What to Pack While Going for a Holiday?

What to Pack While Going for a Holiday?
Last Updated: November 19, 2019

What emotions come to mind when one thinks about holidays- happiness, excitement, and enjoyment. But amid all the joyous feelings there is a feeling of tension which is related to packing. Most people become anxious thinking what to take and what to leave. The fear of forgetting something important looms large on the mind of most of the prospective travelers.

Following is a list of basic things which a person should take along while going out of station:



There are some medicines that one has been prescribed to take daily. One should take them along with a copy of prescription. As a precautionary measure, medicines for common problems like cold, fever, headache, etc. can also be taken.


This is something which is very important and never ceases to puzzle – which and what kind of clothes to take, and how many.

  • Apart from the likes and dislikes of the person the decision should also be based on the weather conditions and culture of the holiday destination. These are very important considerations and must never be neglected.
  • Don’t forget to keep an empty bag to put dirty clothes.
  • If the weather will be warm then one should take adequate clothes, but also keep a set of warm clothes like a cap, shawl or a jacket, just in case it rains, or gets cold in the night.
  • Even when all the necessary precautions have been taken, the clothes will anyhow get some wrinkles after being packed. Try to pack clothes which are darker in shade as wrinkles won’t show clearly on them.
  • Keep one or two sets of night clothes. Put such pajamas and tops which can also be comfortably worn while going for morning walks and/or breakfast.
  • One should pack more sets of undergarments as one may not be able to wash them or get them washed while on vacation.



A person should take only a few comfortable pair of shoes, sandals or floaters that can be worn on most of the dresses and are light to carry in the bag.


Always keep some packaged eatables like chocolates, biscuits, candies and wafers handy. They will be of great help just in case one happens to get stuck at an isolated place or when hunger attacks at odd hours. Also carry a water bottle.

Identity Proof:


These days it has become essential to carry some sort of identity proof while on a vacation. Hotels, at most places, won’t rent a room if you don’t have one. Also in case of any mishap or any other contingency it would be of a great help to travelers and their family.

  • Having one’s name, address of one’s home and of the place where one plans to stay on vacation should be mentioned both inside and outside of the bag. Just in case it gets lost, it will make locating the bag back to the owner a lot easier.



One should have all the basic items which one uses as a matter of personal hygiene like– tooth paste, tooth brush, soap, shampoo, face wash, body lotion, shaving kit, deodorants, etc. And there are certain things which climate of area demands, like sunscreen lotions, or cold creams that should also be taken along accordingly.

Money and Cards:


These days plastic money is generally used more than the actual cash. Hence it is very important that more than one card (credit or debit) be taken in case one of them gets lost, damaged, or gets stuck in an ATM machine.



Things can get lost or damaged on vacations. Thus it’s a good idea to have a few photocopies of the important documents and cards that one intends to take. Keep one set of copy at home and one in the bag (or have one set in each bag one carries).



In order to relish the memories of vacations lifelong, it is essential to carry a camera to capture images and videos of the entire journey to cherish the moments later on.

Items for Entertainment:

During the journey, at night, or while restricted by bad weather to one’s hotel, one should have a few things to amuse oneself, as per their preference, like books, magazines, tablets, DVDs, pen drives, memory cards, headphones, and the like.

List of things–

It will be very convenient to make a list of things which are to be taken. In this way one can cross check all the items while setting out of home and also when checking out of a hotel or any other place of stay.


The traveler should choose a type of bag that is most comfortable to carry for him/her, like a backpack, a bag with wheels, shoulder bag, etc. Also it’s very convenient to have a small handbag while going for sightseeing and shopping. Important things like cash, cards, identity proofs, a few eatables and water bottle can be carried in it easily.


  • Extra Bags– Always take extra empty paper, cloth or plastic bags along.
  • Paper and Pencil/Pen– Though most of the people take their cell phones, tablets and or even laptops everywhere they go, pen and paper can always come to good use while going out of home.
  • Bug Repellent– Bugs can be found anywhere especially at hill stations, or near lakes. So always be prepared with repellent creams, mosquito coils or other such products for an irritation and disease free trip.
  • Nail Cutter– In addition to cutting nails, the additional features of a nail cutter can be used for cutting fruits, opening seals or caps, etc.
  • Sleeping Bag– This is an optional item which can be taken to deal with any kind of eventuality concerning the accommodation.
  • Chargers/Batteries– Don’t forget to take along the chargers or batteries of the electronic gadgets which are being carried.
  • Spectacles or contact lenses– If one wears glasses or lenses then an alternate set should be kept.
  • Phone numbers– Important phone numbers of relatives, close friends and doctors should be in one’s phone as well on a paper or diary, just in case one’s cell phone gets lost or damaged.

Don’t forget to keep tickets and other important documents related to reservation of travel and accommodation.

Happy Holidays!!

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Published: 08 Oct, 2013
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