Visit These Amazing 12 Food Festivals in India for an Enthralling Experience

Visit These Amazing 12 Food Festivals in India for an Enthralling Experience
Last Updated: December 27, 2019

“Food is not just eating energy. It’s an experience”.Guy Fieri

Well, that quote really have a deep meaning!

Food has always been my source of happiness. Is it same for you? Well, I assume it is! For a foodler (foodie + traveller), a country like India is the best place to savour some delectable dishes because of the country’s diverse culture that gives people a range of tastes on to their plates. In fact, there ain’t a better way to experience the soul of India than trying out its variety of food on offer. Now we all know, how huge India is, and its is practically impossible to visit every state and city for a culinary experience. But what if we tell you that you no longer have to travel like crazy to get that perfect food experience in India? What if we say that all the Indian food along with top international cuisines can be made available under one roof?! Yes, from scrumptious food to refreshing drinks to grooving music to the cosy ambiance are all coming for you in varied food festivals in India. Excited to learn about them? Here! I present my handpicked list of some top food festivals of India.

Navi Mumbai Food Truck Fest

Cuisines in Food Truck Festival, Mumbai

One of the best food festivals in entire India is Mumbai Food Truck Fest. The event is perfect for all the food junkies to come and enjoy a good time amidst delectable food, drinks and music. As the name suggests, the event brings some fabulous street food trucks from around the country to serve their best delicacies to the visitors. Navi Mumbai Food Truck Fest is also one of the kids-friendly food festivals in India as there is a dedicated section for the children where they can enjoy playing games.

Where: Tandel Ground, Near Seawoods Grand central Mall, Seawoods, Sector 40, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706.
When: March
Other Highlights: Music and Ambiance

The Grub Fest

Grub Fest India

A perfect amalgamation of food, fun and entertainment, The Grub Fest is one of the largest food events in India. Held in Mumbai, Delhi and Pune, The Grub Fest includes popular restaurants, an organic food market, music performances, and culinary workshops. Apart from this, for the food lovers, the festival also holds a dedicated arena, called Grub Mile, for mini-food trucks. Adding altogether a different charm in the entire festival are the food-based films. Just imagine how cool it would be to eat your favourite food while watching a movie like Ratatouille!

Where: Delhi, Mumbai and Pune
When: March/April
Other Highlights: Music, Live Performances, Workshops and Movies

Goa Food Cultural Festival

Goa Food Cultural Fest

Goa is counted amongst the topmost happening destination in India. And adding charm in the entire tourism scene here is the Goa Food Cultural Festival which enjoys a huge gathering of people from round the country as well as the world. GFCF is an initiative of the Goa Tourism Development Corporation which celebrates the rich heritage, traditional cuisine and beautiful culture of the state. The festival comprises more than 70 stalls serving the authentic delicacies.

Where: DB Bandodkar Grounds, Campal, Panaji
When: April
Other Highlights: Culture, Music and Ambiance

Foodistan, 10 Head Festival

Foodistan, 10 Head Festival

As compared to other food festivals, Foodistan is not a massive super-festival, rather, it’s a part of 10 Head Festival. A multi-dimensional festival that gives you a perfect option for a family outing. From food, music, and culture to drinks, shopping, parties and fun activities, 10 Head Festival offers a range of experiences at one place. Created by 10 handpicked curators, the festival focuses on 10 key interest areas, food being one of them. At Foodistan, you can expect to see amazing restaurants and food trucks serving some delectable delicacies and reviving drinks accompanied by music, entertainment and shopping.

Venue: Dhanchiri Camping Resort, NH-8, Gurgaon
Month: October
Other Highlights: Shopping, Music, Entertainment and a lot more.

Mei Ramew

Mei Ramew Festival

If you love Meghalaya for its culture and food, then Mei Ramew festival is one of the not-to-miss out attractions in the the state. The festival is organized by North East Slow Food and Agrobiodiversity Society. Little known yet one of the most enthralling events of its kind, Mei Ramew is a traditional food festival which can be an amazing experience for food buffs. The festival proffers a chance to relish the finest taste of the authentic delicacies that are prepared and served by different communities of Meghalaya.

Venue: Sacred Grove, Mawphlang, Meghalaya
Month: December
Other Highlights: Culture and Ambiance

National Street Food Festival

Of those numerous food events celebrated in Delhi, National Street Food of India is a popular name that witnesses the footfall of thousands of food connoisseurs from every nook and corner of the world. Far away from the sophisticated restaurants, the festival is purely known for the street food of Delhi ranging from spicy momos to street style samosas to tangy golgappas. Here at National Street Food Festival, you have the opportunity to take a plunge into the delectable street delicacies. Also, giving the entire event of NSFS a different charm is music and the vibrant ambiance.

Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi
Where: December/January
Other Highlight: Music and Ambiance

Asian Hawkers Food Festival

Asian Hawkers Food Fest

While vacationing in India, if you also want to eat a range of Asian food then all Asian Hawkers Food Festival in Delhi is the best place to be. Held for three consecutive days, AHFF brings the best of best to your plates from various Asian countries. From Japanese to Korean to Chinese, this outdoor fiesta serves some popular Asian dishes like sushi, peking duck, pad thai, tempura and much more. Thai and Vietnamese cuisines are also the star highlights of this entire food festivals.

Venue: Select Citywalk, Saket, New Delhi
Month: October
Other Highlights: Music, Ambiance and Entertainment

International Mango Festival

International Mango Festival

Let’s be honest for a moment, mangoes are the reasons why we wait for the summer season, especially in North India. Administered by Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation, International Mango Festival is truly one of the most enticing food events held in Delhi. You would be astounded to hear that the festival is known to display more than 500 varieties of mangoes. Interesting isn’t it! From Alphonso, Langda and Fazli to Bombay Green Mango, Dasheri and Chausa, International Mango Festival gives you an opportunity to plunge into a mango party. While at this popular event, you will also be able to savour mango desserts, juices and much more.

Venue: Dilli Haat, Janakpuri, New Delhi
Month: July
Other Highlights: Music and Ambiance

Bengaluru Food Fete

Bengaluru Food Fest

From laid-back restaurants to bars to cafes to food trucks, Bengaluru is one of the most loved South Indian cities when it comes to food! And Bengaluru Food Fete is a popular event that brings all these under one roof. The festival is not only a treat to food connoisseurs but is also an ideal platform for chefs, aspiring restaurateurs and bakers to please visitors with their impeccable tastes. The entire fiesta is not just about food but live music, stand-up comedy, and various dance performances can also be expected while at Bengaluru Food Fete. Well, that’s something grand!

Venue: KTPO Trade Centre & Itpl Main Road, Bangalore, 560066 India
Month: April
Other Highlights: Music, Dance, Entertainment, Comedy and Ambiance.

Horn OK Please

Horn Ok Please Festival

Fourteen or Forty, Horn Ok Please Festival is for anyone or everyone who loves to hunt for different cuisines. The festival displays a new and unique taste of Indian culture. Celebrating the best food from across Delhi NCR, Horn Ok Please Festival is one of the most amazing events in the capital city. If you want to see yourself getting lost in the aroma of various delectable delicacies, then HKP is the place where you should mark your presence. Apart from this, the festival also organizes various fun activities like skateboarding, karting and bull riding that are quite enthralling. Adding a source of entertainment at the festival are the various artists, including singers and dancers. Not just this, the gala also provides an opportunity to shop from quirk bazaars.

Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi
Month: November
Other Highlights: Music, Shopping, Fun Activities and Entertainment.

Ahare Bangla

Ahare Festival

An interesting venture that was started by the Government of West Bengal is the Ahare Bangla Festival. The aim of this festival is to create awareness amongst the people about the traditional and modern tastes of Bengal. It’s a cultural fiesta that brings the irresistible taste of different Bengali delicacies to your plates. From Alur Tarkari to Tangra Macher Jhol to Illish Macher Jhol to Mishti Doi, you can get a taste of classical Bengali delicacies. Besides food, this week-long festival also hosts a fair and entertainment performances.

Venue: Newtown Mela Ground, Kolkata
Month: October/November
Other Highlights: Fair, Shopping, Dance, Music and Entertainment.

GoBuzzinga Momo Festival

GoBuzzinga Momo Festival

All the momo lovers out there, here is a festival that is solely dedicated to you – Momo Festival. Though this gala is just about momo, it is still reckoned to be one of the major food festivals in the capital city of Delhi. Known for serving more than 300 varieties of momos, Momo Festival is one of those few festivals that are hard to resist even if you are not a big-time foodie. The festival serves some sizzling momos in the form of kurkure momos, vodka momos, rogan josh momos, tandoori momos, chocolate momos and many other unimaginable varieties. Keeping the main focus of serving some top varieties of momos, the festival also offers other delectable delicacies from across the city along with great music, ambiance and booze.

Venue: Ansal Plaza, Khelgaon, New Delhi
Month: October
Other Highlights: Music, Entertainment, Booze and Ambiance

Palate Fest

Palate Fest

Another three-day long festival celebrated in the capital city of Delhi is Palate Festival. First organized in the year 2014, the festival brings all the finest restaurants and food stalls at one place. Besides, the festival also showcases some embassy kitchens from across the city. From food stalls to restaurants to big hotels like The Oberoi, The Taj and Radisson, you can expect to see a lot of big names at Palate Fest. Apart from the food, it’s the live performances of some of the leading artists in that country that make the whole ambiance a lot more exotic.

Venue: Nehru Park, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
Month: December
Other Highlights: Music, Entertainment, Live Performances and Ambiance

Being a big-time foodie, writing this blog was a bit torturing for me (hahaha, you know why). Now, I am eagerly waiting again to be a part of these festivals. If you feel the same way, don’t forget to put these events on your 2020 travel bucket list. Meanwhile, you can also check out our other food blogs on our website.

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Published: 01 Mar, 2019


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