Best Cities to Visit in India if you are a Hardcore Vegan

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Best Cities to Visit in India for Hardcore Vegan

So, it is an ultimate quest for non-meat eaters, an unavoidable challenge that is always dealt with while globe-trotting. There is always a constant thought or a question on where to go, which place would suite a vegan traveller? Perhaps the real fear for a vegetarian is, what if s/he accidentally consumes something during social gatherings, or the dish ordered switches with a non-veg meal (and that you are not in your senses and gallop whatever comes). It can be maddening but if you are in India, you can slightly ease the creases of your forehead since it is a country that populates more vegetarians than the rest of the world, evidently, more veggie delight hurrah! But wait, don’t blow the trumpets just yet because in India, the question is not where to find vegetarian food, but where to find the best of it and which cities would be ideal to satiate your growling tummy. Well, to find that out, scroll down:

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Populat cuisines of Varanasi

Varanasi is a land where surprises overflow; people find the true meaning of life through its colourful ambience, fascinating old buildings, sacred rituals and the holy river. However, one thing more that this city is famous for is a melange of cafes serving veggie items. A casual courtyard restaurant serving only vegan delicacies are hard to find but whilst here in Varanasi, you may be in for some luck. It is obvious with millions of pilgrims that come to the ghats to wash their sins in the River Ganges would only want to opt for something non-meaty. Thus, you can scroll through a menu with pages full of salads, entrées and fruit punch in a place like the Brown Bread Bakery. Bana Lassi, El Parador, Dosa Cafe, Vishnu Tea Emporium and Tadka are a few other mentions that must be checked out during your hunt for an ultimate vegatarian food in Varanasi.

Palitana, Gujarat

Famous Gujarati Thali

A haven for vegans, where even the grounds are swept by the feathers of a peacock so not to hurt any living creatures, Palitana, is where you are in for a treat as it serves an assortment of vegetarian dishes. Why so? If you ask, well it’s because, it is crowded by Jain population who are strictly vegetarian. In fact, Palitana has been declared as the 100% pure vegetarian city in the world, now that’s something take notice of. In order to get to Palitana, you have to cross Bhavnagar city, it is here, where all major trains and flights can be found. Whilst in Palitana, a visit to Sankalp and Sukh Sagar Restaurant to savour delicious green delights should not be missed.

Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Famous dessert of Uttarakhand

A major pitstop for every Hindu pilgrim, where they get to take a plunge in the fast-flowing and holy Ganges, Haridwar is an enchanting place. It is a destination that is chaotic but has a strangely peaceful ambience especially at the famous Har-ki-Pauri. And similar to Palitana, you can find the entire city serving only vegetarian dishes, which makes it another easing place for vegan travellers in India. Here, you can find a number of well-maintained cafes and restaurants with a long list of vegetarian dishes ranging from appetizers to thalis to sweets. Some established and crowd pulling restaurants in Haridwar are Mathura Walo Ki Pracheen Dukan, Pandit Sevaram Sharma Doodh Wale, Mohan Ji Puri Wale, and we are just getting started, you can also savour the delicious kachori in Kashyap Kachori Bhandar and Chole Bhature in Bhagwati Chole Bhandar.

Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Madurai famous Thali

Who knew a city like Madurai, as old as human civilisation would still retain its allure and charm. Its unparalleled beauty can be estimated from its colourful temple, Meenakshi Amman. However, a shout out for those seeking to bless their belly with some delectable vegetarian food. Madurai houses a number of restaurants for vegan travellers like Archana Snacks, Murugan Idli Shop, Best Western AVN Arogya and Organic Grocery Garden. Restaurants like Surya Roof Top Veg Restaurant, Ahaaram Multi cuisine Restaurant, Bell Jumbo Restaurant are also some mentions that must be checked in.

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Famous Pav-Bhaji of Mumbai

Being a Maharashtrian city, Mumbai offers a melange of sea food, in fact, a number of tourists mainly come to savour their famous and delicious fish curries. Na ah ah! don’t feel low fellow vegans for Mumbai being a megacity surely houses some vegetarian restaurants as well. Its delicious bhajias, dosas, pani puri, patti samosas, dahi puri, ragda patties rule the streets of Mumbai. Apart from that, some must visit restaurants serving delectable vegetarian ‘food on the plate’ are found in Cafe Madras , they are known for their delicious South Indian cuisines; and Shiv Sagar for its pav bhaji. Other places that hand out vegetarian menus are Quattro, Shree Thakkar Bhojnalaya, The Friends Union Joshi Club and Guru Kripa. So, come munch in and satiate your growling stomach.

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Popular dish of Rishikesh

What lies ahead, is made of emerald green hills displaying a vast expanse of thorny trees and roads with hairpinned turns, yes! Rishikesh is that pitstop you meet on your way towards Garhwal Himalayas. Rishikesh has forever been an ideal place for spiritual seekers as it houses many pilgrimage places and ashrams for yoga and meditation. But what about food when hunger strikes? Dread not fellow travellers, because, Rishikesh is teeming with a collection of vegetarian restaurants that serve thalis to chatpata (spicy and tangy) side dishes, you can walk in some best places to eatin Rishikesh like Ramana’s Garden, Ananda, Cafe Nirvana, Chotiwala Restaurants, Devraj Coffee Corner and German Bakery, Govindji’s Prasadam and more.


Delhi famous Parantha

Even writing about Delhi makes me think of it’s delicious tikka rolls, kebabs, chole bhature, biryani, gol gappe and needless to say butter chicken. It is always a restless affair in the streets of Delhi right from the early hours to the sundown; and if you are new here, you are in for a treat to savour varieties of mouth-watering and lip-smacking cuisines. Of course a place that is swarmed up by the foodies also has a bag full of vegetarian delights. And to please vegan travellers, the city has a number of places to visit and munch all that you can. A must try restaurants in Delhi are Saravana Bhavan, Naivedyam, Chache Di Hatti, Ropad Punjab Walo ka Dhaba, Kunafa and this list goes on and on.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Chennai: Famous Veg Thali

In Chennai, you don’t need to spend hours being fleet-footed in the lanes trying to find an ideal place to eat thatserves pure vegetarian food, as the city has a plethora of restaurants serving veg food. Even though, Chennai is a coastal city serving varieties of ‘awe-so-delicious’ fish curries, it doesn’t disappoint vegans at all. In fact, even a number of carnivores can’t help but savour lip-smacking sambhar rice, fluffy idlis, gunpowder chutney, crisp bajji’s and vada’s. The vegans in the city often visit the iconic restaurants like Annalakshmi, Ashvita Nirvana, Cholayil Sanjeevanam, Dario’s and Murugan.

Puri, Odisha

Local Dish of Puri, Orissa

Not the puri you eat it with aloo ki sabzi or any mix veg (bad joke, sigh*), Puri in Odisha is an ideal place for vegan travellers. Get the sun toasting session on the beach and witness the rich history and culture and ultimately make your way to where the food is. Yes! In Puri, you can get many assortments of veg dishes in some well-known restaurants such as Chung Wah Restaurant, Bhojohori manna, Wildgrass Restaurant, Hare Krishna and RASOI. Also don’t miss out on feasting on the Mahaprasada at the famous Jagganath Temple where a whooping 56 vegetarian dishes are served on a plantain leaf.

Now that you have scrolled all the way till here, you must have found some must visits above. Tell us which destination was your favourite and what meal made you drool and belly growl. And if you are planning a trip to these places and don’t know how to do it well, we can lend a hand of help. All you have to do is give us a call at +91 9212553106 or send us your queries at Tour My India has the best travel packages in India that are light on pocket and heavy on entertainment.

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