Best 20 Destinations in India for an Amazing Nightlife Experience

Best 20 Destinations in India for an Amazing Nightlife Experience
Last Updated: July 23, 2019

What’s the first thought that comes into your mind when you hear the word India? Probably the rich culture, opulent wildlife, and historical attractions, right? Well, that’s what this beaut country is during the daytime! But what about the nights, what do you know about the nightlife in India? Well, don’t stress yourself, this blog will tell you everything; from top destinations to plan nightlife tours in India to popular nightclubs where you can head out for that unforgettable night out experience. All you just have to do is keep scrolling and reading. So let’s get started with my handpicked list of best 20 destinations in India for nightlife experiences.

Goa – A Lit Party Haven that Doesn’t Need Any Introduction


Goa deserves to be on the top of our chat, certainly! No matter how many times a globetrotter travels to Goa, it will always remain his/her dream destination, especially of the young ones. Every part of this beautiful state spells an enduring charm as the sun starts to set. Exquisite beaches, grooving music, cheap drinks, and exuberant crowd make Goa the most preferred travel destination in India for that ultimate nightlife experience, especially for the party lovers.

Beach parties, moon trance parties or concerts, discos or rave parties, Goa’s nightlife has it all. And if you are up for a whole long night party then there ain’t a better place in Goa then Baga Beach. Adding charm to the Goa’s beautiful nightlife are the casinos which are quite the hip places to visit at night. So, if you have a heavy pocket then do try your luck in casinos it would definitely be a worth cherishing experience.

Mumbai – The City that Never Sleeps to Proffer the Best Nightlife Experience


I mean who doesn’t love Mumbai? Touted as ‘The City of Dreams’, Mumbai is not only known for Bollywood, but it has one of the finest nightlives that one could ever experience on his/her trip to India. From Indian to international, you can find the famous celebrities, DJs, and music bands hosting their shows and concerts in the city every now and then . However, it is just one way of indulging in the fun-filled nightlife of Mumbai. For all the party lovers, the city houses some of the best places to chill like Insomnia at Taj.

Apart from partying, the city of Mumbai is also known for proffering an altogether different experience, especially for the lovebirds. Well, I am here talking about the famous Marine Drive and Juhu Chowpatty – the two best hang out zones in Mumbai to admire the citylight. It is up to you whether you want a romantic stroll across the vast sea or just want to sit and relish the mind-boggling sights at these two exquisite destinations. You can also make your romantic date a bit more special by having a midnight dinner at a restaurant in Juhu or Marine Drive.

Delhi – Just Name it, and the City has it!


I guess many of you must have this perception that Delhi is more vibrant and effervescent during the daytime. Well, evidently it is! But, after the sundown, Delhi showcases an altogether different hue because of its assorted nightlife. That being said, I suggest you to plan an outing in the night and trust me you’ll be amazed by seeing how the scintillating nightlife of the capital takes over the chaos of the city life. It is a different yet amazing experience for sure!

Coming back to the nightlife in Delhi, the capital city has something for everyone. Whether you wish to be entertained by a music band while having a dinner at a restaurant or looking for a cool pub or bar for partying with your friends, Delhi has everything to make your that one night memorable. Hauz Khas, Vasant Kunj, Khan Market, Connaught Place, and North Campus are some famous places where you can find various pubs, clubs, restaurants and bars operating till late-night.

Gurugram – A Perfect Haven For Night Crawlers


While in Delhi, you have the option of either enjoying the nightlife experience of the city or the same of NCR region. And if you choose NCR then Gurugram is the place where you should head to. Esteemed as ‘The Millennium City’, Gurugram in the night is amazing. It has the choicest bars, pubs, discos, and lounges operating till midnight that make it one of the best places in India for a night out.

Amidst the skyscrapers and bustling corporates and malls, nightlife in Gurugram is such a beautiful experience which you hardly get to savour in India. Whether it is the brewery where you just want to relax and sip freshly brewed beer or wish to head to some underground venue for a light jazz music or want to spend your night drink and dancing on the loud music with your friends at a club,  there is no dearth of clubs and bars to choose from. The DLF Cyber City alone consists a large chunk of pubs and bars in the city. Then there is sector 29 that has some nice places to hangout in the night as well.

Pune – The Second Goa if the OG was Not Enough!


That’s the name by which I prefer to call this place and it truly justifies. I mean the beautiful city of Pune in Maharashtra has everything in its treasure box to be called pnne of the best cities in India for nightlife experience. The city is best known for discos, clubs, and pubs. And if you are someone who has had enough visiting these places then musical concerts and rock shows are something that would be your perfect choice for night out in Pune. After all, the city is another prominent destination for celebrities, DJs, and bands to host their shows and concerts. The nightlife in Pune is also recognized for themed bars where partying and dancing is surely a lifetime experience to relish.

Bengaluru – A Magical Spot for the Social Butterflies


The city not only accommodates a huge young workforce, from far and wide but also entertain them by proffering one of the best nightlife experiences in India. Well, the best way to enjoy the Bengaluru’s nightlife to its fullest is to start out early. The city does not have just one or two places, but a large chunk of amazing nightclubs, pubs, restaurant and bars that must be visited for that perfect nightlife experience you are looking for.

From casual dinner with family at a restaurant to partying hard at some pub, lounges, or club, the city has a range of experiences for people of every taste. While spending an evening at these trendy hotspots, you not only get a chance to adore the beauty the places but also to relish the experience of theatre, concerts, dance shows, and live music. The famous M.G. Road is the main stopover for every party lover in Bangalore. However, another reason to start out early for your night excursion in Bangalore is that the local authorities have imposed a ban on alcohol from being served after 11 PM.

Chandigarh – The Perfect Place for that Khao Piyo Aish Karo Nightlife


Bars, pubs, late-night restaurants, live music venues, open-sky restaurants and even the dhabas make Chandigarh one of the most happening cities in India, especially when the sun goes down. You can expect a lot of fun at this place with the lively crowd, amazing hangout places, and mouth-watering delicacies being part of the ambiance at nights.

Jaipur – The Royal City Knows How to Party Like a King


Were you expecting Jaipur in this list? Probably not, right? Far away from its impression of a historical destination, Jaipur is also one of the top places in North India to plan your nightlife holidays. As the sun falls asleep, there is a different air that starts flowing in the city and all the focus shifts from historical buildings to cozy pubs, bars, and discos. Amidst the culture and tradition, a night spent partying in Jaipur is surely worth cherishing experience. The nightlife of the city can’t be compared with that of Goa, Mumbai or Delhi, but it has its own unique charm that bewilders everyone who explore this aspect of the city.

Nashik – A Surprise Entry with a Dazzling Nightlife


When it comes to nightlife, the city of Nashik in Maharashtra is nowhere less than the above destinations. With assorted entertainment options, Nashik becomes totally different once the night arrives. From modish bars, jazz clubs, cozy lounges, and live entertainment venues, a party animal can really have a great time in Nashik. Apart from the music and ambiance, these pubs & bars in Nashik spoil tourists with impeccable choices and indelible dining experience. Along with that, late at the night, you can find a number of food joints remain open satiating the midnight hunger of dozens of people.

Kolkata – Where the Nightlife Completes the Joy of the City


Kolkata’s glitz and glamour are sprawling from its culture and attractions to (most importantly) the vibrant nightlife. The city boasts a perfect mix of modernization and tradition, and hence, is one of the best holiday places to party in India. Lately, the city has earned the status of being one of the most happening places in East India. In the night, various bars, clubs, discos, lounges, and pubs create a perfect nightlife scene for those looking to plan clubbing holidays in Kolkata. However, if you are more of a cultural aficionado, a number of fine art academies also host weekly cultural programs, and hence, would be the best place for you to enjoy your evening in Kolkata.

Hyderabad – With Amazing Food and Ambiance, the Nightlife is a Mean Deal Here


With numerous electrifying clubs, pubs, discos, and lounges, Hyderabad is one major destination in South India for that unforgettable nightclub experience. When the enduring taste of Hyderabadi fare is combined with drinks, music, and the vibrant ambiance at the cosy pubs or bars of the city, it makes one of the best nightlife experiences in India.

In addition to clubs, discos, bars, and pubs, the city also entertains its visitors with live music and theatres that attract a major chunk of young minds. Begumpet, Banjara Hills, and Somajiguda are the places in Hyderabad that always remain crammed with a heavy footfall of partiers.

Chennai – The Land of Hip Bars and Swanky Hotels to Party Like a Rockstar


Being one of the four major metropolitan cities of India, Chennai entertains a lot of non-native people from far and wide. The city houses a lot of famous places where one can party hard, enjoy drinks, and show moves on the trendy music and that too till the late-night. Well, that might be sounding ordinary so, I suggest you to come and spend some time hopping into the animated pubs or exploring the nightclubs & bars and ultimately you will get to know what’s the city of Chennai is all about when it comes to vibrant nightlife.

Ahmedabad – A City to Enjoy Hanging Out at Night with Family and Friends


In terms of nightlife, Ahmedabad is indeed not as vogue as Delhi or Mumbai, but whatever party options are available in the city are enough to fill your heart with some amazing memories. Probably, one of the safest cities, Ahmedabad is also an ideal destination for a family night out. With a range of fine dine-bars, elegant clubs, classy lounges, and family restaurants that operate till late-night, the city is perfect to even take your family out.

Well, if you are not someone who loves to party, the city offers some more options to indulge in a beautiful nightlife experience. Khau Galli and Khan Pan Bazaar are prominent places where you will find a lot of snack stalls selling foods till late in the night. Manek Chowk is another busy street in the night that is packed with numerous opportunities to eat delicious fares and also to shop.

Note: Liquor  is banned in the entire state of Gujarat

Udaipur – A Classy Destination to Make Your Nights Memorable


This City of Lakes in Rajasthan is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful travel destinations in India. From spectacular palaces and alluring gardens to the historical sites and pristine temples, the city of Udaipur, as the sun rises, started entertaining people with some of most enticing heritage and nature attractions. But, this is just one side of the city; the other side get revealed when the sun falls asleep.

Nightlife in Udaipur is as amazing as that of some other metropolis in North India. You can expect to spend long hours clubbing and pubbing in Udaipur. My personal favourite and also the popular thing to do in Udaipur during the night time is shopping. You won’t believe how the shopping streets in Udaipur revive in the evening when the sun bids adieu making it one of the best nightlife experiences in Udaipur.

Manali – Where the Hills and Vibes Take You on a New High

If it is about nightlife in India, Manali in Himachal Pradesh is reckoned to be amongst the best hill destinations in India for the experience. Well, the experience would not be like that of Delhi, Mumbai, or Goa, but it is something that you won’t forget for a longtime. With live music, lively ambiance, and delectable food and drinks, there are a number of cafes that run until late in the night and are some major hangout zones of the tourists in Manali.

Pondicherry – Fun, Entertainment and Gaiety at Its Best


For those looking for some cool places in South India to spend a few amazing nights, Pondicherry is the best destination. The city offers a kind of nightlife experience that no other beach town in southern India does. With magnificent beaches, gorgeous French-style neighbourhood and lively ambiance, the city is surely a not-to miss attraction in the state. But what make one’s holiday in Pondicherry even more special is the nightlife experience. Because of its cosmopolitan culture consisting Indian, French, Dutch, and British influence, the city houses some unique places for the hipsters to have an ultimate nightlife experience. Just White, Kofi Bar, Dragon Lounge, Pub Zipper, Rendezvous, Asta – The Spirited Lounge, and Toxic Bar are some favourite spots to party, clubbing, and social get together.

Shillong –  Where the Nights Remain Young, Wild, and Free


Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya is not less than any other major city of the country when it comes to the nightlife. Here, you can find the abundance of local talent and the people of the city are very much into the act of singing. You may not have a party night like that of in Delhi, Mumbai or Goa in Shillong, but it is assured that you will be entertained by the most enthusiastic crowd and obviously in some great entertainment bars, clubs and pubs. However, if you want to relish the nightlife experience in Shillong to its fullest then make sure to plan your night out on the Saturdays when the all the pubs and cafes have DJs and local bands performing.

Gokarna – A Not-to-Miss Beach Destination For Party Lovers


Although, not an official nightlife destination, Gokarna can still offer so much than expected, and hence, it finds its place in this list. Well, I will not recommend you to go to this place just for the nightlife but for some indulging worthy experience as well. Located in the state of Karnataka, Gokarna promises you a charming nightlife which is quirky. With no particular bars and nightclubs, you can enjoy food and drinks at the bar or restaurant of your hotel. As I earlier quoted, the place has a quirky nightlife, hence, you will have the option of heading out to any beach and ensconce near a bonfire accompanied by dulcet music and chilled beer. Well, I don’t know about y’all but this purely sounds like a perfect night outing experience one could ever get to savour anywhere in India.

Gangtok – A Place to Give Your Heart Away in the Magic of the Night


Another popular nightlife destination from North East, Gangtok, apart from its pristine beauty, is also very much famous for its pubs, casinos, bar, and clubs that come into life once the sun falls asleep. Here in Gangtok, one can literally enjoy a night well spent amidst tempting food, grooving music, glistening drinks, soothing ambiance, and a vigorous crowd. The splendid lineup of bars & restaurants does not let anyone feel the dearth of places to visit in Gangtok for that ultimate nightlife experience.

Jodhpur – A Destination to Grab a Few Drinks, Sing and Dance the Night Away

Party in Goa

Like Jaipur and Udaipur, Jodhpur in Rajasthan too is a prominent nightlife destination in the state. In addition to its palatial buildings and exquisite architecture, the city is also famous for its sophisticated restaurants, classy lounges, and trendy pubs. Whether you are in a hunt of some party place or wish to have a dinner at a restaurant, Jodhpur offers a range of places where you can actually binge for that indelible nightlife experience.

So, this was my list of best destinations in India for a nightlife experience. In case I have left out some important places, do let me know in the comment section. Moreover, consider Tour My India, if you want to plan a vacation to any of these destinations as we offer the best tour packages that cover each and everything of a particular place, including the nightlife.

Published: 04 Dec, 2018


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