Be it the beach, budget or Bohemian, one common thing that affixes every type of marriages in India are the wedding rituals; the best description of India's homogenous culture. A heady mix of age-old traditions and modernity, Indian wedding rituals are an integral part of the marriage event that has followed since generation. And owing to people's deep faith, it will continue in years to come. They are the package of surprises, and significant. In fact, a little unique but the sublimity with which they are performed is spellbinding. Its seems as if all the shades of cultures are gathered at one place.

Indian marriages are incomplete without its rituals. Cultural roots, ancestry, and religious beliefs have shaped marriages in India for thousands of years. Surely, people know about them but not the exact order of these events. They are so important, and missing any one of them can point a lot of fingers on you and your family. But things can be done smoothly if you get your wedding planned by the wedding consultants at Tour My India. One of the leading wedding planning agency in India, Tour My India makes sure that your wedding should be filled with activities, entertainment, and laughter. The wedding experts of Tour My India works closely with the couple and family to plan a kind of wedding that is truly a reflection of your taste, and tradition. From the pre-wedding to post-wedding rituals, they make sure that the tiniest rituals of the wedding are followed. Do call or drop a mail, and they will be with you throughout all the way through the wedding.

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