5 Lesser-Known Destinations of Incredible India

5 Lesser-Known Destinations of Incredible India
Last Updated: February 13, 2020

Well, if you are reading this, I am pretty sure that you know a lot about India and it is your curiosity that has compelled you to click on the blog and run your eyes over the places mentioned here as you want to re-check your knowledge on India. With so many articles on lesser-known/unexplored places in India flooding the internet every day has made India an open book with petite options to discover, I assume. But this doesn’t mean that an explorer would stop! No! There could still be hope, eh? Therefore, for this blog I chose to pick only five destinations that I seem to know very less about and I thought maybe they’ll interest you as well.

Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Tirthan Valley


Now, all you wildlife lovers must have rolled your eyes by seeing Tirthan Valley in the list. But honestly, apart from the fact that this valley falls in the buffer zone of Great Himalayan National Park, I didn’t know anything about this place before I began writing this blog. Devoting some time in research has made me realize that this place is more than a buffer area. Tirthan Valley can be clearly one of the best places for trekking in India (especially for a weekend trek from Delhi). Located close to the meandering Tirthan River, the valley has a bed of flowers and an impeccable view of the surroundings. Unlike other crowded Himachali destinations, you can expect perfect tranquillity and find yourself the ‘Dolce Fa Niente’ (The Sweetness of Doing Nothing). However, if you want to pick some activity for yourself here, then you have options of trekking, day-hiking and trout fishing available. And yes, you can pitch your tent near the stream and can indulge into adventure activities like rappelling, river crossing, and rock climbing. My Advice: Just Go and Chill Here!

  • How to Reach: Tirthan Valley is about 506kms from Delhi. Tirthan Valley is accessed by the Chandigarh-Manali NH21. Drive up to Chandigarh via Ambala. From there, follow NH21 to Aut via Mandi. From Aut, it’s a 35-km drive to Gushaini via Larji and Banjar.
  • Best Time to Visit: March-June and September- November. The winter months are cold, making sleeping in tents nearly impossible.

Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu



Dubbed as the Ghost Town, this little coastal town is situated south-eastern tip of Pamban Island of the Tamil Nadu. The place survived a lethal cyclone in the year 1964 when everything was destroyed, and it became an abandoned town. If you tried to open a map without closing this blog right now, you would be able to make out what a beautiful/adventurous location is this place at. It is said that Dhanushkodi was developing into a popular tourist place before the cyclone hit it. Today, all that is left of the town are skeletons of what was, and a splattering of hutments occupied by the fishermen families who continue to live there; a lovely but mystical beach, old building with their blown up roofs and traces of the tragedy at every nook and cranny. So, if you are someone who seeks to witness lesser explored places with a difference, I guess you have found the right destination.

  • How to Reach: To get to Dhanushkodi you will have to drive down from Rameswaram, from where a clutch of ‘tempos’ (Mahindra 4WDs) ferry you till land’s end, the south-east corner of Pamban Island.
  • Please Note: Traffic is regulated, so even if you have a 4WD of your own you will need to register it at the checkpoint at Mukundarayar Chathiram where all tempos, waiting for passengers are grouped.
  • Best Time to Visit: November to February

Maravanthe, Karnataka

Maravanthe Karnataka


A small fishing village with a scenic beach and tranquillity unlike anywhere else, Maravanthe is a perfect sand, sun and sea destination in India. This little town runs parallel to NH-66 and what can intrigue you the most about the location of the place is the fact that one side of the road is Maravanthe with its beach and on the other side of the road flows the beautiful Suparnika River. Maravanthe promises a quiet holiday away from the tourists and bustling of vendors and shacks restaurants. At Maravanthe, you come to seek peace and it is what you shall get. There is an old temple called Maraswamy that you might be interested in seeing apart from the sea and hands down to the lovely sunset view that you can catch up here.

  • How to Reach: It is 55kms from Udupi on NH-66. The best way to reach here to drive.
  • Best Time to Visit: October-March

Breng, Kashmir

Kokernag Botanical Garden-Kashmir


On the first instance, I did not recognize this place (but if you could, Kudos! to you) but after some research, I recognized this place with its famous destination called Kokernag. Yes, the same place which has the largest natural spring in the Kashmir Valley. Now, let me tell you Kokernag is not the only place that this beautiful district is proud of, it also has Daksum as well as Sinthan Top to flaunt to the tourists. Daksum is an enchanting stopover en route Sinthan Top and is adorned with waterfalls, pine-covered hills, lush meadows and running streams. You could relax here beside the babbling brook and listen to the sound of the flute by the shepherds who bring their cattle for grazing here. Sinthan Top, as the name suggests a mountain top that can be driven up to. A 48-kilometer winding road unfolds natural beauty at every bend. Situated at an elevation of 3748m, Sinthan Top offers arresting views of distant snow peaks and rain clouds.

  • How to Reach: Breng District is about 85kms from Srinagar, and the best way to reach here is to hire a cab.
  • Best Time to Visit: April-October

Papikondalu, Telangana

Papikondalu Elangana


Let me put it this way; Papikondalu is the Kashmir of South India (Oh! You think that I am exaggerating? Well may be a bit but not by miles!). Situated in Telangana, Papikondalu is a hill Range bounded by River Godavari. Papikondalu is a set of three hills which form a beautiful gorge on the Godavari River that spread across East Godavari and West Godavari districts. The entire region is covered by tropical rain forests, and it was recently declared as a protected National Park. There are several beautiful sights that fall on the way including Perantallapalli, Gandipochamma Temple, and Pattiseema. There are a few tribal communities that have made their dwellings on these hills whose primary occupation is agriculture, fishing and making handicrafts. There is a waterfall at Munivaatam, which is quite a popular tourist attraction. Apart from enjoying the view of the hills, valley, and waterfalls, visitors can pick up activities like camping and trekking here. Also boating in the Godavari River has been introduced.

  • How to Reach: Papikondalu is situated at a distance of 50kms from Rajahmundry, and the best way to get here is by a bus or hiring a cab.
  • Best Time to Visit: October-March

So it’s a wrap here! However, if you know of places that are lesser known but are totally worth exploring in India, please suggest them in the comment box below. If you liked the blog, give it big thumbs up and share it with others. You can also send us your travel or booking queries at Allow us to enhance your travelling experience in India with our selective tour packages and fine services.

Published: 18 Apr, 2016
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