Standing amidst the Barkhor Street, Jokhang temple is the most popular monastery of Tibet. On any given day, the street looks extremely busy where devotees circumambulate this World Heritage temple from morning till evening. History has it that Jokhang which typically refers to ‘House of Buddha’ brought Buddhism into Lhasa city, thereby making Lhasa a popular pilgrimage destination in Tibet. The four-storey magnificent structure has a Tibetan architectural style having some influence from India, China and Nepal. The temple houses a precious life-sized statue of Shakyamuni, embellished with jewels and precious metals. It is considered as the most sacred statue for Tibetan people.

Jokhang’s golden roof offers splendid views of the Potala Palace from a distance and the lively Barkhor Street. The roof has beautifully crafted murals of birds, beasts, bells and many other intricate figures. This can be a perfect sight to capture some amazing shots which can be preserved as a memory for lifelong. The interior is dark and a maze of chapels with numerous statues and images of Buddha. A huge prayer wheel is spinned by the pilgrims throughout the day. Buddhist pilgrims are often seen crawling on their hands and knees reaching towards the main shrine. This top attraction in Lhasa also hosts the Great Prayer Festival during the Tibetan New Year, wherein hundreds of monks perform religious activities, thereby creating a celebration mood throughout the city. In all, Lhasa’s Jokhang temple is a perfect epitome of religion, tradition and history which is worth the visit.

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