Rafting Equipment

Rafting Equipment

River rafting is perhaps the most enticing pull of Rishikesh, garnering participation from people around the world. Because this city caters to a broad audience, it has outlets that provide imported gear and equipment. There was a time when quality rafting gear was not available in India. However, since then, things have changed manifold and today you are assured of access to nothing but the best in the business. Buying rafting equipment may cause a lot of strain, but the following guidelines can help you choose the right gear for the course of your expedition.

Inflatable Rafting Boats
Over the years, inflatable rafting boats have evolved, from being fragile enough to be ripped apart in the past, to seeing technological advancements. These days you can choose from a myriad of boats in order to enjoy a fun-filled adventure in the Himalayas. Many boats last a lifetime!

Life Jacket
A life-jacket is the primary safeguard option that you must certainly possess. Lifejackets and vests come in all shapes and sizes and can be categorized accordingly. It is advisable for rafters to select a vest that best fits them and makes them feel comfortable. Proper-fit is a requisite when you select a life jacket. When the jacket fits perfectly and is properly zipped, it’ll keep the upper body parts afloat. Contrarily, an improperly sized jacket would create unnecessary problems.

Helmets are designed to offer complete security and prevent against head injuries. There are imported-quality rafting helmets adhering to the acceptable international standards. The most vital thing to pay heed to while selecting a headgear is that it should fit perfectly.

Carbon Paddles
Paddles are designed in a way that they give silky smooth strokes on water and offer a light buoyant feel. If the paddles are adequately refined and are of full size, they can double your fun of rafting.

If the water is too cold, rafters need to wear a wetsuit. This piece of clothing is generally made of neoprene to provide thermal insulation. The bubbles of gas within the wetsuit also provide buoyancy in water.

This piece of clothing is worn by sports enthusiasts to prevent from passive thermal protection while the body is inside water. This safeguards the body against cold water excluding the head and the hands. A dry suit differs from a wet suit in its purpose.

Rescue Throw Bags
Rescue throw bags are a vital part of river rafting equipment. A rescue bag is filled with a rope inside and succours a swimmer in peril. The end of the rope is attached to the inner side of the bag while the loose end remains in the hand of the rescuer. The bag is thrown to the swimmer in order to help the latter reach the raft using its support. These bags are compact in size and take up the least space possible.

All the required equipments are provided by the rafting camps; thus, you don’t need to spend any extra penny.