Andaman, a place that boasts of its breathtaking coastline, coral reefs and virgin beaches is sure to captivate you. A pure mix of beauty with solace, it is an ultimate place to hideaway from the world and celebrate love. If you are thinking of a dream destination wedding in India, Andaman is sure to be the ultimate place. This island has all the reasons to lure you, from tranquil waters to primitive jungles and from mangrove forests to dreamy beaches. Romanticize the purple sunset and sit under the entrancing starlit sky at night, no place is like this one. If you talk about some of the best wedding destinations, Andaman is going to be your best bet. This group of islands is decked with marvelous beaches, and even though it seems to be remote but it is the one, which opens up to fantasies. Andaman is apt for a glorious and intimate wedding celebration, as it is truly untouched. If you are planning to tie the knot away from the hustling metropolis, this place will fulfill all your desires.

Weddings in India are given prime importance, and thus one must opt for a destination that makes this once in a lifetime affair extremely memorable. Picture postcard as this place is, Andaman is meant to serve as the perfect background for your precious wedding photos.

When it comes to a destination wedding in Andaman, a beach location can be totally fabulous, while you can also opt for luxurious hotels.

Getting hitched on a cruise, will be a lifetime experience, so you can think of that as well! Andaman's climate being tropical has warm but a pleasant tinge, which is another reason why you should opt for this island to be the host on your special day. The Munjoh Ocean Resort, Silver Sand Beach Resort, Peerless Resort and Fortune Resort Bay Island are few of the exotic locations for a superb wedding.

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Wedding Point in Andaman

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