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Sacred Rituals of Christian wedding

If one thinks that there are no pre-wedding rituals in Indian Christian wedding then that's wrong, they do have. And that to quite similar to the ones seen in the other communities. The wedding functions start off from the bridal shower, a gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding. Friends and relatives give gifts to the bride. The bride cuts the cake and the girl who would get the cake with a hidden thimble is supposed to get married next. In a similar pattern, the groom organizes a bachelor's party. After the bridal shower, it's time for Mehendi ceremony. Yes, Christian wedding in India does have Mehendi ceremony. Christian brides and bride get a beautiful mehndi art done on their hands before the wedding. The mehendi ceremony is followed by Haldaat ceremony, during which turmeric and sandalwood paste is applied on both, the bride and groom.

Next day to sangeet is the wedding day. The groom sends a car for the bride to reach the venue and waits at the altar for her to come. Once the bride arrives, her father traditionally escorts her down the aisle, standing to her right. At the altar, the priest awaits who then congratulates them and reads verses from the Holy Bible, which is followed by sermon called Homily. Then the priest asks the consent of both, bride and groom for the marriage. The couples exchange rings and seek the blessings of the priest and family. The wedding concludes by signing on a register and the couple walks down the aisle, arm in arm.

The wedding is followed by a reception during which the bride and groom cut a cake. There is a great deal of fun and dancing during this occasion, followed by an elaborate dinner

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