Jain Pre Wedding Ceremonies

Lagna Lekhan

This is the first step to the wedding in Jain culture. Lagana Lekhan is a puja that is held at the bride's house to decide the date and time for the wedding by the priest. The date and time is then sent to the groom's house.

Lagna Patrika Vachan

This ceremony is marked by reading out a letter by the priest at the residence of the groom. This takes place after the Vinayakyantra puja is performed by the groom.


Sagai or engagement ceremony takes place at the groom's house, where first a puja is conducted. The bride's brother applies tika on the groom's forehead and offers gifts and money. The Lagan Patrika Vachan takes place after the Sagai ceremony.

Tilak/Sagan Ceremony

Tilak Ceremony is reckoned as the first step to the bond between the two families. This auspicious event takes place mostly in the groom's residence, where the male members of the bride's family visit to put Kumkum or vermilion on his forehead. Though there are many versions of Tilak ceremony in different parts of the state, the one mentioned one is commonly witnessed. Apart from this, music and dance is also a major part of this ceremony in many states of the country.

Mada Mandap

The Jain pre wedding ceremony of Mada Mandap takes place at the bride's as well as groom's residence. The rituals are performed by the priest. After this the Barati and Aarti ritual is held in which the bride's brother applies tika on the groom's forehead and offers him gifts. The groom is also asked to apply tika on his brother-in-law's forehead and give him a coconut. Married women from the bride's side perform traditional aarti and sing songs during this ceremony.

Roka Ceremony

Roka ceremony is considered to be the first step towards the marriage. It is like an official announcement of the consent of both the bride and the groom to get married to each other. In this ceremony, the families of two sides gather for the first time and exchange sweets, gifts and dry fruits with each other. In some traditions, a puja is performed by the priest.

Jain Post Wedding Ceremonies

Ashirvada ceremony

After the wedding is over, the elders from both the families come forward to bless the newlyweds for the forthcoming marital life in what is known as the Ashirvada ceremony.

Sva Graha Aagamana

This ceremony marks the event when after the vidaai the bride comes to the groom's house and is given a warm welcome by her new family.

Jina Grahe Dhan Arpana

In this post wedding ceremony, donations are offered in a Jain temple by the families of the newlyweds.


The reception is a gala hosted by the groom's family. It is like the formal introduction of the bride to the in-laws extended family and friends.

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