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Indian Brunch – Absolutely My Picks from the Indian Kitchen

Indian Brunch – Absolutely My Picks from the Indian Kitchen
Last Updated: November 18, 2019

The best ways to explore the diverse Indian culture is by trying out some scrumptious dishes and pamper your taste bud. And, what more a fast pacing life can call for – a Brunch!!! If your busy life or the busy travel has forced you to skip your breakfast, don’t worry, you have the choice to rejoice the delicious variety of brunch you can find available at every hook and corner. Be it a road side stall, a restaurant, a fast food corner or a luxury hotel, brunch is one thing you can ask for anytime.

Where will I start from? It’s endless. Although below here I have tried out to cater 15 lip smacking combination of Indian Brunch… and I’m very sure that you are going to like it.



Parathas are very popular as Indian Brunch and nowadays it represents one of the a la carte in most Indian restaurants. But if you seek to savour the real taste of parathas, you must step into one of the dhabas of North India. Well… from my end I have tried out 6 different types of parathas – aloo paratha, nimbu paratha, gobi paratha, paneer paratha, dal paratha and muli paratha – from Parathe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi, but you will find more once you visit the alleys. Sukhdev Dhaba, which is situated on NH 1 in Murthal, Haryana, is one of the popular highway dhabas in India that you must stop by and try out varieties of paratha. Don’t be surprised to see people having a tall glass of Lassi, which is one of the local beverages of India, along with the paratha… WHO BHI MAKKHAN MARKE!!!



I always used to have it with dahi. I never tried out varieties until one of my colleagues offered me to have a taste of Green Pea Poha. Thereafter, whenever she brought other types of poha recipes like Batata Poha, Baked Poha, Corn Poha and Sprouted Matki Poha I used to have a mouthful brunch. Well, poha is actually beaten rice and you will find more than 100 recipes of poha. Some other poha recipes are Papad Poha, Poha Cutlets, Poha Dhokla, Poha Handwa, Poha Khichu and Pohe Ke Vade.

Curd Rice


Fast and easy to cook and palatable… Curd Rice is close to every south Indian’s heart. Drive from coast to Deccan and knock from house to house you would not hesitate to admit that it is ambrosia for them. Try it out if you are wheeling to South India.

Idli Sambhar


A very popular south Indian food, Idli Sambhar has won the heart of every Indians. If you ask me then I will recommend whenever you are travelling south India don’t miss to try it out. The fluffy and soft idlis when you have it with sambhar, which is a lentil based vegetable preparation, is worth as one of the best Indian Brunches. Nowadays, idli sambhar is easily available if you come across any south Indian restaurants anywhere in India.



It is another popular south Indian dish that is served with sambhar and coconut chutney. I have tried out Mixed Vegetable Uttapam and Masala Uttapam… relishing and smacking. You may also go for Spinach Uttapam, Fried Uttapam, Bread Uttapam, Green Peas Uttapam, Oats Uttapam and Onion Uttapam.



I simply love Dosa, which is one of the mouthful south Indian dishes, and I don’t miss its taste at all as once in a week I have it from any multi cuisine restaurant in Delhi. But I bet… whenever you will be driving through the culinary alleys of south India, you can’t escape from that aroma, which wafts through the air while cooking and after, can make you crave for this cuisine. Dosas are generally served with sambhar and coconut chutney. Some of the popular recipes of dosa are Plain Dosa, Masala Dosa (stuffed with vegetables), Set Dosa, Pesarattu, Neer Dosa, Paper Dosa, Rava Dosa and Benne Dosa.

Raj Kachori


Raj Kachori is one of the slurpy Indian roadside chaats, which is filled with delicious condiments. It has refreshing flavors and makes for a unique food experience. A perfect Indian Brunch that is light and delicious. You will have fun filling your own crispy chaat bowl according to your taste palette.

Puri Sabzi/Luchi Aloor Dum


When I stepped into Delhi for first time and came across Luchi and Aloor Dum at a roadside food pedlar, I couldn’t resist without having it. ‘Bhayia ek plate Luchi Aloor Dum dijiye’, I ordered but the guy stood perplex. I then pointed out and he said, ‘oh achaa! Puri sabzi… toh aisa bolo na…’. Well… Puri Sabzi in Bengali we say Luchi Aloor Dum… hence there was a small cultural clamour. Fluffy Luchi and spicy Aloor Dum… together it is savoury.

Chole Bhatura


Chole Bhature is one most famous street food from Amritsar, Punjab and also quite popular in other parts of India. It is a must try Indian Brunch whenever you are stopping by a highway dhaba.



Made from puffed rice, Uggani is a unique south Indian food. You won’t be popeyed to see big molds of Uggani being sold in road side shops. They have this as a big heap with Green chilles decorated on top. Uggani is usually served with Mirapakaya Bajji. I never tried Uggani BUT checking out the ingredients… I must go for it. Uggani is also known by other names like Buggani, Vaggani, Borugula Upma and Maramarala Upma.

Perugu Garelu


It’s the Andhra style Dahi Vada, which is served at room temperature or chilled and is topped with various spices. Perugu Garelu recipe is a must try Indian Brunch anytime in the year and is also catered as a cold starter/appetizer. Absolute melt in the mouth day fare!



Thepla is a Gujarati dish that is often served hot with curd and chunda. You can even add other ingredients like methi and doodhi (Well… it depends how you are going to have it), to add more variety to your appetite. So whenever you are wheeling to Gir National Parkand other destinations in Gujarat like Kutch, Dwarka, Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Porbandar… don’t forget to pack rolls of Thepla.



Oat is actually a common species of cereal grain and is used in preparing varieties of Indian oat recipes. Some of the popular oat recipes that you can try out are Oats Masala, Oats Bisibelabath, Lemon Oats, Oats Spinach Pongal and Oats Upma.



Yet another unique south Indian dish that is made from rice flour and coconut, Puttu, which is also known as Pittu, is served with side dishes such as palm sugar or chickpea curry or banana. Puttu is a humble yet healthy and filling Indian Brunch that takes minimum time and effort to make.



A traditional noodle soup from Tibet and popular in the states of Sikkim, Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh, and some other parts of India, Thupka is a must try for all. It can be served for both veggies and non–veggies.

Published: 05 Jun, 2014
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