15 Less Explored Tourist Destinations in Kerala

15 Less Explored Tourist Destinations in Kerala
Last Updated: February 7, 2020

Are you planning a Kerala tour and looking for some less explored places this time to break the repetitiveness of visiting the same tourist places like Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom, and Kovalam? The South Indian state, Kerala entices travellers with its spectacular beaches, beautiful hill stations, sparkling backwaters, excellent wildlife sanctuaries, revitalising Ayurveda resorts and wonderful adventure opportunities. It has a lot more to offer for travellers who wish to enjoy the bliss of the pristine beauty of nature. The state has many less crowded yet fabulous places like Vagamon, Thenmala, Kalpetta, Ponmudi, Poovar and Ranipuram to visit. If you are planning a tour in this state, check the less known places in Kerala away from crowds to unwind and recharge yourself. Simply lock your laptop in your cupboard and put your mobile in silent mode for some wonderful time in this majestic tourist spot.

Here are the 15 less explored tourism spots in Kerala to visit:


Ponmudi, Kerala

Photo: Ponmudi |

If you are looking to spend your holidays in a non-so-popular tourist place in Kerala, then Ponmudi can be the best choice for you. It is a beautiful hill resort with green environment and narrow pathways nestled among the enchanting hills of Western Ghats. With small rivulets, eye-catching mountain flowers and colourful butterflies, this tourist destination is ideal to enjoy trekking. The mist-covered valleys and large tea estates also make Ponmudi, a rapidly developing hill resort in the state. Covered with extensive tea plantations, lush green hills and valleys and stunning waterfalls, this hilly resort attracts many people who love to enjoy mountain life.

Ponmudi is nearly 61 kilometres away from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala. The beautiful hill station offers a lot of things to do for holidaymakers. It shall be a memorable experience for them to enjoy mountain climbing or trekking on Agasthyarkoodam, the highest peak in the area located at an altitude of 1868 feet above sea level. Travellers can find many cottages, hotels and dormitory staying facilities in Ponmudi who plan to explore this hill station conveniently.

Some of the must visit places near this well-known hill station are:

Golden Valley: A beautiful location near Ponmudi with golden sand, crystal clear water and rich green valley ideal to relax.
Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary: It is located near the Peppara Dam on the Karamana River with rich flora and fauna.
Mini Zoo: Within an easily reach distance from Ponmudi, this zoo has a large number of Barasinghas.

Nearest Airport: Trivandrum International Airport (67 Kms)
Nearest Railway Station: Thiruvananthapuram (61 Kms)


Nelliyampathy, Kerala

Photo: Nelliyampathy |

Nelliyampathy is an excellent choice for travellers who search for offbeat holidays in Kerala. Located almost 60 kilometres away from Palakkad, this charming hill station fascinates holidaymakers with its orange cultivation, tea gardens and bio-farming. The hills of this destination with varying heights are truly eye catching. The height of them varies from 467 meters to 1572 meters. This astounding hill station is not only famous for its pristine landscape but also a wide range of thrilling activities. Each traveller to Nelliyampathy loves to indulge in trekking, camping, boating and tea plantation visits. A high 100-meters waterfall certainly enhances the charm of this marvellous tourist destination. An elegant bungalow built by British turned to a resort named Pagalpandi is a great feature of this tourist spot. If you are a nature lover or photography enthusiast, Nelliyampathy is truly a delight for you. Visitors can buy fresh coffee and tea during their trip to this hill station. This tourist spot is also famous for good wine and excellent organic items.

Some of the tourist attractions near to Nelliyampathy are:

Nenmara: A beautiful village located nearly 25 kilometres away famous for the Nemmara-Vallangi Vela festival.
Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary: Don’t forget to visit this wildlife sanctuary which is blessed with exotic flora and fauna. It is about 18 kilometres away from Nelliyampathy.
Nelliyampathy Hills: Travellers can enjoy beautiful views of coffee, tea, orange and cardamom plantations at these hills which are almost 2 kilometres away.
Padagiri: It is the tallest peak of Nelliyampathy Hills stands at a height of around 1500 meters above the sea level located approximately 3 kilometres away.
Raja’s Cliff: Enjoy splendid views of rich flora, fauna and awe-inspiring landscape at Raja’s Cliff which is about 8 kilometres away from Nelliyampathy. With an altitude of almost 5250 feet above sea level, one can watch the eye-catching vistas of reservoirs, waterfalls, mountain ranges and forests from this spot.
Palagapandi Estate: With a charming colonial Bungalow, it is one of the beautiful spot in Nelliyampathy.
Malampuzha Gardens: Situated nearly 33 kilometres away, Malampuzha Gardens is a must-visit picnic spot near Nelliyampathy. With a children’s park, an aquarium, mini zoo and toy rain, this area can be a paradise for children.
Seetharkundu Viewpoint: You will be completely spellbound with the mesmerising views at this viewpoint. It is almost 3 kilometres away from Nelliyampathy.
Pothundi Reservoir: Located nearly 8 kilometres away, Pothundi Reservoir is believed to be built in 19th century for irrigation purposes.

Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport (120 Kms)
Nearest Railway Station: Palakkad (56 Kms)


Gavi, Kerala

Photo: Gavi |

Gavi, a beautiful village located in the Pathanamthitta district is one of the unexplored tourist places in Kerala. Visiting this amazing tourist spot can be a dream come true for many nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts because of its unparalleled natural beauty. Being a part of the Ranni Reserve Forest, travellers to this pristine vacation spot can enjoy a wide range of unique flora and fauna. Gavi is also a part of the well-known Periyar Tiger Reserve. A jeep ride through the rich forest to reach Gavi certainly gives you adrenaline rush because of the wonderful chances to spot several rare animal species. You will be thrilled to spot elephants, bears, sambars, barking deers, tigers, Indian Gaurs and Nilgiri Martens. There are two Gopher trees in Gavi and interestingly, these are the only two trees of this kind in India.

In addition to enjoying the beautiful nature of Gavi, the Forest department of Kerala arranges many interesting activities for travellers to promote tourism in this region. Tourists to Gavi can indulge in different activities like boating, spice garden visits and bird watching. The famous Sabarimala shrine is very near to this tourist spot. People who visit Gavi during the months of November to Mid-January (Mandalakalam) can plan a trekking to this renowned pilgrim centre. Females who are below the age of 10 and above the age of 50 also can enjoy trekking to Sabarimala but the temple has restrictions for the entry of women aged from 10 to 50. It shall be a memorable experience for travellers to enjoy boating in the Gavi Lakes or Kochupampa. Try to visit the cardamom factory situated at this tourist destination to get an idea about the plantation and packing methods of cardamom.

Once you visit Gavi, you will be realised that it is one of the best tourist spots in South India. The destination has cool, pleasant climate even during summer months. This mesmerising tourist spot got popularity after the release of a Malayalam movie named ‘Ordinary’. Pathanamthitta and Kumily Depots of Kerala State Road Transport Corporation provide public transports for travellers who wish to enjoy a trip to Gavi at affordable rates. The passengers need to reach these depots early in the morning as the KSRTC buses leave for Gavi at 6.30. Guesthouses are available if you wish to spend a few days in this region. Forest camping facility is also provided in this tourist spot but only from November to March. Just pitch a tent in the middle of the forest at your campsite and wait to feel the presence of wildlife. One cannot explain that wonderful experience in mere words. There is a lot to enjoy in Gavi especially for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.

A few tips to consider:

  • Bikes are not allowed for Gavi trip.
  • Avoid travelling in small cars for convenience and comfort.
  • Do not plan your trip to this tourist spot during monsoon as it is difficult to see the roads clearly due to mist. Sometimes, wild elephants stand in the middle of the road and you will not be able to spot them due to mist.
  • Since there are not many restaurants and eateries in Gavi, it is wise to carry food and light snacks with you. However, do not throw plastics in this eco-friendly area.

Nearest Airport: Madurai Airport (140 Kms); Cochin International Airport (190 Kms)
Nearest Railway Station: Kottayam (114 Kms)


Ranipuram, Kerala

Photo: Ranipuram |

Ranipuram is a beautiful place in Kerala suitable for people who are looking for a non-so-popular but picturesque destination to explore. It is an astonishing hill station located in the Kasargod district in the Western Ghats region attracts holidaymakers and nature lovers with its diverse wildlife, rich avifauna and evergreen forests. This green capped hill station is almost 750 meters above sea level and a repository of varied vegetation which includes monsoon forests, grasslands and rich Shola woods. The vast forest areas of this vacation destination share its borders with the well known Talacauvery wildlife sanctuary of Karnataka, the neighbouring state. Mainly known for eco-tourism activities, Ranipuram is fondly called as the ‘Ooty of Kerala’. This striking tourist spot was known formerly as Madathumala. A lot of travellers who wish to explore new places in Kerala choose this destination because of its outstanding natural beauty.

Most of the hill stations in Kerala are ideal to enjoy many thrilling activities like trekking and Ranipuram is not an exception to this. The destination offers plenty of opportunities for trekking. The trekking trails of this tourist spot are unique with variation in its vegetation. Ranipuram has more than 5 kilometres of virgin dense forests. Visitors can enjoy picturesque views at Manimala, the highest trekking point in this hill station. The area houses plenty of orchids and medicinal plants. The cool breeze and fresh air of this picnic spot make you refreshed and wash away your fatigue. Besides, the area is suitable for rock climbing, chimney climbing, rappelling and wildlife and bird watching. Travellers to this region opt for jeep safaris in order to spot the unique wildlife of the destination. Visitors can watch elephants, monkeys, wild boars and deer here. Try to carry enough water and food during your trekking to this spot. You will also love to explore the monsoon forests of Ranipuram for watching colourful butterflies. This truly an offbeat destination in Kerala perfect to enjoy some fun-filled holidays.

Nearest Airport: Mangalore Airport (50 Kms); Kozhikode International Airport (200 Kms)
Nearest Railway Station: Kasaragod (85 Kms)


Vagamon, Kerala

Photo: Vagamon |

Vagamon is a serene and peaceful place in Kerala situated nearly 1200 meters above sea level. This is an ideal place for travellers who seek a blissful destination in this scenic state to unwind and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Many people find it a suitable weekend getaway to spend away from the restrictions of the busy city noises. Vagamon is blessed with fabulous green mountains, rich pine forests and cascading waterfalls. Although it has a beautiful landscape and pleasant climate, it is among the less known places in Kerala. Travellers to this summer destination love its green environs which can be idyllic to practice meditation. People from different backgrounds and all age groups admire the beautiful landscapes of Vagamon.

Reaching Vagamon can be an amazing experience. You will just love to travel through the rich pine forests, rolling terrains and green covered hills to reach this astounding hilly spot. Once you reached, you will realise that this sleepy town is unaffected by commercialization. The overall scenery of the destination is striking with charming green meadows, tea estates, waterfalls, pine forests, mists and fogs. This enchanting vacation destination is cuddled up within 3 mesmerising hills named Thangal, Murugan and Kurisumala. It is interesting to know that these names represent the three major religions in the state, Muslim, Hindu and Christian. The destination is famous for religious harmony.

Even if Vagamon is a tranquil and peaceful vacation spot, it offers many adventure opportunities for visitors. Holidaymakers can enjoy an array of exciting activities in this tourist spot such as trekking, rock climbing, mountaineering and paragliding. Located at the border of the gorgeous Western Ghats, Vagamon offers mind-blowing views of nature. This hilly region has a cool climate and its temperature varies from 10°C to 23°C during the months of summer. The destination is perfect to visit from June to August if you love to enjoy the Monsoon.

Some of the nearest attractions that you can visit during your trip to Vagamon are:

Kurisumala: It is a well known Christian pilgrimage located around 2 kilometres away from where pilgrims climb up the hills with wooden crosses.
Kurisumala Ashram: It is a Christian monastery set in the heart of the gorgeous Sahya Mountain Ranges around 2 kilometres away from Vagamon.
Pine Hill: Simply feel the real charm of Vagamon by visiting Pine hill. The area gives you the feel of walking into the woods.
Vagamon Meadows: Surrounded by Vagamon Hills, these rich green grasslands attract travellers with the cool breeze and lush greenery perfect for washing away all your stress and tensions.
Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary: This beautiful picnic spot is almost 10 kilometres away from Vagamon best to enjoy boating.

Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport (97 Kms)
Nearest Railway Station: Kottayam (44 Kms)

Ilaveezha Poonchira

IlaveezhaPoonchira, Kerala

Photo: IlaveezhaPoonchira |

Ilaveezha Poonchira is a majestic valley located along the Pala-Thodupuzha Highway in the borders of Kottayam district in Kerala that spreads across thousands of acres. This beautiful tourist spot is surrounded by mesmerising hills of different heights. Some of the hills are even 3200 feet above sea level. Ilaveezha Poonchira is a Malayalam word which means ‘a flowery lake where no leaves fall’. Since there are no trees on the mountaintops, leaves do not fall into this captivating valley. The green expanse and rocky hills of this destination span for many kilometres without any trees. You will feel that Ilaveezha Poonchira is Kerala’s hidden treasure once you watch the serene and enchanting beauty of this weekend getaway.

Like many other places in the state, Ilaveezha Poonchira is also associated with a legend. It is believed that Draupadi used to take bath in the lake of Ilaveezha Poonchira when Pandavas were in exile. The matchless beauty of Draupadi attracted Devas and they watch her secretly taking bath. So, Devendra, the lord of Devas, created three hillocks, Kudayathurmala, Mankunnu and Thonippara in order to protect her from the prying eyes of them. The charm of this tempting region is unparalleled and provides you mesmeric views of both sunrise and sunset. Ilaveezha Poonchira is nothing short of a paradise, especially during the monsoon months. The best time to visit this area is from November to March. Travellers who wish to stay in this destination can take advantage of the DTPC rest house.

Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport (76 Kms)
Nearest Railway Station: Kottayam (48 Kms)


Anamudi, Kerala

Photo: Anamudi |

Each wildlife lover or adventure enthusiast would add Anamudi in their travel itinerary if they plan a trip to Kerala’s least explored destinations. Most of the area of this immaculate tourist spot is covered with lush evergreen forests. These forests are home to many rare animal and plant species. As a part of the majestic Western Ghats, Anamudi is one of the most beautiful sightseeing places in Kerala. Anamudi Peak is the highest peak in South India with a height of more than 2695 meters. This tall peak stands in the well known Eravikulam National Park which houses the largest surviving population of the rare species of Nilgiri Tahr. This pristine vacation spot is also home to wildlife like Asian elephants, Nilgiri Langurs, lion-tailed macaque and gaurs.

Travellers need to undertake trekking to reach the top of Anamudi Peak and to spot a wide range of exotic flora and fauna. People who plan a trip to Munnar try to visit Anamudi because of its outstanding natural beauty. In fact, this region is a favourite area for many photo fanatics, adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Loaded with unique flora and fauna, visiting this less explored destination can be an unforgettable travel experience. Trekkers shall be able to enjoy a few very attractive rivers that flow inside the jungle like Periyar River, Vaigai and Thamirabarani. A wide range of rich green trees like teak, black wood and Arundinaria densifolia are also the highlight of Anamudi. Many people visit this region during the blooming of the beautiful Neelakurinji flowers, which bloom only once in every twelve years.

Since Anamudi is well connected by road with popular cities in Kerala and the neighbouring states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, reaching this tourist destination will not be a problem for travellers. Trekkers who wish to climb the top of the peak need to take prior permission from the concerned authorities. Travellers can hire taxis from airport or railway station to reach this place. Many hotels and resorts are available in this region for people who wish to spend some holidays. Tour My India helps travellers to get more information about Anamudi and ensure to get best services during their trip to this unexplored tourist spot. We also help you to get the best trekking deals and arrange accommodation to make your trip to this holiday spot hassle-free.

Nearest Airport: Coimbatore Airport (150 Kms); Cochin International Airport (160 Kms)
Nearest Railway Station: Pollachi (100 Kms); Aluva (150 Kms)

Paniyeli Poru

Paniyeli Poru, Kerala

Photo: Paniyeli Poru |

Many travellers prefer not so crowded places to enjoy their holidays. Kerala has several calm and peaceful destinations appropriate to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Paniyeli Poru is a less explored tourist destination located on the outskirts of Kochi at the Paniyeli Village apt to spend a few memorable holidays. The stunning destination attracts travellers with gorgeous rivulets, milky waterfalls and lovely streams. Situated almost 30 kilometres away from Kochi, this marvellous picnic spot offers mind-blowing views of the Periyar River that takes winding paths between the rocks and dense forests. Many locals also visit this area along with their family or friends to relax and enjoy different activities. Each visitor to Paniyeli Poru admires the charm of rocky river areas and rain forests in the backdrop of Malayattoor Hills. When you visit this awe-inspiring tourist spot, you will feel that it is a pristine gift of nature.

The enchanting waves and whirlpools are the prime attraction of Paniyeli Poru. You will just love to watch them bouncing on the rocks. In order to enter the picnic area, you need to take tickets from the Forest office counter set on a river bank almost 1 kilometre from the wooded parking area. Taking walk through the scenic trails is certainly a wonderful experience. There are sign boards, wooden benches and swings along the trails. Many travellers reach this area after monsoon from December to May in order to enjoy swimming in the river. Some of them even cross the streams in the region to reach the small but picturesque island in the middle of the river. Even though it is a developing tourist spot, Paniyeli Poru lacks sufficient restaurants and eateries. So, it is wise to carry food and water if you plan to visit this unexplored tourist area.

Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport (35 Kms)
Nearest Railway Station: Aluva (35 Kms); Angamaly (35 Kms)


Kalpetta, Kerala

Photo: Kalpetta |

Surrounded by large coffee plantations and picturesque lofty mountains, Kalpetta is a bustling town in Wayanad located about 780 meters above sea level. It attracts wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers with its immense natural beauty. The Chembra Peak, the highest peak in the district is only 8 kilometres away from this tourist spot. Even if there are many beautiful tourist attractions surrounded by Kalpetta, it is one of the unexplored tourist destinations in Kerala. A trip to Kalpetta is truly refreshing because of the mild fragrance from the coffee plantations and its pleasant climate. Besides, you will love the rustic feel of the paths of this quaint town.

Travellers can find exciting trekking opportunities at Kalpetta. Trekkers can enjoy panoramic views of a heart-shaped lake surrounded by pristine lands with dense forests. The speciality of this lake is that it never dried up. There are many good hotels and resorts in Kalpetta where travellers can find affordable accommodation. The destination also offers plenty of shopping options. Travellers can buy many items like spice, coffee, tea, honey, bamboo products and handicrafts. Tour My India offers attractive travel packages for people who wish to explore Wayanad or other less explored tourist spots in Kerala.

Some of the must-visit places during your trip to Kalapetta are:

Vythiri: It is a beautiful hill station located nearly 11 kilometres away from Kalpetta offers mind-blowing views of Wayanad. The mist-capped mountains and cool climate make this destination popular among holidaymakers. The Pookot Lake and the Kanthampara falls are two main attractions near this vacation spot.
Chembra Peak: One of the must-visit tourist spots in Wayanad, Chembra Peak is only 6 kilometres away from Kalpetta and it is exciting to camp at the top of the peak.
Karapuzha Dam: Built over the gorgeous Karapuzha River, this tourist spot located nearly 12 kilometres away from Kalpetta offers marvellous views of the river.
Vaduvanchal: There are many attractions in this picnic spot like Cheenigeri Mala and Phantom Rock which is around 16 kilometres from Kalpetta.
Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary: Spread over an area of more than 345 sqr km, this picnic spot is a natural habitat for varieties of animal and bird species. It is almost 37 kilometres away from Kalpetta.
Banasura Sagar Dam: It is a mini Hydro-project located almost 21 km away from Kalpetta where you can enjoy hiking and trekking.
Puliyarmala Jain Temple: It is an ancient Jain temple located around 4 kilometres from Kalpetta.
Meenmutty Falls: Falling from a height of around 300 meters above sea level, it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Wayanad where visitors can enjoy mesmerising views of nature and feel fresh air. The location is approximately 25 kilometres from Kalpetta.
Kanthanpara Waterfalls: Located about 9 kilometers away from Kalpetta, this 30 meters high waterfall is truly a captivating sight.
Wayanad Heritage Museum: Watch a great collection of artefacts belong to the 2nd century at this picnic spot which is only 16 kilometres away from Kalpetta.
Thirunelly Temple: This ancient temple is almost 37 kilometres from Wayanad famous for its marvellous architecture and scenic nature.

Nearest Airport: Kozhikode International Airport (85 Kms)
Nearest Railway Station: Quilandy (46 Kms); Kozhikode (75 Kms)

Silent Valley National Park


Silent Valley National Park is a well-known wildlife reserve in the country spread across an area of 237.52 sqr km. It is located in the north-east part of Palakkad district in Kerala. This park is one of the prime tourist attractions in this district famous for its tropical evergreen rain forests. Rich in exotic flora and fauna, the Silent Valley National Park is among the unexplored tourist spots in the state. This park houses the rare monkey species of Lion-tailed Macaque. It also has a wide range of other exotic wildlife including many endangered species. It is truly a panoramic destination rich in biodiversity. Travellers can watch more than 1000 species of flowering plants in this region. Varieties of mammals, butterflies, moths and birds also make this offbeat tourist spot unique.

Silent Valley was earlier known as Sairandhrivanam and it was declared as a reserve land in 1988 under the government of Kerala. Situated in the majestic Nilgiri Hills, this tourist spot is known for its matchless natural beauty. It is also a part of the enchanting Western Ghats region. The park is also home to many rare bird species like Ceylon Frogmouth. Each visitor shall fall in love with the charm and wilderness of the place. Two beautiful rivers, Bhavani and Kunthipuzha flow through the forests in the area. The evergreen Shola forests and enchanting waterfalls also make Silent Valley, a mind-blowing tourist spot to visit. A nature walk through the park makes you refreshed. Silent Valley Park is also a wildlife photographer’s delight. Add this wildlife reserve in your itinerary for the less explored tourism spots in Kerala. We Tour My India help travellers to make their trip to this pristine unique destination comfortable and memorable.

Nearest Airport: Coimbatore Airport(91 Kms); Cochin International Airport (165 Kms)
Nearest Railway Station: Palakkad (69 Kms)


Kuruvadweep, Kerala

Photo: Kuruvadweep

There are many unknown tourist places in Kerala and the beautiful Kuruvadweep (Kuruva Islands) is one among them. If you are looking to explore the untouched tourist spots of the state in 2020, then you must include it on your list. The prime attraction of this scenic holiday destination is its lush evergreen tropical forests and unique flora and fauna. Kuruvadweep is a river delta formation on the alluring Kabani River. There is a lot to explore in this 950-acre territory of isolated lands like rare species of herbs, orchids and birds. It is one of the best places in Wayanad to unwind and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the modern life. Exploring this untouched river island can be a mind-blowing experience. This astonishing vacation spot is nearly 17 kilometres away from Mananthawady, the nearest town in the district.

The speciality of this island paradise is that it is the only island in the state that surrounded with a naturally filtered water source. Kuruvadweep consists of three visible islands and all of them have various foliage. Visiting this island provides you with the opportunity to see some wild flowers and rare orchids. There are 2 small lakes in one of these islands. The majestic Kuruva Islands are also home to a wide range of avian species. You will certainly love to watch parrots, hornbills and many colourful butterflies. The natural beauty and unique flora and fauna of the destination truly make each visitor to this destination crazy. The panoramic nature of Kuruvadweep can be a feast for your eyes. Each traveller shall also love to go across the lovely Kabini River on a bamboo raft. The unique geographical characteristics of this island make it a preferred destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Tips to consider:

  • There are no shops on the island and it is wise to carry water and some snacks with you especially if you travel with children.
  • The walking trails get muddy during the rainy season and wise to carry an umbrella. The area has very few shelters.
  • The strong currents and whirlpools in some areas of the river surrounding this island make it a dangerous place. So, obey the instructions of the forest staffs.
  • Carry swimwear and bath towels if you wish to enjoy swimming at the island.
  • Wearing life jackets during boating makes you safe.
  • Don’t throw plastics in the island and limit the use of them.

Nearest Airport: Kozhikode International Airport (120 Kms)
Nearest Railway Station: Kozhikode (120 Kms)


Thenmala, Kerala

Photo: Thenmala

Thenmala is a good choice for travellers who search for offbeat tourism sites in Kerala to visit in 2020. It is the first planned eco-tourism destination in the country located in the Kollam district appropriate to spend some family holidays. Everybody loves to spend some time in the middle of nature that blessed with rivers, dams, waterfalls, hillocks, deer park and exciting adventure areas. The lush greenery of Thenmala fascinates travellers from across the globe. It is a favourite spot for nature lovers as it offers a lot to explore. Since the destination offers a wide range of activities like biking, trekking, rope bridge and mountaineering, Thenmala is famous among adventure enthusiasts as well.

Both children and adults love to visit the leisure zone of Thenmala to enjoy different activities. It is easy to find small restaurants throughout the area that serve beverages and snacks. Some restaurants in the leisure zone serve meals. This eco-tourism destination offers different well-located and affordable accommodation facilities like resorts, cottages, dormitories, restrooms and camping sites. Travellers can reach the destination by hiring local taxis or taking tourist buses. Take your breakfast early morning and start your day at this tourist spot with the adventure zone. Visit the deer park after lunch and plan for the butterfly safari in the evening. It shall be lovely to watch the musical fountain after turning dark. Some resorts in the area arrange vehicles for sightseeing. Travelling to beautiful destinations that not explored by you can be interesting and adventurous. There are many fabulous places to visit in Thenmala.

Some of the must-visit places are:

Butterfly Safari: It is a beautiful garden with host plants maintained mainly for butterflies. Visitors can observe many butterfly species carefully if they go on a guided trail.
Nakshatravanam: If you believe in astrology, visiting this garden with 27 trees can be an interesting experience. These trees are said to be connected with 27 birth stars.
Adventure Zone: You can enjoy many adventure activities at this area such as rock climbing, rappelling, mountain biking and river crossing.
Leisure Zone: Just appreciate the charm of nature and relax at the Leisure zone of Thenmala eco-tourism site. With a shooting court, amphitheatre and fine restaurants, this is a great place to spend a day.
Children Park: It is a fantastic place to visit if you travel to the state with children. With options for adventure sports and nature walks, your children would love to spend a day here.
Trekking: The eco-tourism authority at Thenmala organises different types of treks for trekking lovers.

Nearest Airport: Thiruvananthapuram International Airport (72 Kms)
Nearest Railway Station: Kollam (66 Kms)


Poovar, Kerala

Photo: Poovar |

Kerala is a beautiful land with plenty of tourist attraction to explore and celebrate the charm of nature. Poovar is one such superb tourist spot in the state but not many people aware of this backwater destination. It is a gorgeous island paradise located nearly 27 kilometres away from the capital city, Thiruvananthapuram. With unexplored beaches, scintillating backwaters, long expanses of glowing sand and panoramic surroundings, it is a beautiful destination to explore in Kerala. Located at the entrance of Neyyar River, this tourist spot is inhabited mainly by the fishing community. Travellers to Poovar love to know the captivating culture and traditions of the local people. Poovar is an unspoilt tourist spot in Kerala with exotic flora and fauna. The swaying coconut palms, large banana groves, extensive spice farmlands and pleasant climate make Poovar, an incredible tourist destination in the state.

An alluring estuary adjacent to Poovar is truly a natural wonder where the only sounds that you can hear are the chirping of birds and roaring of waves. Even though this island is blessed with natural beauty, travellers cannot find many activities to enjoy here other than cruising through the crystal clear water to the neighbouring village. As a coastal area, you can find plenty of chances to taste lip-smacking fish and seafood items. Enjoy an array of fish dishes during your trip to this offbeat tourist site. Holidaymakers can find different ranges of accommodation options at Poovar from luxury to budget hotels. The destination boasts several superb Ayurveda resorts and spas where travellers can experience rejuvenation ayurvedic therapies and massage. Water taxis are available to move around the island.

Some of the must-visit places at this vacation destination are:

Poovar Beach: Located between the Arabian Sea and Neyyar River, it is a fabulous beach with golden sand and swaying palms which is accessible only by a water taxi.
Kovalam Beach: Comprising three superb beaches namely Lighthouse Beach, Hawwah Beach and Samudra Beach, Kovalam is among the most popular beach destinations in the country. It is nearly 12 kilometres away from Poovar.
The Fishing Village: Exploring the fishing village at Poovar can be an exciting experience.
Vizhinjam: Located about 12 kilometres away from Poovar, this natural sea port is near to the International Shipping route worth visiting.

Nearest Airport: Thiruvananthapuram International Airport (30 Kms)
Nearest Railway Station: Thiruvananthapuram (27 Kms)

Neyyar Dam

Neyyar Dam, Kerala

Photo: Neyyar Dam |

Neyyar Dam and the surrounding areas are a haven for travellers who search for offbeat spots in Kerala. It can be a suitable place for those who search for less explored destinations with isolation and serenity in Kerala. The scenic Neyyar Dam his located almost 32 kilometres away from Thiruvananthapuram at the Neyyattinkara Taluk. The tranquil surroundings of it make each visitor refreshed. This enchanting tourist spot is a part of the well-known Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary where visitors can enjoy unique flora and fauna. In addition to exciting wildlife like elephants and wild boars, this region also boasts wide varieties of herbs and medicinal plants. Situated at the foothills of the mesmerising Western Ghats, Neyyar Dam is a paradise for nature lovers. A tour to this picnic spot shall give you outstanding travelling experience.

A panoramic dam site and a lovely lake are the prime attractions of Neyyar Dam besides the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary. The region is a repository of some rarest medicinal herbs. Travellers do not leave this splendid tourist spot without enjoying a bit of boating at the lake. There are several tourist attractions in this wildlife sanctuary such as a deer park, a watch tower, a crocodile park and a lion safari park. This area covers around 12,000 hectares of lush vegetation. You will certainly admire the colourful orchids and rare medicinal plants of it. With a height of 1,890 meters, the alluring Agasthyamalai stands tall within this wildlife sanctuary. The destination offers a few accommodation options like a youth hostel, rest house and dormitories with basic facilities. The offbeat trails of Neyyar Dam certainly give you beautiful holiday experience.

Nearest Airport: Trivandrum International Airport (38 Kms)
Nearest Railway Station: Thiruvananthapuram Central (32 Kms)


Kakkathuruthu, Kerala

Photo: Kakkathuruthu

The panoramic state, Kerala looks fascinating when the sun goes down. Kakkathuruthu is a fantastic recommendation for people who love to watch alluring sunsets. This majestic tourist spot near Alappuzha can be a good choice for travellers who are looking for unexplored tourism places in this state. Surrounding backwaters, Kakkathuruthu is a remote village in Kerala but it has been listed in the ‘Around the World in 24 Hours’ of National Geographic magazine. It is the photographic tour of the magazine that shows the most amazing and travel-worthy destinations in the world. This astounding island appeals a lot of adventure-loving travellers from across the world. Reaching this tiny island can be a bit difficult as this unexplored region is accessible from the mainland only by traditional boats. Surrounded by Vembanad Lake, this beautiful island paradise is a heaven for birdwatchers.

In the local language, Kakkathuruthu means the island of crows. The charm of this unspoilt tourist spot is enhanced by lush coconut groves. Located at Eramallor near Poochakal, the most attractive features of Kakkathuruthu are that it has no tarred roads and no bridges to connect the mainland. Even though it has small paths which are not constructed properly, many travellers nowadays reach this island in order to enjoy its spectacular sunsets. Kayal, a resort tucked away in the spellbinding shores of Kakkathuruthu offers fine staying facilities to travellers. A lot of mind-blowing activities can be enjoyed at this destination such as farming, fishing, toddy tapping and boat ride. You will love to mingle with the locals and experience their life. Try to visit the local temple during your trip to Kakkathuruthu.

Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport (75 Kms)
Nearest Railway Station: Alappuzha (62 Kms)

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Published: 15 Mar, 2017
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