Indian Doctors Removed Brain Tumour of Iraqi Women through Endoscopy

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  • 28 Jul, 2017

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Another Feat in Tertiary Healthcare in India: Doctors Removed Brain Tumour Through Endoscopy

The tertiary medical care in India reached a new feat with one of its kind surgery performed on an Iraqi women in Gurugram, Haryana. Doctors used the method of endoscopy to remove a tumour from the brain of the 43 year old Iraqi national, who has been struggling with it for more than 16 years. The surgery was done by making a minimal incision of 2X2 cms instead of the conventional procedure that would demand the opening of the skull and an incision of about 10-15 cms.

This surgery is seen as a challenging task, as the location of the tumour was quite risky. It lay right next to the carotid artery, which is a major blood vessel and pumps blood to the brain. The tumour also made a slight contact with the optic nerve, which caused the patient diplopia or double vision. Another reason of this cyst surgery was the age of the patient. However, despite all the difficulties, the doctors in Paras Hospital, Gurugram were able to successfully remove the benign cyst that measured 4X3X2 cms with a minimal incision.

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