12 Apple Orchard Destination in India For This Apple Season

12 Apple Orchard Destination in India For This Apple Season
Published: 04 Dec, 2018

With summer’s almost gone, many wandering souls must be thinking of the places to explore in the upcoming months. Well, we have a new idea for you – Fruit Picking Vacations Across India. Different from your usual wandering in the Himalayan mountains, this apple season in India, explore the Apple Orchard destinations in India. These destinations won’t be just about apple farms, these destinations are a complete deal. Quaint valleys, sleepy towns, picturesque mountain view and a vacation in the peaceful Himalayan terrain.

Himalaya has to be a major tourist attraction in last one decade with more and more people opting to visit hill stations. This has resulted in the price surge of hotels, long traffic jams and you are never alone in this picturesque mountains. But with these 12 Apple orchard destinations in India, you get to be alone in the vastness of Himalayas, there is no rush to go someplace, no worries about high hotel prices and you get to enjoy your vacation. Isn’t that what travelling is all about? Finding peace amidst the vastness of the nature. So, this apple season pack your bags because you are going to taste the fresh apples in the scenic Himalayan mountains.



Situated at an elevation of 2300 m, Mukteshwar has got a religious history for its origination. Mukteshwar gets its name from the Mukteshwar Dham temple located in Mukteshwar whose residing deity was believed to be Lord Shiva. Literally meaning to provide liberation, Mukteshwar does free your soul from the burden and chaos of daily life. With 180 degrees view of Himalayan peaks and Apple Orchards of Mukteshwar makes it one of the best places to go Apple picking. A perfect weekend getaway for you and your gang, the holy place of Mukteshwar will rejuvenate you and your mind.

How to Reach: Pantnagar Airport is the nearest airport, 94 km from Mukteshwar. The railway station of Kathgodam serves as the nearest railway station. Mukteshwar is well connected by road

Must do things in Mukteshwar: Food for adventure seekers, Mukteshwar has activities like Rock climbing and rappelling. There are many hiking trails leading to nearby towns like Binsar and Peora.



If anybody asks for best holiday destinations in India, one out of every five would suggest Shimla. Known as the queen of hills, Shimla attracts tourists from all over the world. But did you know that Shimla has many secret famous apple farms in India? Away from the touristy lanes of Shimla lies some of the most serene and famous fruit orchards in India. Shimla offers some of the most scenic beauties in Himachal Pradesh. The famous Toy train of Shimla is an adventure in itself.

How to Reach: The nearest airport is Jubbarhatti, 23 km from the city. The Shimla railway station is a UNESCO World Heritage site connecting Kalka and Shimla. Shimla is also well connected by road, open throughout the year.

Must do things in Shimla: Shimla has various popular tourist destinations like the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Mall road, trekking to Jakhu Temple and Church.


Ramgarh Uttarakhand

If you are thinking where to go Apple picking in India, then Ramgarh is your destination. Referred to as fruit bowl of India, Ramgarh has some of the famous fruit orchards in India. Be it apple framing, peach farming or apricot farming, Ramgarh has all. Famous for its farm tourism, you wouldn’t have to think about where to find fresh fruits, ever again. At an elevation of 1700 m, the town of Ramgarh is secluded from the hustle of tourism. So visit for its apple farming and solitude and peace you get in this place.

How to Reach: The nearest airport is Pantnagar Airport, 76 km from Ramgarh. The nearest railway station is Kathgodam. Ramgarh is well connected by road.

Must do things in Ramgarh: Lakes like Bhimtal and Naukuchiatal are in close proximity of Ramgarh. You can also explore the jungle treks of Ramgarh. Nathuakhan is another place you can visit when in Ramgarh.



10 km from the famous town of Ranikhet, Chaubatia offers some of the most famous Apple orchards in India. At an altitude of 1800 m above sea level, Chaubatia is a heaven for travelers who seek solitude. A place is known for its tranquility, this sleepy Himalayan town will take your breathe away with its scenic beauty. The name literally means junction of four ways.

How to Reach: connected through all modes of transportation, the nearest airport is Pantnagar airport, 110 km from Chaubatia. The nearest railway station is Kathgodam, 75 km. Roads are open throughout the year. Buses ply to and from Ranikhet.

Must do things: Mainly known for its solitary environment, guests come here to relax. You can trek to various nearby villages and towns like Ranikhet and Almora.


Peora Uttarakhand

Trippy roads, winding valleys, vast alpine forests, and beautiful apple orchards, welcome to the quaint Peora village, a tiny hamlet in the vast Himalayas. In close proximity of Mukteshwar and Almora, the view of might Himalayas will take your breath away. Laden with lush green valley and juicy apple orchards, Peora is a must-visit destination for every nature lover.

How to Reach: Pantnagar Airport is the nearest airport, 110 km from Peora. The railway station of Kathgodam serves as the nearest railway station. Peora is well connected by road

Must do things in Peora: Stay in the century-old Dak Bungalow which now serves as a homestay. Explore the offbeat trail routes or relax in the quaint valley of Peora.


Relaxing amidst the beauty of Sainj Village

Located in the footsteps of the Great Himalayan National Park, Sainj Valley has some of the most pristine and untouched Himalayan beauties. One such attraction is the apple orchards in the Sainj valley and surrounding villages. Trek anywhere in the entire valley and you’ll find long stretches of apple trees. The heartwarming hospitality of the locals ensures that you don’t come empty-handed. Pluck apples and feast on them as you explore the valley.

How to Reach: The nearest airport is in Shimla. However, a major airport is in Chandigarh. Sainj is well connected by road. You can board a bus from Aut to reach Sainj.

Must do things in Sainj: Explore the Shangarh meadows. You can also trek to Sarikanda and Thini top.



Nestled in the picturesque setting of the Garhwal Himalayas, Kanatal is the perfect leisure destination in India. A weekend getaway Kanatal has some of the most famous apple farms in India. Blesses with the sight of the some of the most splendid peaks of Himalayas, Kanatal is a perfect 2-day destination for your gang. With numerous adventure options to choose from, Kanatal offers some exquisite trekking trails in the Garhwal hills. You can also go for a jungle safari or rope across valleys.

How to Reach: The nearest airport is in Dehradun, 75 km from Kanatal. The nearby stations are Rishikesh and Dehradun. Kanatal is also well connected by road.

Things to do in Kanatal: You can go for offbeat trekking in Kanatal. Rock climbing and valley crossing are also major tourist attractions in Kanatal. Go for a jungle safari or visit Surkanda Devi temple, Kanatal won’t disappoint you with its natural beauty.



The capital city of the Exotic state of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar is one of the most visited apple orchard holiday destination in India. Blessed with breathtaking scenic beauties and welcoming people, Srinagar has been on the top of many tourists’’ list. Apple orchards in Srinagar has been known for producing the sweetest apples in India. Apart from apple orchards, tourists in Srinagar also get the chance to boat across the mesmerizing Dal Lake.

How to Reach: Srinagar has its own airport. The city is also well connected by rail and road.

Must visit places in Srinagar: Apple orchards are not the only reason to visit Srinagar, the city is a traveler’s heaven. Boat in the Dal Lake, explore the Pari Mahal and Chashme Shahi are some of the things to do in Srinagar.



Kashmir is the heaven that was promised to us on the Earth. There are no words to describe the breathtaking beauty of this heavenly state. Every road you take, every trek you ascend upon takes you new scenery which is better than the last. Apart from its aesthetic beauty, Kashmir is also known for its Apple orchards. Producer of some of the best apples in the world, Anantnag apple farms is the feast to attend for every apple lover in India. Fused with aesthetic beauty and warm hospitality, Anantnag is one of the best holiday destinations in India.

How to Reach: The nearest airport is in Srinagar. The station of Anantnag serves as a way to reach by railway. Anantnag is well connected by National Highways.

Must do things in Anantnag: Anantnag is en route to some of the most pristine and famous valleys of Kashmir like Aru Valley and Betaab Valley. There are numerous religious shrines across the district.



Gulmarg is the hotspot of Kashmir tourism, with guests flocking every year to witness the snowy Gulmarg valley. Home to some of the most famous apple farms in India, Gulmarg is a fine example of a tourist spot thriving on Agricultural tourism in India. The winters in Gulmarg is an absolute beauty. With whiteness spread all across the horizon, you can feel the tranquility of this place. The hospitality of this place fused with absolute beauty will make it your favourite vacation destination in India.

How to Reach: The nearest airport is in Srinagar, 60 km from Gulmarg. The nearest railway station is in Jammu, 290 km. It is well connected by road.

Must do things in Gulmarg: Skiing is a popular tourist attraction in Gulmarg. You can also ride the Gulmarg Gondola. Trek to Alpather Lake and explore the Gulmarg Biodiversity park.


Sangla Valley

Located near the Indo-Tibetan border, the valley was opened to the public just 25 years ago and in last one decade, this place has grown into one of the best apple orchard holiday destinations in India. With a blend of scenic beauty, solitude and peace, and vast apple orchards, Sangla is the place to be during the apple season in India. There are numerous treks originating from Sangla village and for the thrill seekers, there are many picturesque camping grounds for you to pitch your tent.

How to Reach: The nearest airport is Jubbarhatti airport in Shimla, 240 km. Sangla is not connected by rail however you can take a road route to reach Sangla.

Must do things in Sangla: Visit the Chitkul village on the Indo-Tibetan Border. Sangla meadows is another place to explore. The Baspa river gives some of the amazing frames for the photoshoot. Explore the village and temples in the village.



Been to Manali many times but did you ever visit the Apple Orchards in Manali? One of the best holiday destinations in India, Manali is the hub of Orchard retreat in India. Snow-capped mountains, picturesque valleys and bustling streets are what Manali is known for but there are numerous, secret yet not so hidden, Apple Orchards in Manali. If you are planning holidays in India, then Manali has to be your destination and Apple picking has to be on your to-do list.

How to Reach: The nearest airport is in Bhuntar, 50 km from Manali. Not connected by bus, The Delhi-Manali highway serves as the major road route to Manali

Must do things in Manali: Manali serves as the base camp for many long treks, you can also opt for small treks around Manali. Visit the old town of Manali. Snow adventure sports like Skiing is popular during winters.

So, have you picked you destination yet? Don’t wait up because now is the right time to explore and witness the beauty of these untouched places. Travel and share you experience with us about these place in the comment section below.

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