May to September. Winter is rain - free and is very pleasant; the skies are wonderfully blue, and the morning mist formed between the hills gives an enchanting view of wide stretches of a vast lake of cloud.

With its moderate height and not-so-heavy rainfall, Mizoram has a pleasant climate, being cool in summer and not very cold in winter. Thus a visit to the area is advisable at any time during the year except between May to September when the monsoons break. Earlier known as the Lushai Hills, Mizoram formed a part of Assam till the area was declared a Union Territory in 1971-1972. It was only after this period that Mizoram really began its development and opened up some truly splendid areas for the visitor.

Most of the festivals celebrated in Mizoram are associated with agricultural activities that their ancestors recognised. This preservation of the Mizo culture has been possible due to the Inner Line Permit introduced by the British in the last century, which prevented outsiders from settling down in Mizoram, thus not leading to the indigenous lifestyle. No one can fail to ignore the influence of Christianity in Mizoram.

Mizoram has a highly impressive literacy rate of 88.06%.It is the second highest rate in India.The high literacy rate is attributed to the influence of the church, as Mizos are encouraged to read the Bible from a young age. The people here are not much influenced by the strong Western culture.Mizos are proud of their old customs and lifestyle.The traditional Mizo dress is still worn in special occasions such as weddings and festivals.The people are very much known for their warmth and hospitality towards the visitors.It is indeed a very interesting and lively place to visit.

The people residing in this wonderful piece of land are known as the Mizos and their warmth and zest for life is reflected in their dress, their songs, their soul-stirring music and their beautiful crafts. The word Mizo means highlander, a collective name given by their neighbours to a number of tribes which settled in the area.

Mizos are originally believed to have come from North - Western China and gradually pushed themselves towards their present homeland, less than 300 years ago. The state has thick bamboo forests. Rivers run in narrow ribbons that seem to be challenging onlookers to plunge in for some adventure and excitement. The hill ranges running in north-south direction are resplendent with green vegetation throughout the year. The highest peak, Phawngpui (meaning vast meadow) known as Blue Mountain, a garden of rhodendron of arboreum and veitchianum species is 2,065 mts (7,100 ft) and the average height of the hills is around 1, 100 mts. There are a number of a hilly streams and rivers which murmur through idyllic scenario.

The main occupation of Mizos is Agriculture.The main pattern of agriculture followed in Mizoram, is jhum or shifting cultivation. Mizoram is famous for the fibreless ginger grown in this area. Paddy, maize, mustard, sugarcane, sesame and potatoes are the other prominent crops. Concerted efforts have also been made to accelerate the growth of industries here with priority being given to agro and forest based industries, handloom and handicrafts, electronics and consumer industries.

Capital( Aizawl)
Aizawl, located at nearly 4,000 feet above sea -level, is a religious and cultural centre of the Mizos. Aizwal, the scenic capital of Mizoram, is dotted with quaint timber houses and a profusion of flowers. Each house has its own window box of profusely blooming orchids. The streets echo with melodies emanating from the guitars of Aizawl youth playing at nearly every street corner.

Aizwalis also a religious and cultural centre of the Mizos. Champai, Tamdil, Vantawng fall and Thenzawl are some of the other important tourist centres in this state.

Champai, Tamdil, Vantawng fall and Thenzawl are some of the other important tourist centres in this state. Tamdil's fame rests on its natural lake; Vantawang has the highest waterfall in Mizoram and Champai offers a view of the Myanmar hills.

Location : Latitude 21degree 58' & 24 degree 35' N
Longitude 92 degree 15' & 93 degree 29' E
21,087 Sq Kms
Temperature: 11 degree - 21 degree C in winter
20 degree - 30 degree C in summer
Average rainfall 250 per annum

8,91,058 Female = 4,31,275 Male = 4,59,783 (based on Mizoram Census 2001 Provision Figure)

Sex Ratio:
938 female per 1000 male
Capital Aizawl
Literacy 88.49 (Second Highest in the country)

Highest Point:
Phawngpui (Blue Mountain) 2,210/2065 M

No. of Assembly Constituency: 40
No of Seat in Parliament: 1 each in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha
(Shri Vanlalzawma - MP Lok Sabha & Shri Lalhmingliana Rajya Sabha)
Chief Minister Shri Zoramthanga
Chief Secretary Shri H.V.Lalringa
Governor Shri Amolak Rathan Kohli
District 8
Block 22


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