For Creating Eternal Memories: Top 20 Destinations to Travel with Friends in India

For Creating Eternal Memories: Top 20 Destinations to Travel with Friends in India
Published: 04 Feb, 2019

If you ask me what makes travelling with friends different from the usual travelling, it’s the fact that you will experience tons of unexpected events. Yes, travelling solo is fun but nothing beats the memories of travelling with your friends. The craziness and adventurous tales you experience together last for a lifetime. My first travel experience was with my gang and till date, I can’t understand how or when did our plans changed so drastically. The laughter and stories you share and the bond you create while travelling together last a lifetime. So, if you are planning a trip with friends, then check out the list of 20 destinations you must travel with friends in India.

Trek to Indrahar Pass: Next Step For Triund Lovers

Trek to Indrahar Pass

Yes, the infamous Triund trek that you conquered years ago, but we have added another twist to the adventure. If you are looking for extreme adventure destinations for travelling with friends, trek to Indrahar Pass via Triund. The added bonus will take you to the wilderness of Dhauladhar ranges. Nothing beats the experience of trekking with friends, so get ready to conquer the beast that is Indrahar Pass. The trek is not easy and you would need an experienced trekking guide for Indrahar Pass trek.

Best time to do Indrahar Pass Trek: The Indrahar Pass is 365 days trek. If you want to increase the challenges, go during extreme winters. However, the best time to do Indrahar Pass is during the months of September and October, before the onset of winters. Monsoon can be pretty unreliable in the Himalayas, so we would suggest avoiding the trek during Monsoon season.

Things to do in and around Indrahar Pass Trek: The trek starts from McLeodGanj which is one of the best destinations for travelling in India, explore the local temples and Bhagsunag waterfall. You can also explore the city of Dharamsala.

Kheerganga Trek: The Trek You Can’t Miss

Kheerganga Trek

The best trekking destinations in India for beginners, Kheerganga Trek is a paradise in the lap of Parvati valley. The beauty of this trek has no match, as you ascend to Kheerganga trek, you will find various small waterfalls en-route. The famous Parvati valley flows through the trek route and the picturesque trekking trails will give you ample frames for your Instagram travelling with friends story. The Trek starts from Barshaini, en route Tosh and Kasol. While doing the Kheerganga Trek you can also explore other famous destinations in Parvati valley, like Kasol, Tosh, Chalal, Rasol and the infamous Malana village.

When to do the Kheerganga Trek: The famous Kheerganga trek is an all year destination, which means it can be done in any season. However, trails can get slightly dangerous during Monsoon season and there are risks of landslides too. It’s best suggested to do the trek either from October to March (winters) or April to June (summers).

Things to do in and around Kheerganga: Kheerganga trek boasts of a hot spring on the top of the Kheerganga Trek. You can also explore the villages of Parvati valley, mainly Chalal, Kasol, Tosh and Malana.

Gokarna: The Less Crowded Goa


The other Goa minus the crowd, Gokarna is emerging to be the new beach destination amongst group travellers. The friendly locals, pristine beaches and peace are the major reason Gokarna has become one of the best beach destinations for travelling with friends in India. The quaint secluded beaches will give you the best of beach experience and less crowd means you can get that perfect sunset picture in peace.

Best time to visit Gokarna: Like all other beach destination in India, Gokarna can also be visited throughout the year. However, winters (October-March) are the best time to visit Gokarna.

Things to do in Gokarna: Gokarna is known for its serene beaches, you can also opt for beach trekking. Ride the banana boat at Om Beach, night gazing on Nirvana beach to witness Phytoplanktons, delve into the local cuisines, explore the local pilgrimage sites like the famous Mahabaleshwar temple.

Zanskar Valley: Explore The Wilderness with Your Wild Friends

Zanskar Valley

If you and your friends prefer long weekend getaways, we have got one of the best destinations for holidays with your friends, Zanskar valley. Yes, the famous Chadar trek lies en route Zanskar valley. But to do the Chadar Trek, you would have to go there in winters. One of the offbeat destinations in India, the beautiful Zanskar valley is an exploration guide of the remote Himalayan villages. During extreme winters, the only way to Zanskar valley is the Chadar trek. The trek is not an easy one as you walk on the frozen ice sheet. So, if you are looking for a destination to hang out with friends, Zanskar valley is your destination.

Best time to visit Zanskar valley: If you wish to do the Chadar Trek, December and January is the month for it. However, you can visit Zanskar valley and village throughout the year.

Things to do in Zanskar valley: Chadar Trek is a major attraction and one of the best things to do in Zanskar valley. During summers you can raft in the Zanskar river.

Bike Trip to Spiti Valley: A Must Do Thing For Every Gang

Bike Trip to Spiti Valley

Planning a trip with college friends and looking for an adventurous destination? The answer to this very serious question is bike trip to Spiti valley. Spiti valley is the most popular destination in North India and every year tourists and travellers from all across the globe come to visit this popular Himalayan valley. But what nobody has told you is that the beauty of Spiti valley trip lies in its beautiful roads. So, rent Royal Enfield Bullet from Manali and explore the wilderness with your friends. The perfect destination for adventure holidays, riding across the Spiti Valley is once in a lifetime opportunity and that is why it is called as one of the top places to visit in India before you die.

Best time to visit Spiti Valley: If it’s your first time to Spiti valley, June to September is the best time to visit Spiti. However, if you wish to taste the winter of Spiti, October to December would be the time for you to visit Spiti on bikes.

Things to do in and around Spiti Valley: Spiti has numerous attractions like Key Monastery, Chandratal Lake, Kaza, Kunzum Pass and Rohtang Pass. Visit all these places to enjoy the grandeur of Spiti Valley.

Andaman Exploration: Explore The Unexplored

Andaman Exploration

If you and your gang wish for a luxury vacation in an offbeat location, Andaman Island is the destination tailored made for you. An Island heaven with all the adventurous activities you seek, Andaman is the picture-perfect destination for holiday with friends. Ranging from beautiful natural sightseeing, trekking to coral exploration, surfing and scuba diving, Andaman would be your second home. Andaman is still an undiscovered Island and only a few adventurous souls visit Andaman Island seeking a getaway from their daily lives.

Best time to visit Andaman: October to March is the best time to visit Andaman Island.

Things to do in Andaman: Natural sightseeing tour, temple exploration, Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Parasailing and Surfing are the major attractions in Andaman.

Road Trip from Mumbai to Goa: The Cliche

Road Trip From Mumbai to Goa

Nothing says more than a friends road trip than travelling from Mumbai to Goa in a car. One of the best places to visit with best friends, the road trip from Mumbai to Goa will give you the best of both worlds, the adrenaline of adventure and calmness of nature. Arrive in Goa in style with your gang and enjoy the vibrant Goan life. A short road trip across Mumbai and Goa would give you a bucket full of memories.

Best time to visit Goa: However Goa can be enjoyed throughout the year, Winters are the best time to visit Goa as the climate is soothing for day-long excursions.

Things to do in Goa: Visit the Churches and convents in Goa, Explore the secluded beaches of North and South Goa, Explore the Goan food and culture, Try water sports like jet-skiing and parasailing in Goa.

Great Lakes of Kashmir: Bond Over Extensive Trekking with Friends

Great Lakes of Kashmir-Ashwin Gadsar lake

In my personal experience, there is no better way to get to know your friends than trekking and camping. Camping in a remote mountaintop, where it’s just you and your gang – that is the time when great stories are told and legends are created. The Great Lakes of Kashmir trek will take you and your gang to the remote alpine lakes of Kashmir, with some being at the height of more than 14,000 feet. Kashmir Great Lakes trek will be a nice way to bond with your friends while you explore the wilderness of mother nature together.

Best time for Kashmir Great Lakes trek: September and October are the best time for Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. However, if you wish to do a winter trek with friends, you can visit during the months of November and December or March and April.

Gangtok: Explore The Best of Both Worlds


North East India is a traveller’s paradise and Sikkim shows why North East India should be the destination for your next trip with friends. A blend of natural beauty and manmade cities, Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim, is a paradise in the lap of Himalayas. Gangtok is the hotspot for travellers visiting North East India, with Gangtok offering all the luxuries and necessities you need. The scenic mountains will hold you captive with its bewitching beauty. One of the best sightseeing places in India, Gangtok is the vacation with friends you have been dreaming of. Cruise on the head-spinning roads or just pitch your tents and reminisce with friends, Gangtok is a pure bliss.

Best time to visit Gangtok: The best time to visit Gangtok is either between March to May or October to Mid December.

Things to do in Gangtok: Go for the cable car ride over the Gangtok city, Experience the Yak safari, Trek around Gangtok city, Enjoy the rafting in the Teesta river, Enjoy the Paragliding in the valleys of Sikkim.

Khandala and Lonavala: The Tale of Two Cities

Khandala and Lonavala

The two gems of Maharashtra that are ignored by the rest of India, Lonavala and Khandala are two hill station in a state you wouldn’t expect to have one because of geography, Maharashtra. Lonavala and Khandala is a popular weekend getaway for Mumbaikars and it can be an ideal destination for a short trip with friends. A quaint hill station near the chaotic city of Mumbai, Lonavala and Khandala would be a surprising extravaganza. The picturesque hills have been part of many iconic Bollywood movies and travelling with your friends can help you recreate some scenes of such iconic movies.

Best time to visit Khandala and Lonavala: October to May is the best time to visit Khandala and Lonavala. It’s not advisable to visit during monsoon season as these areas experience heavy rainfall.

Things to do in Lonavala and Khandala: Camp near the Bhandara lake, trek the hills of Lonavala and Khandala, Camp and bonfire near the Pawna Lake, Experience the Kundalika Rafting camps.

Bhedaghat: A Hidden Gem


Never heard of this place, well Bhedaghat is a must visit place for those travelling with friends. One of the most affordable travel spots in India, Bhedaghat would surprise you with its beauty. The mesmerising waterfall and the scenic boat ride across Narmada river as you shoot the entire landscape on your drones, Bhedaghat surprises you at every corner with a new hidden gem. The Bhedaghat falls is also referred to as mini Niagara Falls of India. One of the best places to visit with friends in India, visit Bhedaghat for its hidden beauties.

Best time to visit Bhedaghat: November to May is the best time to visit Bhedaghat.

Things to do in Bhedaghat: Explore the marble rocks, Visit the Dhuandhar falls, Explore the local markets and visit the Chausath Yogini Temples.

Alleppey: Travel with Friends in Style


If you wish to travel in style with your friends, Alleppey is the perfect destination for your next luxury trip with friends. Situated in God’s own country Kerala, this South Indian beauty is one place you just can’t miss. With mesmerising backwaters and luxurious resorts, Alleppey has gone on to make a name for itself. One of the best places to visit in India, Alleppey gives you a chance to rejuvenate in the luxury of nature.

Best time to visit Alleppey: November to February is the best time to visit Alleppey as the weather is pleasant during winters.

Things to do in Alleppey: Stay in a beach resort, Stay overnight in a houseboat, explore the beaches, Go for ayurvedic Spa.

Munnar: A Quaint Getaway with Friends in Western Ghats

Munnar Hill Station,Kerala

A beauty nestled in the quaint terrains of western ghats, Munnar is the testament of the beauty of South India. Located in Kerala, Munnar offers the untouched beauty of Western Ghats. Blessed with lush green valleys and picturesque mountain backdrops, Munnar makes up for an amazing weekend getaway with friends.

Best time to visit Munnar: June to September (Monsoon season) is the best time to witness the beauty of the captivating hill station.

Things to do in Munnar: Stay in the tree house, Explore the Tea plantations of Kolukkumalai, Explore the Munnar wildlife sanctuary, trek around the hills of Munnar, Enjoy the rock climbing and rappelling.

Coorg: The Scotland of India


Coorg, rightly called the Scotland of India, is a romance with nature. If you are one of those who seeks refuge in natural scenic beauty, with lush greenery, mountains with abundant forest covers and breathtaking waterfalls then Coorg is destination exclusively for you. A natural paradise just 250 km from the South Indian city of Bangalore make up for exciting weekend getaways with friends.

Best time to visit Coorg: Although Coorg is mesmerising throughout the year, The weather from September to March is best suited to visit Coorg.

Things to do in Coorg: Trek to Brahmagiri Peak, Jeep drive across Mandalpatti, Quad Biking, Enjoy river rafting in Barapole river, Experience the Micro Flight flying in Ponnampet, Visit the Abbey waterfalls and Nagarhole National Park.

Bhangarh Fort and Haunted Village: Dare to Venture

Bhangarh Fort and Haunted Village

One of the most haunted places in India, the infamous Bhangarh Fort is a trending destination among young travellers seeking adventure. There are numerous stories as to how the famous fort turned into ruins. The haunted place is not a myth and it is recognised by the Archeological Survey of India, who suggest not to visit the fort before sunrise and after sunset. There is no habitation within the 3 km radius, just the wilderness of Rajasthan.

Best time to visit Bhangarh: Although accessible throughout the year, it’s best advised to visit during the months of winter, as summers in Rajasthan can be pretty hot.

Things to do in and around Alwar: Alwar has numerous forts that you can explore like Bala Quila Fort, Siliserh Lake Palace. You can also visit Sariska Palace and Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary.

Jaisalmer: Romance with Colours


West India is a picture perfect representation of the royalty of Indian Kings and Jaisalmer is the ideal destination to explore the history and heritage of Rajput rulers of Rajasthan. Made famous by numerous iconic Bollywood movies, Jaisalmer has made its mark felt on maps of tourist spots. A city of colour, rich heritage and culture, Jaisalmer is a romantic narration of the glorious past. Jaisalmer also works a gateway to the famous Thar desert. A visit with friends to Jaisalmer would mean a galley full of memorable photographs.

Best time to visit Jaisalmer: November to March is the best time to visit Jaisalmer for Weekend Getaways.

Things to do in Jaisalmer: Experience the desert safari, Enjoy the parasailing and paramotoring in Jaisalmer, Experience the thrilling quab biking in Jaisalmer, Experience the Camel safari, Visit the Indo-Pak border.

Meghalaya: The North East Indian Unexplored Jewel


You might not be aware but a long weekend in Meghalaya with friends is what you have been craving for all this long. A hidden gem in the serene North East Indian state, Meghalaya will leave you and your gang hitched with this place, forever. The unexplored beauty fused with untouched scenic spots make up for a great vacation with friends. The lakes of Meghalaya are as pure and beautiful as they come. Sail on a boat as your drone camera captures the beauty of the place. The view from the hilltops is also a major attraction in Meghalaya. Yes, it might seem like exploring an entire state is hard and time taking, but believe me, a long trip with friends across Meghalaya would be the best memory you share with your friends.

Best time to visit Meghalaya: Although an all the year destination, Meghalaya is best visited from October to June.

Things to do in Meghalaya: Visit the Elephants fall in Shillong, Mawthadraishan Peak In Nongstoin, Visit to Cherrapunji, Explore the city life of Shillong, Visit the All Saint Churches in Shillong, Explore the Balpakram National Park.

Jim Corbett Wildlife Safari: Check out The Wildlife with Not So Wild Friends

Jim Corbett Wildlife Safari

For those who seek refuge in nature’s lap amidst wildlife, the Jim Corbett National Park is best suited for you. Located in the North Indian state of Uttarakhand, the wildlife offers the best of the natural landscape. A wildlife safari with your friends is the best way to explore the natural habitat. Home to many exotic and endangered species in India, Jim Corbett Wildlife is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway with friends.

Best time for Jim Corbett National Park: The best time to visit Jim Corbett National park is in the months of March and May and the month of December.

Things to do in Jim Corbett National Park: Explore the wildlife safari of Jim Corbett National Park, explore all 4 regions of the park, go for elephant rides.

Madhya Pradesh Wildlife Tour: A Peak into Wildlife of India

Madhya Pradesh Wildlife Tour

A state which takes pride in its wildlife sanctuaries, Madhya Pradesh is home to some of the endangered and exotic species in India. Despite being the pride of India, not many people are aware of the beauty of these wildlife sanctuaries. A rejuvenating therapeutic session in the lap of nature, the Madhya Pradesh Wildlife tour offers you a chance to see the other side of life form on our planet. Madhya Pradesh is also home to tigers, an endangered and exotic species. For all those who wish to travel with friends to a quaint and serene location, Madhya Pradesh Wildlife tour is your answer. You can check out the Madhya Pradesh Wildlife Tour packages here.

Best time to visit Madhya Pradesh: Winters are the best time to visit Madhya Pradesh.

Ranthambore National Park: A Walk Amidst The Royal Tigers

Ranthambore National Park

Visit India’s most renowned national Park and enjoy the other aspect of nature while you interact with wildlife. Ranthambore National Park, named after the Ranthambore Park, is one of the best places for the weekend getaway. Blessed with natural beauty and diverse flora and fauna, Ranthambore National Park is the place to explore the balance of life on Earth. A perfect destination for school group tour and college students, Ranthambore National Park would be an eternal memory in your friend’s circle.

Best time to visit Ranthambore National Park: October to March is the best time to visit Ranthambore National Park.

So, have you decided any location yet? Do it fast, plan your next trip with friends so do let us know how it went. Also, if we have missed any location do let us know in the comment section below.

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