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Saiha Mizoram

A lake which is believed to be haunted by evil spirits, a bungalow which is more than a hundred years old and a mountain which affords views of two different countries, Saiha is a tourist destination in Mizoram which will keep you occupied during your time there in many ways. It is believed that the original name of the town was Siaha, or the elephant tooth, but, Mizos have traditionally called it Saiha.

For a tourist, the foremost tourist attraction in Saiha is Lake Palak, or Pala Tipo. Oval shaped, it attracts wetland and hill birds, besides being a stopover for Pintail Duck. The hills and lush vegetation surrounding it enhance its beauty greatly. Castle of Beino is another top place to visit in Saiha, although this is a castle of a different type. Two massive rock formations about 10 meters high sit on both sides of River Koladyne. The locals though, believed it to be cursed, with several folktales revolving around it. It sure makes for some lovely sightseeing mixed with adventure.

Besides these, there are plenty of other things to do in Saiha that ensure that you have a great time. Like visiting Mount Mawma, from where you can see the plains of Bangladesh & Western Myanmar, during winter. Saiha will win your heart with its lushness, rich cultural heritage & numerous avenues for adventure and sightseeing.


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