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Medical Tourism Hospitals

Best Hospitals in India for Tertiary Healthcare

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  • medigence21 Dec, 2016
Medical Tourism Trends

5 Emerging Trends In The Medical Tourism Industry

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  • medigence12 Dec, 2016
Medical Tourism Hospitals

Top 15 Hospitals In India Best Known For Tourism

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Top 5 Tourism Benefits Every Patient Should Consider

The tourism benefits are huge for Westerners in many developing countries. Many people receive treatment each year for a much lower cost than they could pay in their own home countries, and with international travel being pretty much hassle-free, it’s a great deal. More and mor

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide To Achieve A Perfect Look

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Cancer Treatment in India

How Cancer Treatment in India is Saving The Life of Nigerians

Over the period of last few years, India has emerged as one of the leading nations among the popular medical tourism destinations. This is primarily because of two major reasons – the highly affordable cost of medical treatment and quality of medical service and expertise avail


Brain Tumors: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Introduction: Brain tumors are identified as any abnormal mass of cells growing within the brain. These tumors can either be malignant (cancerous) or benign (not cancerous). Brain tumors are a fairly common phenomena and over 200,000 cases occur in the US alone each year. Howeve

Breast Cancer Causes & Treatment

Breast Cancer Causes & Treatment: A Comprehensive Guide

What is Breast Cancer? Breast cancer is a cancerous tumor that is found in the tissue surrounding the breast area. The breasts can get two types of cancers. One of those is ductal carcinoma which starts in the tubes (ducts) of the breast that moves milk to the nipples. Most brea


6 Latest Trends In Healthcare To Watch Out For In 2017

Gone are the days when medicine and healthcare was all about a visit to the doctor, who, with the help of supporting staff, would diagnose and treat the patient medically or surgically. Now is the era of sophisticated and highly-advanced technology in healthcare, which despite fa

Get the Best of Information on Medical Treatments, Major Breakthroughs and Premium Healthcare Facilities in India, the leading Affordable Medical Tourism Destination in the World.

Get insights on the rapidly developing field of medical tourism in India as in this section we run it to ground to bring every little detail that seems important. Going over with a fine tooth comb, we shall rake the fast evolving medical field in India that offers affordable healthcare and medical services in India. Find blogs on best hospitals; top medical tourism destinations, accommodation facilities, healthcare services, food centres, pharmacies, and medical facilities and policies that keep on upgrading for providing better services to medical tourists in India coming from different countries. It is also a section that dedicatedly keep you updated with all the latest scoop, new developments, and who is who of the medical world. Thus, helping you plan your visit to India with utter convenience.