Travel Guide for the Offbeat Bundi in Rajasthan

Travel Guide for the Offbeat Bundi in Rajasthan
Last Updated: July 3, 2018

While the title looks bland, I have so much for you to unwrap in this blog.

Those who have been on solo travel ventures like me are constantly on a lookout for a destination that they can explore without many eyeballs following them. This is why an offbeat destination is a blessing in disguise for us. And while there are still plenty of them in India, this time around I chose the offbeat destination in Rajasthan called, Bundi. Now, this Rajasthan travel destination can be covered on an extended weekend and that adds another reason to choose this lesser-explored destination in Rajasthan. So, if you missed visiting Bundi this year, you can add it to your next year’s plan as the coming year is packed with 16 long weekends (you can read about them here). And without further ado, let me quickly take you through the detailed travel guide of Bundi.

Bundi: A Timeless Destination where the Ancient Buildings Narrate their Stories

Historiacal Places in Bundi

As many time I think of Bundi, the picture of me looking at the Naval Sagar Lake from the room in Annpurna Haveli conjures in my mind. The quietness surrounds me still, and that particular aroma of Bundi fills my senses…it feels amazing to think about a place that is so quiet that its forts, palaces and the blue houses seem to be narrating their stories themselves. Bundi was once the capital of the Hadoti Region, and thus, is adorned with a fort and a few palaces, which have outstanding views, mostly of the lakes. This one of the offbeat destinations in Rajasthan has the similar Rajput architecture that the state is known for. Once a popular place in the state, Bundi is now a secret known to only those who have immense wanderlust, and if I may say, it is better this way. However, don’t imagine Bundi to be a remote town, it is a full-fledged city that is steeped in history that compels you to walk back in time with it. The Balchand Para area where almost all the top sightseeing places of Bundi are placed including the Taragarh Fort is basically a labyrinth where a number of big and small attractions await to be explored.

Budget: Rs 2500 – 3500 (including AC train tickets, Accommodation, Food, Transport, Entry Tickets)

Best time to visit: The post-monsoon months of October and November are the best time to visit Bundi. The weather becomes pleasant with milder sun and breezy evening that is perfect to relish a vacation here. The winter months of December to February are also the best to plan a holiday in Bundi, while it is best to avoid the summer time when the temperature sometimes touches 48 Degree Celsius mark.

How to Reach?

How to travel to Bundi Rajasthan

By Train: The best way to reach Bundi is by train, however, being lesser known, there are very few trains that stop at the junction. In case you are travelling from Delhi, you have an option of 3 trains amongst which Mewar SF Express and Meerut-Mandsor Express are quite reliable. Bundi has one of those cute railway stations that gives a very welcoming feel. Apart from this, Kota which is situated some 38 km from Bundi has a better railway connectivity, this is why a lot of people choose to take a train till Kota and then book a cab for Bundi. This way, they have the chance to go on a sightseeing tour of Kota as well.

By Road: Bus service to Bundi is also quite decent, there are buses available at regular intervals from Ajmer, Bijolia, Bikaner, Chittorgarh, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Sawai Madhopur and Udaipur to Bundi.

Where to Stay in Bundi?

Bundi Mahal for luxurious stay in Bundi

With a decent international tourists’ footfall, a significant number of hotels and resorts have come up in Bundi. There are some great budget accommodations that can offer you amenities of a star hotel. The hospitality here is also top-notch, so you see you don’t have to worry as to where to stay in Bundi. The place where I stayed in Bundi, Annpurna Haveli, which by the way is amongst the best places to stay, also offered Massage service and cooking classes, and I believe a lot of other hotels in the city offer the same. On an average, a stay in Bundi will cost Rs 600 to 1500 per day depending on the hotel of your choice. Also, a lot of hotels has an in-house restaurant where you can savour some scrumptious meals.

Places to Visit in Bundi

Naval Sagar Lake in Bundi Rajasthan

Bundi tourism revolves around its history and architecture, and thus, expect a quality time exploring the marvels built by the Rajputs. Like Jodhpur, in Bundi also you can witness the pretty blue houses, these historical places in Bundi are situated in the narrow alleys and have paintings on their outer walls, which are indeed places of tourist interest here. Apart from this, Bundi is dotted with lakes, two gardens (on the side of lake Jait Sagar) and a museum turned palace. There are a few pilgrimage sites and a waterfall that are situated at some kilometres away that are easy to go on excursions from Bundi and are indeed the best places to visit around it. Here are the top tourist attractions in Bundi:


Nearby Tourist Destinations:

Top Things to Do in Bundi

Popular Bundi Festival in Rajatsthan

While the best thing to do in this historical city of Rajasthan remains exploring its rich architectural heritage, there are a few things that you can miss out on during your holiday here. These include witnessing the festival of Kajli Teej that takes place in the month of July/August. During this popular festival in Bundi, theatrical and lively events take place. Another brilliant travel experience in Bundi is to attend the grand Bundi Festival that is celebrated in the month of November. During this festival, a commendable show of traditional art, culture, and craftsmanship can be witnessed. Add a safari along the Chambal River to add an extra flavour to your holiday experience in Bundi. Photography remains an obvious activity to indulge in Bundi as the place is blessed with so much that needs to be shown to the world.

I think Bundi is perfect for planning a trip in India, in fact, the entire Shekhawati Region is ideal for your solo venture. Steeped in history, this region is something that gives you a different perspective of Rajasthan tourism, no rush, no extra expenditure and not even places crowded with tourists, just some really hospitable people, neat lanes and beauty of architecture all around. It is easy to plan a trip here, however, if there are still questions about a holiday in Bundi, we at Tour My India are there for you to help. Call us at +91-9212553106 or drop an email at for our best travel packages that are crafted to fit your budget and interest.

Published: 24 Nov, 2017
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