The salmon pink of Rajasthan's color pallet, Jaipur is the capital city where the maximum energy of the India's most flamboyant state is stored. Lined with grand architecture in the form of palaces, bazaars, and hotels on almost each nook and cranny, every bit of Jaipur is extraordinary, colorful, and a heady mix of old and new. Jaipur is opulent, and the favorite choice of people, especially the soon going to the couples, because of the unspoilt choices that are available here for royal wedding events. If you too are mesmerized by the beauty of Jaipur and wants it to be the grand venue of your d-day but don't know from where to start as there are a multitude of options then get in touch with the Tour My India's wedding planning team. Experts in organizing destination weddings, the planners of Tour My India bespoke finest services with creative finesse to deliver a flawless event that stays true to your vision. Tour My India's wedding planners coordinate transportation, accommodation, welcome gifts and everything else you may require, including pre and post-wedding events such as spa days, rehearsal dinners, and post-wedding brunches. We also specialize in hosting international clients.

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