Just in case the feeling of visiting Tibet and some of its wonders has not sunk within you completely, visiting Barkhor Street located in the Lhasa downtown will certainly do so. Walking along the streets of Barkhor will take you back to the old Tibetan era, which has retained its ancient traditional lifestyle, with the locals are seen dressed in their typical customary attire. This sightseeing place is located around the Jokhang Temple and watching the pilgrims encircling it clockwise spinning prayer wheel creates a lovely atmosphere. Tibetans refer to this narrow road as the ‘Holy Road’ and devotees travel from all over Tibet and other countries to complete this sacred circuit from morning till evening here at this one of the top tourist attractions in Lhasa.

Barkhor Street is also a popular commercial centre which is constantly bustling with tourists and pilgrims. There are innumerable shops on both the sides of the street and many floating stands on every corner, which makes it the largest market of Tibet. For travellers it’s a delight to shop at these local markets as they get to buy variety of local souvenirs, artefacts, Tibetan knives, prayer wheels, Buddha statues and much more. Just in case you are lucky to become their first or the last customer, then as per Tibetan tradition you will get a much better price for the goods purchased. Well, this doesn’t end here; foodies have a ball of a time sampling various local delicacies in the nearby restaurants. To sum up, the most popular street of Lhasa is a perfect combination for travellers looking to explore Tibetan culture, tradition, delicacies along with some spiritual bliss.

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