Weddings in India are a package of entertainment, fun, and laughter. From the beginning till the end, there's so much drama, sarcasm and activities related to each ceremony that one remains spirited throughout the wedding. But amidst all these ceremonies, there are times when guest are bored, and all they want is to take a snooze break. And a snooze-fest is definitely not what you want your wedding to be. So to make it even more fun, more memorable, and more creative, get in touch with the wedding planners of Tour My India who will ensure that people don't yawn on your big day! They will introduce you to some wacky, and wonderful ideas and themes that will keep the fun quotient up. From the moment the groom enters the hall till the vidaai, we will introduce some unique concepts that will match your wedding theme. For the groom, we make a point to hire the best orchestra band that will make the wedding procession more groovy, and jazzy. To make the entry of the bride, and groom extra special, and dramatic, we also have some themes. Our entertainment options are not just limited to the DJ, we also provide emcee and artists who will make your special day come alive by mingling with the guest. We can also arrange special celebrity appearances. Even if the idea designed by us doesn't match your expectation then we can customize the themes, and make it the way you want it. All that we aim is to create a fairy tale wedding as you always wanted it to happen.

Entertainment in India

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