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Exploring The Best of Australia with New South Wales Travel Guide

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This is no secret that Australia is one of the best beach destinations but New South Wales in Australia comes as a nice surprise. A blend of beach, adventure, culture and lip-smacking cuisine, New South Wales takes you on an amazing journey across some of the best tourist attractions in the country. From the scintillating beaches of Sydney to underwater adventures at Byron Bay to exploring the cultural heritage at Canberra, New South Wales take you on a guided tour across the some of the most preserved secrets of the land of Kangaroos. So, if you plan to travel to New South Wales, be prepared to experience the entire country served on a single platter. Here’s all you need to know about best of New South Wales tourism places.

When is the Best Time to Visit New South Wales?

There isn’t a bad time to visit New South Wales in Australia, although the weather would play an important part in your travel. The summers can get extremely hot in the area around Sydney and the winter season is pleasant. This time of the year would also bring a change in your budget as the summer season is a peak tourist season.

Located in Southern Hemisphere has a different weather pattern as compared to Northern Hemisphere.

  • Summer Season: The famous Australian summer starts around the month of December and lasts till February. The temperature is usually on the higher side during the summer and it is no less than a festive season. It is perfect for hitting the beaches of New South Wales.
  • Autumn Season: Starting in the month of March and lasting till May, New South Wales experiences mild autumn. Ideal for trekking in mountain ranges of Australia.
  • Winter Season: The winter season in NSW begins around June and lasts till August. The region witnesses snowfall in some parts. The winter season is also ideal for whale watching.
  • Spring Season: Starting in the month of September, the Spring season lasts until November. The season is perfect for whale watching and perfect for nature exploration.

New South Wales Travel Guide: Spend A Memorable Vacation in Australia

Sydney: The Harbour City

Sydney- The Harbour City

The capital city of New South Wales, Sydney is everything you imagine your travel destination to be. From quaint laid out beaches to happening nightlife, from shopping centres to relaxing amidst nature, Sydney has got something for everyone.  It also attracts a lot of adrenaline junkie, looking to push their limits with adventure activities. So. if you wish to discover Australia in its truest form, there is no better place than Sydney.

Bondi Beach: Taste the surf culture of Australia

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is one of the best holiday beaches in NSW. With sandy shores, azure water and a plethora of activities to choose from, Bondi Beach gives you a taste of NSW tourism. Visit the beach to realise why this beach has been the icon of Australia tourism. From enthralling surf waves to Bondi Iceberg, Bondi provides the perfect balance of beach vacation and adventure.

Attractions at Bondi Beach

  • Spending the day at the Bondi Beach
  • Surfing the waves at Bondi Beach
  • Dive in the swimming pool of Bondi Iceberg
  • Exploring the art gallery at Bondi Pavillion
  • Visiting the Bondi Markets

Sydney Harbour Bridge: Climb to the top of the world

Sydney Harbour Bridge

One of the most scenic bridges in Australia, Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the top tourist attractions in New South Wales. Built across the Sydney Harbour, the bridge welcomes rails, vehicles, cycles as well as pedestrians. Sydney Harbour has been an icon of the city and night skyline with it, is a sight to behold. Also known as “Coathanger” because of its design, the bridge is an epitome of fusion of modern architecture and enchanting aesthetics. You can also climb this bridge via the stairs and have an enchanting aerial view of the entire harbour and coast.

Price for climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge: The package starts at A$ 263 for adults and A$ 183 for children.

Manly Beach: Taste of Australian Beach Lifestyle

Manly Beach

Sydney is a quite popular beach destination and Manly Beach is one such vibrant beach which has made this Australian attraction so popular. Perfect spot for a beach vacation in New South Wales, Manly offers you a blend of serenity and craziness. Though the beach is perfect for a cosy weekend with your partner, it lets you explore your adventurous side, with the best waves for surfing. Dubbed one of the best beaches on the planet, Manly has got many hidden gems like the lighthouse and wormhole tunnel.

Tourist Attractions near Manly Beach

  • The track between Manly Beach and Spit Bridge takes you through some of the best spots like Fisher Bay, Forty Baskets, Sandy Beach and Fairlight.
  • Surfing the enticing waves at Manly Beach
  • Snorkelling near the beach
  • Catching the Manly Ferry
  • Passing through the wormhole, an ancient carved tunnel
  • Visit 4 Pines, Manly’s very own brewery
  • Hike to Grotto Point Lighthouse and have an aerial view from the top of the lighthouse

Sydney Opera House: The Icon of Australia’s Culture and Art

Sydney Opera House

An iconic structure in Australia, Sydney Opera House is one of the top places to see in NSW. An architectural marvel, it is a performing art centre built on the Sydney Harbour. The Opera house has multiple performing centres and it has witnessed some of the greatest artists. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008 and since then it has acted as an unofficial emblem of Australia tourism. Visit this must visit place for its blend of art and architecture.

Skydive: Live to the Fullest as You Freefall


There is nothing that can beat the excitement of free-falling from 12,000 ft. For all the adrenaline junkies out there, Sydney has got an unrivalled adventure for you – skydiving. Perfect for your adventure holidays, the facilities in Sydney are some of the best. Offering various packages to choose from including a tandem jump to free-falling to learning how to skydive, Sydney ensures that no one goes back unhappy.


  • Tandem Jump (14,000 ft) – $249 onwards
  • Learn to skydive – $399 onwards

Grand Pacific Drive: Cruise Across Scenic Australia

Grand Pacific Drive

Starting just an hour away from the city of Sydney, the 140 km stretch of road is one of the most iconic and mesmerising roads to drive on. Taking you across the rainforest covers, iconic harbour cities and jaw-dropping Sea cliff bridges, Grand Pacific Drive is the best way to explore Australia. The drive through this awesome spot to visit in NSW would give you plenty of pictures to post on social media for the #travelgoals.

Major attractions on Grand Pacific Highway

  • Southern Highland
  • Eurobodalla
  • Sapphire Coast
  • Victorian Border

Central Coast: The Beach Capital of New South Wales

Central Coast Australia

If you are seeking a tourist place for a family vacation in New South Wales, there is no place better than Central Coast. Astounding beaches, natural hideouts and enchanting hiking trails, Central Coast offers the best of the scenic paradise of Australia. It is also home to some of the most vibrant markets and amazing wildlife sanctuaries.

Murramarang National Park: Get Lost in Nature’s Paradise

Murramarang National Park

Following the trail between Long Beach and Merry Beach lies the tranquil Murramarang National Park in Central Coast. Home to exotic species of birds and exhibiting some of the most amazing trekking trails in Australia, Murramarang is perfect for those who seek solace amidst nature. The national park also features lovely coves, scintillating beaches, rock platforms with mountains in the backdrop. Explore the hidden gems of the park, hike around or just spend some quiet time on the beach, Murramarang National Park will be refreshing in every way possible.

Tourist Attractions in Murramarang National Park

  • Pebbly, Depot and Pretty beaches are some of the best beach camping spots in NSW
  • The trail between Pretty Beach to Snake Bay, which can be done during low tides
  • Cycling in the national park.

Jervis Bay Marine Park: Witness the Exquisite Aquatic Life with Dolphin Sighting

Jervis Bay Marine Park

If you are in love with marine life, Jervis Bay Marine Park is the place to be. One of the must-visit hidden gems of Australia, Jervis Bay allows you to interact with whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. Established in 1988, the Marine Park covers an area of 215 km sq and more than 100 km of coastline. The park also attracts a wide variety of exotic bird species. The ideal water condition and efforts of conservationists have ensured that international tourists get to witness these exotic species in their natural habitat.

Best Time to Visit Jervis Bay Marine Park

It is an all year round destination, with bottleneck dolphin sighting being a major tourist attraction. However, the winter months of May and June attract a lot of Whale watchers who come to witness whales during their mating season.

Tourist Attraction in Jervis Bay Marine Park

  • Whale watching and dolphin sighting with Dolphins ferry
  • Boating in the tranquil water of Jervis Bay
  • Deep Sea fishing
  • Scuba diving and snorkelling in Jervis Bay
  • Paddleboarding and Kayaking

Newcastle: A Beautiful Place in the Heart of New South Wales


The second most populated region in New South Wales, Newcastle magnificently reflects the true spirit of Australia. Scintillating beaches, adventure, vibrant culture and scenic paradise fused together offer the sensational Newcastle. It also attracts many history and culture buffs with its wide range of museums. Take a city sightseeing tour or explore the adventure activities at the beach, Newcastle will be the perfect vacation you have been seeking all this while.

Tourist Attractions in Newcastle

  • Skydiving in Newcastle
  • Witness the soothing waves and surf at Nobbys Breakwater and Beach
  • Take a trip down the history at Fort Scratchley
  • Spend a laid back afternoon at Merewether Ocean Bath and Pool
  • Visit Christ Church Cathedral
  • Go for shopping at Darby Street

Byron Bay: The adventure hub of New South Wales

Byron Bay

The easternmost town of Australia, Byron Bay is the point where serenity fuses with absolute madness and adventure. The bay offers a plethora of adventure activities like scuba diving and surfing while you can also spend a cosy day at the beach too. Hardly do you find a destination where the time feels like an abstract concept and Byron Bay is one such destination in Australia. Perfect for adventure getaways, Byron Bay will ruin you for your future travel odyssey.

Here’s what all you can do at Byron Bay.

Honing Your Surfing Skills at the Beaches

Snorkeling in Hawaii

Byron Bay is called a picture perfect adventure destination and this because of the wide range of adventure activities available at your disposal like surfing. The swells are moderate making it ideal for beginners as well as intermediate surfers. Byron Bay has got some of the best beaches in Australia and vibrant surfing beaches are the reason why many people head out this place for testing out their surfing skills.

Where to Go for Surfing in Byron Bay?

  • Wategos Beach
  • Cosy Corner Beach
  • Clarkes Beach
  • Main Beach
  • Tallows Beach

Kayak Alongside Dolphins: A Unique Adventurous Experience

Kayak Alongside Dolphins

Australia is famous for its human-animal interaction but Byron Bay takes this to the next level with guided and guaranteed kayak tour alongside dolphins. The bay is blessed with rich aquatic life and it has utilised to full extent. The waves are perfect for Kayaking and with a bonus feature of dolphin keeping you company throughout the tour, Byron Bay has gone onto becoming Australia’s most popular weekend getaway. Also, most of the operators guarantee the chance of seeing a dolphin and they will return your money if the tour fails to spot one.

Price for Kayak Tour: The packages start around $69 per person, inclusive of all the equipment.

Julian Rocks Marine Park: Explore the Underwater Secrets

Julian Rocks Marine Park

Just 2.5 km from the shores of Byron Bay lies the Julian Rocks Marine Park exhibiting some of the most unique and exotic species of fishes. The rock structure has been proving to be of vital importance to corals making this site one of the best places for scuba diving in New South Wales. Each season brings in new guests here so you don’t have to worry about the best time to visit Byron Bay for scuba diving. Some of the regular residents are turtle species, spotted and ornamented wobbegong sharks, cuttlefish, eagle rays, and anemones with their clown fish. You can take a boat from the shore to reach Julian rocks and there are many schools for scuba diving in Byron Bay. So if you want to learn or if you are a pro, head out to Julian Rocks to unravel the underwater secrets of New South Wales.

Coffs Harbour: A Lowkey Paradise Offering Adventure and Tranquillity

Coffs Harbour

With its iconic Big Banana, sandy shores, azure water and tourist getaways, Coffs Harbour at the heart of Coffs Coast has been attracting tourists from all across the globe. Providing a fusion of adventure and quaint hideouts, Coffs Harbour has gone onto become one of the best places to visit in Australia. It’s a lowkey destination yet it doesn’t compromise on tourist attractions and facilities. So, plan your Australian holiday in the comforts of beaches and water at Coffs Harbour.

Tourist Attractions in Coffs Harbour

  • Big Banana Fun Park
  • Sealy Lookout and Forest Sky Pier
  • Dolphin Marine Magic
  • Coffs Harbour Marina
  • North Coast Regional Botanic Gardens
  • Park Beach

Port Macquarie: A Picture-Perfect Weekend Destination in New South Wales

Port Macquarie

One of the best destinations for weekend breaks, Port Macquarie has every quality to be a vibrant metropolitan city, yet it has chosen to be a quaint vacation destination in NSW. From its 17 beaches to the hinterland to a wide variety of tourist attractions, this place has got everything you seek in a coastal destination. Explore the tides or dive underwater, go sightseeing or interact with the local Birpai people, Port Macquarie will leave you hooked. The town boasts of its diversity, which is also reflected in facilities. You can opt for a luxury stay or choose to camp on the beaches and spend a cosy weekend with your loved ones.

Tourist Attractions in Port Macquarie

  • Witnessing sunrise at Town Beach
  • Exploring Australian wildlife at Billabong Koala Wildlife Park
  • Witnessing the sunset along the Brick Wall
  • Exploring Lady Nelson Wharf
  • Tasting the local delicacies at Beach House
  • Exploring the Coastal Walk trails

Wollongong: For Spending a Day on the Beach


A perfect destination to escape the everyday bustle, Wollongong has literally everything you need from a vacation destination. Beaches, museums, adventure, scenic drives and vibrant nightlife, Wollongong has everything. With numerous wonderful places to visit and hidden attractions, Wollongong is a mystery that can be best solved by visiting here.

Wattamolla Beach: Spend a Cosy Afternoon with Family on the Beach

Wattamolla Beach

One of the best beaches of Wollongong, Wattamolla Beach is an adventurer’s paradise. Situated in a scenic location, the beach offers a plethora of activities to choose from. Be it snorkelling or scuba diving or BBQ on the beach, Wattmolla is a perfect destination for a beach vacation.

Tourist Attractions on Wattamolla Beach

  • Snorkelling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Hiking
  • BBQ on the beach
  • Kayaking

Hiking in Illawarra Escarpment: Take a Break from the Chaos Amidst Nature

Hiking in Illawarra Escarpment

A 30 million years old formation with some of the most scenic views, Illawarra Escarpment is a perfect place to go for a hike or a picnic with family. Surrounded by lush green forests and mountain range, the park offers you a chance to interact with nature and take a break from the chaos of cities. Hiking trails here are easy and offers some of the most scenic views.

Canberra: The Cultural Paradise of New South Wales


The capital city of Australia also happens to be one of the best cities for vacation in Australia. A cultural epicentre, Canberra might not offer the best nightlife experience or crazy adventures like Sydney, but if you seek knowledge about culture and history, this is the place to be. With numerous museums and art galleries at your disposal fused with political centres like Parliament House, Canberra will surely offer you an insight into the functioning of the country. A tourist friendly country, Canberra is also perfect for your little ones with kids-friendly attraction like Zoo, keeping them joyous throughout the trip.

Tourist Attractions in Canberra

  • Parliament house tour is one of the most popular attractions amidst international travellers
  • Exploring the rugged terrains of Namadgi National Park
  • Visit the National Museum of Australia to witness the history and heritage of the country
  • Interacting with the wildlife at the National Zoo and Aquarium
  • Go for a hike in National Botanic Gardens
  • Fly a virtual jet at Canberra’s Jet Flight Simulator

Blue Mountains: Exploring the Trekking Trails of Australia

Blue Mountains, Australia

Are you planning a trip to Australia and wondering where can you go for a quiet and peaceful trek? Well, the answer to all your trekking desires is the famous Blue Mountains in New South Wales. Located close to Sydney, the 50 km stretch offers some of the most serene trails for hiking and trekking. Offering short hike to medium trekking trails, Blue Mountains will satiate all your trekking appetite. The mountain range is easily accessible by vehicles so you can have an exciting camping day amidst nature.

Best Trails in the Blue Mountains

  • Federal Pass
  • Ruined Castle Walk
  • Cliff Top Walking Track
  • Grand Canyon Walk
  • National Pass
  • Round Walking Track

Lord Howe Island: For a Quaint Romantic Getaway in New South Wales

Lord Howe Island

An offbeat honeymoon destination, Lord Howe Island is quite literally a paradise amidst vast sea. Situated away from the Australian mainland, the area still comes under the governance of New South Wales. Don’t mind tall buildings or lavish hotels as the scenic beauty of this place is unrivalled. With a maximum limit of just 700 people on the Island, including residents, everything in here gets slowed down to make sure you have the time of your life. From sandy shores to enchanting treks amidst the forests to exploring the secrets of the deep sea, Lord Howe Island ensures that your vacation in Australia is a perfect blend of adventure and tranquillity.

The Island is also perfect for a holiday with kids as the less crowded beaches mean that you can have all the alone time you want with your family.

Tourist Attractions in Lord Howe Island

  • Take a glass bottom tour of the lagoon
  • Exploring the rocky beaches of Salmon, Kings and Johnsons
  • Snorkelling and scuba diving at Lagoon Beach
  • Feeding fishes with hands at Neds Beach
  • Exploring numerous trekking trails including Mt Gower walk and Kims Lookout circuit
  • Boat ride to Balls Pyramid, which is world’s highest volcanic rock stack
  • Enjoying the rare flora and fauna of Lord Howe Island

How to Reach?

Qantaslink is the major air carrier that operates to Lord Faroe Island from Sydney. You can also reach Island by cruise ship, but you would need prior permission from Lord Howe Island Board.

Best Time to Visit Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is pleasant throughout the year, with sea breeze prevent summers from being too hot and warm seas prevent the island from being cold during winters. However, if you wish to experience wildlife on the Island you should visit during the winter season.

Snowy Mountains: For a ski vacation in New South Wales

Snowy Mountains, Australia

A winter wonderland in New South Wales, Snowy Mountains South is a perfect destination for those who seek winter adventures like skiing and snowboarding. There are many towns in the mountains that offer some of the most lavish ski resorts. You can also kayak and fish in these towns.

Australia isn’t just about beaches and kangaroos. Australia has been growing in the travellers’ radar and rightly so, New South Wales offers some of the best travel experience. The enchanting beaches with infinite adventure options at your disposal are just one aspect of New South Wales. There are much mysteries about this place and the best way to unravel them is by visiting New South Wales.

So, pack your bags and plan your travel. Also, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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