Christan Pre Wedding Ceremonies

Engagement Ceremony

Engagement is like the first ceremony of the wedding event. It is usually arranged by the parents of the bride and is generally a gathering of close family members and friends. The couple exchanges rings on this occasion and the engagement is announced in their local churches as well.

Bridal Shower and Bachelor’s Party

These two ceremonies are subjective, which means some choose to host it and others give them a miss. A bridal shower, which is also known as a hen’s party is a pre wedding celebration hosted by the bride and her female friends, whereas, a bachelor’s party is hosted by the groom or his friends to celebrate his last day of bachelorhood. Both the parties are fun filled and mostly include singing, dancing and merry making.

Haldi and Mehendi

An Indian Christian wedding often has the haldi and mehendi ceremony. Both bride and groom at their respective houses are applied haldi amidst dance and music. Mehendi takes place at the residence of the bride, usually a day before the wedding. This ceremony is also accompanied by music and dance.

Christan Post Wedding Ceremonies


A reception is like a formal introduction of the bride with her in-laws’ extended family and friends. A dinner is mostly arranged where guests shower the newlywed with gifts and blessings.

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