Tsedang features as one of the best tourism destination in Tibet due to its natural and cultural scenery. A region where the ancient Tibetan civilization originated, Tsedang holds a very strategic position. It is said the first palace, first monastery, first King, first farmland in Tibet were found in Tsedang. This one of the best places to visit in Tibet has a mild climate as compared to Lhasa and enjoys a large and fertile land. Tsedang’s spellbound landscape – pristine lakes and scenic rivers make it worth to include this in the best affordable tour packages in Tibet. Some of the other points of interest on Tsedang Tibet Tour are Yumbulakang (Tibet’s first palace); Samye Monastery (Tibet’s first monastery) and an important site for pilgrims; Yumdrok Lake, which is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet; and the scenic Yarlung Tsangpo River. Tombs of the Tibetan Kings is also a popular tourist attraction in Tsedang to visit on a sightseeing tour. Tourists interested in getting deep knowledge about Buddhism should also visit the ancient monasteries in Tsedang. The unique paintings and sculptures speak a lot about the ancient history.

Tsedang is at a close proximity to Lhasa, and driving down to Tsedang is a very convenient option. The scenic road journey will surely be one of the things to remember in the entire journey. As any Tsedang travel guide will tell you, the place is not located at a very high altitude; therefore, there is less risk of sickness. Also the climate is quite mild in winters; with very less chance of getting stuck in heavy snow. However, winter does not make for the best time to visit Tsedang as it rains in the region. Since Tsedang will be explored with other Tibetan destinations, it is necessary to check the weather conditions before planning a trip. The place’s magnificent beauty along with the other marvels of Tibet will make this a memorable Tibetan holiday.

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