Dental Filling in India: Best Solution For Tooth Decay at Unbelievable Cost

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  • 25 Sep, 2017

If you think that you feel terrified at the thought of undergoing a dental procedure, then you are not alone. There are many people around the world who avoid getting dental work despite worsening health of their gums and teeth.

A dental filling is one such procedure that people are afraid to opt for, despite the fact that it is one of the safest dental care procedures. There are a lot of misconceptions that people have about dental filling, including the one that it is a painful procedure which must be avoided no matter the level of tooth decay that you may be suffering from.

But the truth is that dental filling is one of the most common dental procedures opted by thousands of people around the world. Tooth dental filling is routinely performed at dental clinics and dental hospitals in India to eliminate the decayed matter of the tooth and fill the void with a synthetic material to restore proper functioning of the tooth. This article talks about everything that you must know about tooth dental filling.

Importance of dental fillings: Why is it required?

As people age, their oral cavity may get infested with a lot of bacteria without them even realizing. The bacteria slowly become a permanent member of your oral cavity and feed on whatever you eat throughout the day.

Since they constantly get nourishment for their growth and development, they start of multiply in huge numbers. Just like normal human digestion, they produce certain toxins in the form of acid as a digestive side product.

These acids are pretty harmful to the health of the teeth and the gums. They start to dig deep into the tooth enamel and end up creating a hole in the tooth structure over a period of time. This hole is commonly known as tooth decay, cavity, or dental caries.

Those who perform flossing as a part of their regular dental care are able to prevent tooth decay caused by bacteria. But those who do not floss their teeth regularly eventually end up getting their teeth damaged by the bacteria and may have to visit a dentistry expert to get a dental filling.

Unlike other tissues of the body, teeth are not able to heal by themselves. This is the reason why a dental filling is required to close the hole and stop them from penetrating any further. If nothing is done to close the hole, the individual will have to suffer from intense pain. In such as case, the dental care expert may advise tooth extraction for pain relief.

The dental filling procedure has evolved considerably in the last few years. Gone are the days when it used to be painful for people to undergo the dental filling procedure. Not the dental care experts simply remove the film of bacteria and then fill the hole with a hard material to close it.

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Who should get a dental filling?

Only an experienced dental care expert will be able to tell whether you need to get a dental filling or not. You should regularly visit one of the best dental hospitals in India and get an appointment with the available dental care expert for an oral examination.

During the examination, the dental care expert closely examines the surface of each tooth with the help of a small mirror and other dental tools. He or she may recommend dental filling if a cavity is observed.

Types of dental filling: Which one is the best?

The type of dental filling you may need depends on the extent of damage that needs to be fixed. The following are the four different tooth cavity filling options available at dental hospitals in India:

Gold fillings: These fillings are quite compatible with the gum tissues and may last for a little over 20 years. Dental care experts consider these tooth cavity filling material to be one of the best, however, these are quite expensive because of the use of gold and the patient is required to visit the hospital multiple times.

Silver Fillings: Amalgam or silver fillings are quite inexpensive. However, they do not look good on the front teeth because of the dark color.

Composite Resins: Also known as plastic resins, composite resins are commonly used in the cases where a more natural coloring of the teeth is required. However, composite resins may chip over a period of time and get stained due to excessive consumption of tea and coffee.

Porcelain Fillings: The dental filling cost in the case of porcelain fillings is similar to that of gold fillings. These are hard fillings that match the look of the natural teeth. In addition, porcelain resins resist staining.

The best dental hospitals in India offer all the four options for tooth cavity filling, in addition to a few others. There are many multispecialty and dental care hospitals in India that conduct the dental filling procedure.

Thousands of medical tourists from different parts of the world visit these hospitals due to high-quality of treatment and affordable dental filling cost. The Fortis, Wockhardt, and Apollo group of hospitals located in major cities such as Delhi, Amritsar, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Jaipur are globally renowned for their dental care procedures, including dental filling.

Dental filling procedure

Important Steps

Step 1 In step 1, local anaesthesia is administered to the patient to numb the area around the respective tooth. This ensures a painless dental filling procedure.
Step 2 In step 2, the dental care expert drills into the tooth enamel to remove the decay. After complete removal of decay, the area is prepared for dental filling.
Step 3 In step 3, the dental care specialist etched the tooth with an acid gel. This is done to prepare the space for placement of bonded filling.
Step 4 In step 4, resin-based or porcelain filling is applied and hardened with the help of light. In the case of gold and silver filling, the lab-prepared material is layered on the prepared space.
Step 5 In step 5, the tooth is polished after the successful placement of the filling.

Dental Filling After Care: Things to Remember

  • The numbness will persist for at least a few hours after the procedure. Once it wears off, you may experience stinging sensation for a while before it gets normal.
  • Do not chew anything from the new filling side at least for 24 hours after the procedure. Chew from the other side.
    If the other side has a filling too, then stick to soft foods and liquids.
  • The tooth may feel sensitive for at least a week before the sensitivity wears off. If it still persists, you must contact your dental care expert.
  • Patients who have had a deep filling may experience prolonged pain in the tooth.
  • Regular cleaning of teeth in the form of brushing and flossing is required to keep tooth cavity filling healthy and away from the bacterial attack.
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What makes India best destination for dental filling?

India has emerged as one of the preferred medical tourism destinations for dental treatment and the same is true about tooth cavity filling. Each year, hundreds of medical tourists from abroad visit the best dental hospitals in India for affordable treatment.

The dental hospitals in India now rank among the list of some of the best medical institutions in the world for dental treatment. India is now compared to other leading medical tourism destinations for dental treatment such as Poland and Hungary for offering state-of-the-art treatment at an extremely cheap cost.

The following are some of the reasons that make India the best destination for dental filling:

Cutting-edge Technology: India is far ahead of other countries when it comes to the use of medical technology. The dental care experts in India are equipped with the knowledge to use dental technology to provide the maximum benefits to the candidates while ensuring great success rates and minimal recovery time.

Variety to Choose From: There are a lot of dental filling material options to choose from. Even though the best decision is only taken by an experienced dental care expert, the individual looking forward to high-quality dental filling can always evaluate their options to see if it will work for them in the long run.

Cheap Dental Filling Cost: The cost of dental filling in India is one of the lowest in the world. This is especially true when it comes to the Western countries. Patients from abroad can avail best dental filling in India at an extremely affordable cost. It is estimated that a patient from abroad saves around 80 to 90 percent of their money by choosing to undergo dental filling in India over any other country.


A dental cavity is a common problem that affects millions of people around the world. If left untreated, a dental cavity may lead to adverse outcomes and may even increase the need for tooth extraction or root canal treatment.

The dental filling hospitals in India offer great services to patients from within the country and abroad. The dental care experts offer the highest quality of treatment to patients despite the fact that dental filling cost in India is one of the cheapest in the world.

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