Best Time to Visit Badrinath

Badrinath has a chilly and cold climate almost throughout the year. The peak season to visit this place is between May to June and September to October. With the onset of the Monsoon season, Badrinath witnesses heavy rainfall and a drop in temperature. Winters here are extremely cold due to heavy snowfall. Mostly in winters, the temperatures touch the sub-zero level, making the climate too frosty. Hence the summer season is the ideal time to visit this place.

Badrinath Temple
Badrinath Temple


In Badrinath, summers begin to set in from the Month of May and last till June. During this time, the climate here is moderately cold yet pleasing. In this season the temperature ranges between 7°C - 18°C. The days are pleasant while the nights are cold. Summer season is ideal for a spiritual visit to the Badrinath shrine and also apt for sightseeing trips.

Trip Essentials

Don't forget to pack light woollen clothing as Badrinath remains a lot cold even in the summers. Along with it, one must carry a list of essentials including a day pack, a pair of comfortable walking shoes/trekking shoes, trekking pants, windproof jacket, sun cap, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, lip balm, walking stick, personal toiletries and torch/flashlight with extra batteries. One must carry a water bottle and some dry fruits, along with energy bars. To avoid dehydration, energy drinks like electoral (ORS)/Gatorade are also vital to carry.


Monsoons in Badrinath, begin from July and end in the month of September. This season experiences heavy rainfall with the temperatures dropping down till 15°C. The days are cold and the nights are chilly. Travelling can be a little difficult at this time as the frequent rains make this area prone to landslides. Apart from this one can still enjoy sightseeing and can also take pleasure in snow at higher altitudes.

Trip Essentials

Don't miss to carry a day pack with rain cover, a pair of trekking pants, waterproof hiking/trekking shoes, woollen clothing, thick fleece, windproof/water resistant jacket, thick woollen socks, waterproof gloves, raincoat/poncho, walking stick, personal toiletries and torch/flashlight with extra batteries. One must carry a water bottle along with some dry fruits to munch on and energy drinks to avoid dehydration.

Chardham Uttarakhand
Badrinath Dham Tour


In Badrinath, October marks the beginning of the winter season which lasts till the month of April. The days in this season are frosty with average minimum temperature going down till 5°C. This is the time when Badrinath experiences heavy snowfall with temperatures touching the sub-zero level. At this time, the roads to Badrinath remain closed due to extreme weather conditions. Thus, it is not advisable to travel to this place during the winter season.

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