Chamdo forms the eastern part of Tibet. It belongs to the Kham region, which is quite popular for its Khampa culture. Therefore, the locals residing here are known as Khampa. It is also the third largest city after Lhasa and Shigatse. Majority of the people here believe in Buddhism. This tourism place is a must-see and thus, should be included in your holiday package for Tibet. The most popular tourist attractions in Chamdo include the snow-clad mountains, stunning rivers, dazzling waterfalls and vast forests. Besides this, ancient monasteries are also a must visit attraction to learn about the original Tibetan culture. Other best places to visit in Chamdo include the ancient Tea-horse Road which was used for trading various commodities from China to Tibet. The Meili Snow Mountain is a sacred mountain popularly known as Prince Snow Mountain which makes for another important point of interest on Chamdo Tibet tour. Ranwu Lake is surrounded by snow peaks and glaciers and the water is formed by the melted snow and ice making a perfect place to be included in Chamdo sightseeing tour. Apart from this, tourists should not miss Karub Ruins, Galden Jampaling Monastery, Lhegu Glacier etc. in Chamdo.

Chamdo enjoys high mountains and dense forests; therefore, it is home for some rare animals. The weather is usually cold, while there is a vast difference in the morning and night temperature. The best time to visit Chamdo is April to June and September to October. Also there are various Tibetan festivals celebrated here, which is a very good way to experience the culture and tradition of the locals, and thus attending one such festival, is amongst the top things to do recommended in any Chamdo travel guide. Tourists can either take a flight or drive down to Chamdo, while taking a flight is most convenient way to reach. Chamdo is a developed town which enjoys economic development, convenient infrastructure and transport for tourists, thereby making it a popular tourist destination in Tibet.

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