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Cave Tourism in Andhra Pradesh

You won’t be disappointed if some adventure is what you seek during your visit to Andhra Pradesh in South India. It is home to a number of caves, which makes cave tourism an attractive option to check out during your trip. Cave tourism in Andhra Pradesh should definitely include a visit to Mogalarajapuram Caves in Vijayawada, which are a protected monument of national importance, and famed as significant cave temples of Andhra, housing the idol of Ardhanareeswara which is not found anywhere else in South India. The most popular caves in Andhra Pradesh are Borra Caves, Belum Caves and Mogalarajapuram Caves, which are located in Visakhapatnam, Kurnool and Vijayawada respectively. Amongst these, the Belum Caves are considered the second longest caves in India and a must visit while exploring caves in Andhra Pradesh.

Their visually appealing stalactite and stalagmite formations, built over millions of years, are absolutely spellbinding, and attract thousands of naturalists, geologists, archaeology buffs and adventure seekers alike. What makes a cave tour here even more fascinating is the fact that they served as the site of meditation for Buddhist monks almost 4500 years before the birth of Christ. Coming to the Borra Caves, they are karstic limestone caves nestled in Araku Valley of Visakhapatnam, and are recognized as the deepest caves in India with their depth extending to almost 80 metres below the ground.


Besides their beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations, they also have a mythological significance which makes them a revered site among the locals. Other caves which you can check out while visiting the famous caves in Andhra Pradesh are Undavalli Caves in Vijayawada and the Mayavi Caves in Kurnool.

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