Located in the western part of Tibet, Ngari’s high altitude, snow-clad mountains, serene lakes, pristine rivers and the ultimate holy places, truly makes it the heaven for travellers opting for holiday package in Tibet. Ngari’s area dominates the western Tibet, however the irony is it is sparsely populated. Due to its meagre population base, the magic of the city perfectly sets in for travellers looking for utmost peace away from the bustling life. With a minimum infrastructure, this remotely located place is home to popular tourism sites in Tibet like the divine Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarover. Lord Shiva’s abode, Mount Kailash is a famous pilgrimage destination and the best place to visit mainly for Hindus and Buddhists. Worshippers from all over the world visit these popular tourist attractions in Ngari to attain salvation. Lake Manasarover is one of the most sacred and holy lakes in Tibet and makes for another point of interest during a Ngari Tibet tour. The crystal clean blue water is believed to eliminate all the sins by bathing and drinking its water.

Ngari not only serves the purpose of pilgrimage but offers equal amount of thrill to the adventure enthusiasts. The other must-see attractions in Ngari travel guide are Ruins of the Guge Kingdom, Tholing Monastery, Lake Rakshastal, Pangong Lake, Khocha Monastery and many more. Local shops offer some great souvenirs and handicrafts buying which as a memory of this wonderful little paradise, is indeed the top thing to do. Ngari is quite a windy place making it difficult to travel at times. It doesn’t receive much rain, but when it rains it becomes quite messy, which would make it not the best time to visit. Again with such a high altitude, trekking here can be very difficult and challenging. Therefore, it is advisable to check weather conditions and seek medical advice before planning a trip to this one of its kind destination.

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