Wheel into Corbett National Park This Summer

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The summer season in India although unbearable, but is the best time to acquaint the wildlife in India. You may spin out a sunburn jungle safari but the heat quenches when you get a glimpse of the elusive big cats. You have time only till end of June to explore the wild as most of the national parks in India will not be in operation during the monsoon season. Hence wheel into the wild right away to capture the best of wilderness and bring back home some goosebump moments. If you are having interest in wildlife photography then the summer season offer you clicks after clicks.
According to a current report a huge number of travellers from across the country thronged to Corbett National Park on 27th of May, 2014. It bustled and nagged the park authorities and led them heighten the security as well as cued the guides and drivers to warn the travellers sticking to forest guidelines. As per Nitika, a tourist who was interviewed, the major attraction at Corbett National Park remains the tigers but in general, a wildlife safari in Corbett National Park offers a peace of mind amid the nature itself.

Located on the foothills of the Himalaya in Uttarakhand, the Corbett National Park is also a home to elephants, many different kinds of deer, birds and even rare reptiles besides the elusive predators. The park, covering an area of about 521 square kilometers, is the first national park in India and also the first tiger reserve in India.

The Corbett National Park is also the first location of “Project Tiger” that was launched in the year 1973 is one of the major wildlife conservation acts in India. Although the project helped the tiger population to rise from 268 in 1973 to 1,706 according to the 2011 census report carried by the National Tiger Conservation Authority, we still count a dark future of this wild cat family due to various reasons including hunting, poaching and lack of genetic diversity.

So are you ready for the heat in the wild this summer? This weekend is then just an escape with your loved ones into the Corbett National Park.

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Tanmay Sharma is a wildlife enthusiast, who is fond of exotic fauna and flora. In the search of interesting wild beings, he has travelled every destination of India, be it the snow dressed area of Uttarakhand, deserted land of Rajasthan or central highlands of Madhya Pradesh. Besides being a true lover of wildlife, Tanmay has a creative edge in writing through which he shares his expertise and experiences with the world.

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