Dzukou Valley: A Piece of Heaven on Earth

Dzukou Valley: A Piece of Heaven on Earth
Last Updated: July 25, 2018

The land of lush green forest, crystal clear water, colorful flowers and a visual treat to your soul- the land of flowers, Dzukou Valley is an undisturbed low land and a secret kingdom of the North East, India. Dzukou Valley is located at the border of the Indian states of Nagaland and Manipur, due to its heavenly and divine place the flora and fauna is pure and untouched.

The picture-perfect Dzukou Valley is located at an altitude of more than 2000 meters and it is surrounded by the mighty Japfu hilly ranges making it an ideal holiday place for trekking. The main plant found in the valley is the tough bamboo brush and an area full of it looks like a neatly mown lawn from far away. Its alluring beauty and lavish nature is covered with countless seasonal flowers that bloom every summer. The Valley is surrounded by two icy cold rivers – Dzukou and Japhu that flows crossing each other’s path with small handmade bridge to cross the narrow rivers in the valley; it is the land of the lost where everything is like an antidote for imaginary friends.

Image 1 If you are someone who loves the rhythmic rain and vibrant green forest and wet lands then visit this valley of flowers in the month of July as it gives showers of blessings. The cotton-like clouds that surrounds the valley as you reach the top make this untouched seductress a valley much like heaven on earth.

When to visit:

Image 2


The best months to visit the offbeat tourist destination of North-East is from October to May however an ideal time to visit this alluring valley is from the months of June to September as the monsoons do make the valley look even more refreshing and fresh and flowers breeze wide and far with lilies, aconitum, euphorbia and multi-colored rhododendrons spread across the valley that displays its beauty.

How to reach:

How to reach


There are many routes to ascend the mountain from different areas of Nagaland, tucked in these natures delight is the simple and beautiful village Viswema and the other is Jakhama Village. Jakhama considered being the closest is at a distance of less than 30 km south of the capital city Kohima, where the visitors are permitted entry to the valley by giving a visiting card in a point called The Trekkers Point.

Points to Remember:

  • If you are a tourist it is advisable to collect ILP “Inner Line Permit” from any Nagaland House found in major cities like New Delhi, Guwahati, Shillong or Kolkata. The ILP is asked at the border while entering Nagaland from Assam.
  • Foreign visitors are to register themselves at any local Foreigners Registration Officer (FRO) within 24 hours of their arrival.
  • It is necessary to report your staying details in the police station for safety.
  • You can reach the capital Kohima from Dimapur and Guwahati directly via road.
  • Avoid starting your journey on a Sunday, as Nagaland is a Christian state, no or fewer taxis are found on the day.

About the journey:

About the journey


This is perhaps an ideal getaway for adventure and nature lovers as it consists of six or more hours of long hike to reach the top and the journey high up the misty mountain is as exotic and breathtaking as the valley itself. There are a number of sheds made out of wood with tined roof to rest on your way to the valley at a distance of around three to four kilometers from each other. This is for the purpose of an overnight rest if needed. A good quality rain coat or an umbrella is necessary as weather around north east can be very unpredictable. In spite of its difficult terrains and lack of facilities it gives its charm of the raw nature, untouched as it is one of the most frequented trekking spots in North east region including the Japfu Peak from where an entire view of the Dzukou Valley can be seen, including the tallest Rhododendron tree in the world with a height of 109 feet.

Points to Remember:

  • As Dzukou Valley is an offbeat destination the route can be steep and narrow with only mud and stones.
  • Precautions – If you choose to hike during monsoon be careful of leeches as they are found in plenty.
  • Carry a lot of dry fruits and warm cloths as the temperature in Dzukou valley can drop without warnings.
  • There are many trekking shops around Kohima, you can either buy or rent sleeping bags and tent.

Accommodation in the Valley:



The valley has many natural caves for instance if you feel living life-like a caveman. Apart from that you can stay at the guest house in the valley. There are two options dormitory and private depending on your budget and interests. The private room can cost you around 300 rupees and 50 rupees for dormitory and another 50 rupees for tent if you like camping out in the open instead. The food however is to be made by self but utensils for cooking are available on rent, if cooking is not for you then with 200 rupees a good amount of food assorted with different naga vegetables and rice can be served for you. From the guest house the valley is visible and it provides one of the most beautiful sightseeing experiences of the sunrise that brightens the valley to catch its panoramic view of the entire valley and it is only a 30 minutes’ walk downhill.

Alternative Option:

  • You can bring your own tent and sleeping bag or if you prefer camping under a cave, there are plenty and the real feel of the Valley.
  • No fire woods available, so make the most of the natural resources or left over.

Dzukou Valley is truly a land beyond imagination, a piece of heaven all year round and is a perfect destination for nature sightseeing unique flora and its landscape. A perfect travel destination for adventure lovers and a perfect way to end your tour of the North-East is by ending it in the valley itself. Walk the paths less explored and travelled on your next adventure trekking holiday. Make the most of this winters and checkout the wonders of the offbeat tourist destination. Also, if you liked this blog make sure you share it. And in case you are interested in planning a trip to this beautiful place and need some help then please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at +91-9212553106/07, you can also drop us an email at for more information about North East India and lucrative travel packages and deal.

Published: 25 Oct, 2016
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