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The ultimate Guide of Jain Wedding Rituals

With great pomp and show, the Jain wedding events start off from Lagana Lekhan, a small puja that takes place at the bride's house to decide the auspicious date and time for the wedding. After Lagana Lekhan, there's Sagai during which ring are exchanged, which represents the vows and promises the bride and groom have exchanged, also takes place on the auspicious occasion of Sagai. Further, Mada Mandap ritual is performed at the respective place of bride and groom, two days before the wedding. In the morning, on the day of the wedding, Tel Baan & Haldi is performed in which the paste of turmeric is applied on the face, feet, and hands of the bride. This wedding ceremony is followed by Gaur Pooja, where all the family members bless the bride and gift her silver jewelry.

In the evening, the groom along with his relatives arrives at the wedding venue. The bride's mother welcome the groom with a traditional aarti. Now comes the ceremony that marks the beginning of the wedding function, kanyavaran. In this ritual, bride's parents hand over one rupee and twenty-five paisa and rice on the bride's right hand. The bride then hands it over to the groom. This is followed by Saptapadi, also known as "seven steps" or "seven vows," during which the bride and groom take seven rounds clockwise around the fire. Once this beautiful ritual is complete, the couple is declared as husband and wife.

After the wedding ceremony, the elders of both the families bless the newlywed couple. It is to mark the beginning of their new life on an auspicious note. When the bride reaches the groom's house, another important ceremony - Jina grahe dhan arpana is arranged. Alms are given to the Jain temple to express gratitude for the successful completion of the wedding ceremony.

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