Heli Skiing India

A thrill-a-minute adventure sport where split-second decisions can literally make or mar, heli-skiing is probably the most exciting sport to be introduced in the sub-continent.

The first Asian country to offer facilities for this sport, heli-skiing made its debut in Kashmir in January 1988.

Set up in collaboration with the famous Swiss-born ski-mountaineer, Sylvan Saudan, this exciting sport requires prior skiing experience as well as a thorough knowledge of the physical features, cornices, crevasses, wind direction and potential avalanche hazard areas.

Though expensive and exclusive, this ultimate adventure sport is fast gaining popularity. Then of course, there is a range of the conventional sporting activities, which can be viewed at various stadia.

One of these is an addiction called cricket and the best place to watch this game is in an open enclosure, surrounded by roughly 50,000 frenzied fans! No wonder, it's called the 'religion' of the sub-continent.

For fitness freaks, there are jogging trails, more often than not within the hotel premises where they are staying or just outside it. In fact, in this regard, the capital city of New Delhi has very few peers, with it's open, green spaces very much a jogger's delight.

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