An Insight into the Gems of My Hometown- DIBRUGARH

An Insight into the Gems of My Hometown- DIBRUGARH
Published: 23 Jan, 2019

Having lived in Dibrugarh for eighteen years of my life, I, like many locals took my hometown for granted. The real value got revealed when I actually started yearning for my hometown for months and even at times for a year after shifting my base. For those who do not know, entitled as the Tea City of India, yes… even after getting a BIG name, Dibrugarh still remains to be lesser known and less explored destination of the country. So, with this blog, I would love to play the role of a virtual tour guide to Dibrugarh and invite you to come and explore the land where my roots are. Oh… a frisson of excitement is running through me as I am about to share the gems of my hometown.

There are Tea Gardens all Around the Town


Waking up to the views of widely spread tea gardens and breathing in and out the pure and refreshing air are two of the best things that one can experience in Dibrugarh. No matter where you are in the town, you are going to walk along the tea gardens. Also, to enlighten you a little, Dibrugarh has approx 250 registered Tea Companies along with numerous small tea growers.

Set amidst several tea estates, Dibrugarh gives the opportunity to the travellers to have a great tea tour. This is something that I am in love with! The Tea Tourism is one of the reasons to visit Dibrugarh that lets the tourists make the most of the picturesque beauty by enjoying the stay in the ‘Chang Bungalows’. Wondering what is a Chang Bungalow??? Well, as the tea plantation in Dibrugarh started during the Colonial rule in India, these bungalows are constructed in British style. Staying in such a place is going to leave you speechless where you will wake up to the views of tea gardens all around or the sight of tea leaves being plucked for your morning tea. Ah! This is no less than a dream come true. Isn’t it?

The Charm is in the View and Warmth of Sunrise and Sunset


If you are an early riser, head to the Brahmaputra Riverside Dyke for a sightseeing tour where you can sit and say HELLO to the sun. The sight is perfect for the photographers who will get the opportunity to capture the incredible impact of the golden scenes that falls on the river Brahmaputra. The beauty of the place isn’t to be missed. That’s the reason I would suggest you wake up early, if not then half-asleep, drag yourself to Brahmaputra Riverside Dyke to get the amazing sight when rest of the world is in full dream mode. In case, you happen to miss the captivating morning view, there is nothing to feel gloomy about as the sunset on the dyke is still waiting for you to take some time out to gaze out into the vast, colour-soaked sky which is truly mesmerising.

We have India’s Longest Rail/Road Bridge


Take a drive through the Bogibeel Bridge which is one of the best things to do in Dibrugarh. Being 4.98 km long rail-road bridge, Bogibeel Bridge is constructed to not only reduce the travel distance for the people of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh but also facilitate faster movement of troops and supplies to the India-China border in Arunachal Pradesh. So, if you happen to be in Dibrugarh, it has now become feasible to admire the beauty of the town along with stretching your vacations to the beautiful places of Arunachal without giving a second thought.

You Can Stroll Amid the Rich Floral Biodiversity


A paradise for the nature lovers, Jokai Botanical Garden will let you capture amazing pictures for your social media profiles. Taking a walk into the woods, you witness that apart from being a storehouse of some valuable and endangered species of flora, the place showcases rich floral diversity of the region. In the sense, the zones divided in the area comprises Orchid House, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Plot, Rainforest Specimen Plot, A Water Pond and a lot more. Other than this, the garden will let you get the feel of a tropical-rain forest where you can lose yourself amid the tall fruit bearing trees that are also food for many bird species.

You Can Fill your tummy from hogging at the local eateries

When I recall about my days spent in Dibrugarh, one out of many things I miss is the street food. Take my advice and don’t miss trying out the street food when you are in Dibrugarh. Start your day by enjoying a scrumptious breakfast at the local sweet shop which is popular amongst the locals as “Amar Akbar Anthony” (sounds funny but that’s what locals call it). Other than this you can spend your entire day in H.S. Road where you will find a variety of cuisines with options including Indian, Chinese, and Continental to of course local delights.

Also, if you happen to visit during Bihu, you will get the opportunity to enjoy Pitha which is a popular traditional Assamese sweet dish made of rice, coconut sesame seeds that is sweetened either by sugar or jaggery.

When it comes to Fashion, We Never Lag Behind

Tibetan Refugee Market


The town of Dibrugarh has never compromised when it came to fashion. If you are somebody who loves shopping, then the popular Tibetan Refugee Market which is locally known as “Bhutia Market” is where you are going to find all the stuff. Once a pedestrian market, the Tibetan Refugee Market has now transformed into a full-fledged concrete market selling goods of all kind including woolen to trendy fashionable goods like jeans, tops, tunics, sneakers, loafers, hoodies, backpack, sling bags and a lot more. The young generation is highly attached to this market which could be clearly seen in their fashion statement.

Seek Blessings While Embracing Peace

Jagannath Temple, Dibrugarh


Along with being a destination covered with tea gardens and scenic beauty all around, Dibrugarh also lets you seek blessings at the beautifully structured temples. People looking up for spiritual peace head to the Radha Krishna Mandir which is also called Jalan Mandir. The temple is a white Hindu shrine which is surrounded by gardens. It is the serenity in the atmosphere of the place that relaxes one’s mind and soul. Also, you can head to the Jagannath Mandir which is a replica of the temple that is in Puri. Hanuman Gadi Temple, Temple of Krishna, known as Naam Ghar by the local community, the Catholic Church which when viewed from top appears to be constructed in the shape of the cross.

Experience the Tranquil Environment of the Monasteries

Namphake Buddhist Monastery

A promised land of tranquility, Dibrugarh will let you come across a small village called Namphake which is yet another nearby destination and home for many Tai Phakey families. The moment you step in the beautiful tourist destination, you will find yourself in the middle of abundant natural beauty and next to the River Burhi Dihing. You can sit and relax here watching the serene beauty that is feast to the eyes and soul. Taking a walk in the village, as you come across the people here, you will get to learn about the culture and tradition followed by them. People living here are followers of Buddhism and a visit to the beautiful Buddhist Monastery which is also considered as a meditation center will take you to an atmosphere filled with peace. On entering the monastery, you will witness the Ashokan Pillar and the Buddhist Pagoda. The statue of Lord Buddha is made with gold and there is a holy water tank which is named as Mucalinda Tank.

There is Epitome of Nature’s Beauty in the Dense Forest

Joypur Rainforest

The way I have been looking Dibrugarh is totally different from every angle when it comes to vibrancy and nature’s beauty. Here I am talking about the Joypur Rainforest which is one of the nearby tourist destinations marked by rich biodiversity. On visiting the rainforest, you will find yourself surrounded by 102 species of Orchids and tall Holong trees along with some other common trees including Ajae, Segun, Nahar, Bohot, and Sam. So, the place gives you an opportunity to kick off your boredom and feel rejuvenated.

Wildlife Buffs Can Take a Walk into The Wild

Hoolock Gibbon


Being yet another top tourist attraction in Dibrugarh, Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary which is an ideal weekend destination, covers a vast space in the districts of Dibrugarh and Tinsukia. Located at a distance of approx 82 km from Dibrugarh, the wildlife sanctuary is a home to different animal species including hoolock gibbon, macaque, elephant, leopard, gaur, black bear, leopard cat, mongoose, deer etc. Apart from this, when you are in the sanctuary you will even come across various reptiles including snake and chameleon. With this the avifauna of the sanctuary includes the stork, kingfisher, slender-billed vulture, duck and more.

In addition to this, if you happen to visit Dibrugarh in February then you can be a part of the Dehing – Patkai festival when you can get to witness the blend of tribal fairs, tea heritage tours, golfing, adventure sports, wildlife pleasure trip and more.

Getting to Dibrugarh is Convenient

Dibrugarh Town, situated in Upper Assam and on the bank of River Brahmaputra and is feasible by all means of transport including air, rail and road giving you an unforgettable travel experience.

By Air: The nearest airport called the “Mohanbari Airport” which is located at a distance of 15 km. The airport is well connected with the metropolitan cities like Kolkata and Delhi on a daily basis.

By Rail: The town has two railway stations which connects Dibrugarh to most of the major metropolitan cities of India like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.

By Road: Travelling to Dibrugarh by road is easy as the roads are well-connected to main cities including Guwahati, Itanagar and Tezpur. There are several buses services both private and state run, which offer transportation services on frequent intervals to the nearby states.

Best Time to Visit

Dibrugarh experiences pleasant weather condition, making it perfect to be visited any time of the year. The heat during the summer season is very mild and doesn’t let anyone feel exhausted. Coming to the monsoon season, Dibrugarh experiences considerable amount of rainfall and it is during this time when lush greenery can be seen all around.

This was all about my hometown. Hope you enjoyed reading it. If yes, then please give the blog a big fat thumbs up and don’t forget to share with your friends, adventurers, travel groups and family.

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Swati Mishra


Born and brought up in Assam- ‘The Land of Tea Gardens’, Swati is a Travel Writer who yearns to travel around the whole world someday. Coming from one of lush-green and peaceful states of India, her love for nature and rain is beyond imagination. She is an observant and is keen to explore more about the things that comes her way which could be clearly seen in her write ups. Other than this, she is a foodie and can do anything for food that is made out of cheese especially- The Alfredo Penne Pasta!

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