Top Places to Visit & Things to Do in Puducherry

Top Places to Visit & Things to Do in Puducherry
Last Updated: September 7, 2019

Puducherry is low on the map but high when it comes to mesmerize people. This place has a very small geographical area under its territory, yet it has efficiently used it. People, who have visited this place, designate it as a “French Surprise in an Indian Curry.” Trust me on this when I say that it is a spot where not only adults, but people of all age groups can enjoy their time. You can also think of planning a perfect honeymoon or solo trip here.

This blog here lists the top Places to visit and best things to do while relish your vacation time in Puducherry:

Best places to visit in Pondicherry:

1. Paradise Beach: A Perfect Place to Observe the Beauty and Vivacity of Puducherry



Around 8 kms from the city of Puducherry lays a beach named Paradise. It’s a place you surely wouldn’t want to miss, in fact, the place make an important part of Puducherry tourism, and thus, is definitely a must see. The shoreline, horizon, food are simply aesthetic at Paradise, and an enthralling. Ferry ride is the major means of transportation to reach here. The water is very clear and there is no litter in or around the coast because the travelers are not allowed to bring eatables to the beach. Swimming is permitted close to the shore only and one can also enjoy a game of volleyball on this beach. So, in a nutshell, you can count on this place in making your vacations fabulous.

2. Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus: An Exemplary Epitome of French Architecture



Situated in Subbiah Salai; Puducherry, Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is one of its kind. This church is a perfect example of Neo-Gothical architecture which was built by the French missionaries back in 1908. This structure has a very healthy history. Moreover, the visitors find peace in the premises of this tranquil and beautiful church in Puducherry.

3. Auroville: A Place to Search Your Soul and Then Purify it with Golden Ideals



Auroville is an experimental township and a popular tourist place, which is situated in the Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu. Some part of this is also located in Puducherry. It was made with a purpose of human harmony. Roger Anger built this place so that men and women from any part of the world could come here and live peacefully. If you are on a Pondicherry family trip, do not skip visiting this beauty. People many times come here to devote themselves in serving others. For this they disconnect themselves from all the worldly and personal desires. People do meditation to strengthen themselves from inner self inside the famed Matri Mandir. This gives them a positive approach in life. They even volunteer to keep the place clean, prepare meals and guide the tourists.

4. Promenade Beach: An Amazing Place to Spend Quality Time with Family



Now when your travel guide takes you to the Promenade Beach, we cannot justify its beauty in words, the place is inexplicable. The view and the landmarks will speak it all to you. Stretching for approximately 1.5 kms between Puducherry turf and Bay of Bengal, this beach is humongous in area. War memorial and statue of Joan of Arc are some of the magnificent landmarks here. Promenade Beach is also amongst the most kid-friendly attractions in Puducherry, so expect your children to have a gala time here. One can enjoy sports activities like volleyball and swimming during the evening at this beach.

5. Gingee Fort: Offering a Walk Back in the Glorious Times



Located in Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu on a hilltop and 71kms from the city of Puducherry, Gingee Fort is one the most magnificent architecture in that place. It is commonly called as Senji fort but the British gave it the name as “Troy of East”. Due to its ancient art, this fort has become a popular tourist attraction.

6. Goubert Avenue: Perfect for Encountering Vividness and an Incredible Sunset



Goubert Avenue is one of the sightseeing places which have heavily attracted the tourists recently. People come here to soothe their eyes, experience the pleasant breeze and view the beautiful sunset in the horizon. The traffic is stopped and the road is closed in the early hours of the day and then later in the afternoon. This is done to provide a free passage to the tourists, so that they can enjoy the walk.

Now let’s talk about the things to do in Puducherry:

1. Witness Villianur Temple Car Festival



If you are still thinking of the best time to visit Puducherry, then choose the month of May. There is a festival named as Villianur Temple Car Festival, which is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. On the day of full moon, the deity of famous God “Thirukamemswara Kukilambal” is taken out of the temple for a procession in a decorated chariot. People from around the world come here and attend this occasion.

2. Try Hands or Let us Just Say Feet at Surfing at Serenity Beach



A water sport with which almost everybody is familiar. In the region of Villupuram there is a surf school named as Kallialay Surf School. They give you quick classes on how to surf, post this training; people are allowed to surf at the Serenity Beach. The beach makes Puducherry best holiday place to enjoy.

3. Enjoy the Best Bird Watching Experience



Approximately 10 kms from Puducherry is the Ousteri Lake. People come here for mostly bird watching. It has a stunning picturesque as well as vital freshwater artificial lake. A minor part of this lake is in the Tamil Nadu region. Due to the travel experiences of the tourists, this place has turned out to be one of the reasons to visit Puducherry.

4. Plunge in the Crystal Clear Water for Scuba Diving



There are many thrilling activities to do in Puducherry. One of them is Scuba Diving. People enjoy the depth of water with scuba diving. The eastern coast of Puducherry is the scuba spot. The locals also take diving classes here so that they know what to do at time of emergency. PADI centre is a well known place to take scuba diving classes in Puducherry.

5. Enjoy the nightlife



Being a small place, people often underrate the nightlife of the Puducherry. But trust me! This is not true. Puducherry offers amazing nightlife for those who are in hunt for cheap liquor and lively dance and music scenario under one roof. People can enjoy the night in pubs and lounges. Bamboo bar, Paradise Lounge is some of the well known places that amaze people at nights. They also provide accommodation options.

6. Bonfire, Romantic walks and Sunrise at beaches



Talking about a beach and leaving behind romance is not a good thought. The couples can have a night with bonfire and a long walk and romantic talks in Paradise Beach. It is always a good idea to stay beside your partner and see the setting sun. So, don’t forget to use the paradise if you are on a honeymoon trip.

7. Feel the Adrenaline While Canoeing and Kayaking



Puducherry has other thrilling activities up its sleeve. They are the ones especially popular amongst those who have a lot of love for the water sports. The Karaikal Beach provides canoeing and kayaking sport. The currents rapidness and roughness will determine the fun and thrill you will experience. So, stop thinking and plan your holiday in Puducherry.

8. Shop to Your Heart’s Content



When you are in one of the finest honeymoon destinations, your beloved will always want to go out for shopping with you. So, you should just listen to her and try out the retail therapy. Some of the places that you can go are geetanjali store, La boutique d’ Auroville, when you go out for shopping in Puducherry city. Apart from this, Saram China market is also a place where you can go. You can buy some eye catching decorative items and A-grade Chinese goods here. The market has some products that are used in daily life frequently but at very reasonable prices. Just brush up your bargaining skills before you go out for shopping in Puducherry.

9. Relish Cycling on the Well-Maintained Paths



One of the greatest attractions of small place is cycling. No need of hiring any automobile, you can rent cycles and go out for sightseeing tour. There are companies who have taken up initiatives to promote cycling in Puducherry, and the name of their campaign is Pondy Cycle Tour. My vintage Bicyclette is a store from where you can hire your cycle.

10. Volunteer at Auroville



To experience something unique, a lot of people volunteer to serve in Auroville, which is indeed an important places of tourist interest in Pondicherry. Without even thinking of where to stay, what to eat, they just serve. Not only is this, apart from Auroville, there are many NGO’s where people serve. They teach, cook, mop and do many household activities for their own pleasure and happiness.

Truly, Puducherry is an experience that can make a lasting impression on its visitors. We hope you liked our blog; it will be nice if you give us a big thumbs up and share the blog with your friends and family. However, if you are thinking on how to plan your trip to Pondicherry, then Tour My India has an answer to it as well. Call us at +91-9212777223 or email us at, and we ensure to offer you the best travel packages at the budget of your choice.

Published: 04 Sep, 2017
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