Shigatse, also known as Xigatse is the second largest city of Tibet. Year after year numerous travellers have started to include Shigatse in their travel itinerary of Tibet holiday packages due to its eternal scenic views, splendid monasteries, snow-capped mountains, picturesque lakes, and the historical Tibetan lifestyle. The world’s highest peak, Mount Everest adds charm to this tourism destination in Tibet. Mountaineers and adventure junkies from all over the world visit Shigatse in huge numbers to take a glimpse from this world’s highest peak. The next most visited attraction according to any Shigatse travel guide is the Tashilhunpo Monastery which is officially the home of Panchen Lama, the second most ranking person in Tibetan Buddhism. The other monasteries include Sakya, Palcho, Rongbuk which also feature as the popular tourist attractions in Shigatse.

The incredible architectural style of Shigatse and a holy and peaceful atmosphere, makes it a worth planning a trip during summers, ideally the best time to visit. It is indeed a pleasure to even study the lifestyle of the locals residing in Tibet. The walls of the houses are typically white in colour, while the front door has drawings or paintings which keep evil elements away. Some of the other points of tourist’s interest are Gyantse, Tingri and Nyalam. In order to go on a sightseeing tour, one has to travel from Lhasa as it is the start point of all Shigatse Tibet tours. Travellers can either take a train or drive down to Shigatse as the road has a lot of spectacular sites to visit. It is important for travellers to acclimatise themselves in Lhasa and then proceed, as Shigastse is at a higher altitude as compared to Lhasa.

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