6 Things That Should Not Happen With Any Traveler. 3rd One Is Damn Funny

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Kids love it. Teenagers love it. Adults love it. Even your dog loves it. Ever wondered why traveling is loved by people from all walks of life. Let me tell you why! Traveling enlivens your withering senses; it makes you feel light and brings harmony to your mind, body & soul. But, but, but….there are things always ready to add sourness to your travel experience. And no traveler wishes those things to happen to him/her. What are those things? Here is the list of six:

Your Train Is Late, We Apologize For The Inconvenience

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You hate it. You hate it. Even I hate it. Well, everyone hates it. And you hate it even more to spend those odd hours sitting on your luggage and staring at those strange faces.

Rain O Lovely Rain

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No. Don’t take me wrong. Rain is nice. Listening to that melodious pitter-patter while enjoying tea with snacks. It really cheers you up. But now you are traveling…traveling to that famous fortress you wanted to visit since you read about it last year. And guess what? Ok, don’t guess. Obviously it’s going to rain. What else would I say? So, it is raining and you run to that shelter. You should wait, you are waiting and you have been waiting for long. Rain is stopped. But it’s 8 PM. Fortress is closed. Go back to your room and sleep.

Troubled Stomach…Oops

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Oh no. Not now! Gosh, where do I find a washroom now? Why such things happen with me? This is how troubled stomach makes most of you react. Anyway, you still have to find a washroom. Run! No…running could be dangerous. Walk. Walk slowly.

You Are Lost. I Mean Literally Lost

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So, while hiking that trail flanked by plants & trees, you suddenly come to know that you are not on a right path. You turn back, but it is all tangled. You look left, right, forward, backward. You are screwed. You are so screwed. Now go back and find the right path; don’t just stand here. Huh!

And Now Your Wallet Is Lost

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Wait, wait, wait. So you have lost your wallet now. When will you grow up bud? And how you are going to reach your hotel? Did you just say lift? Ok go…go ask for the lift with that thumb. You will look pretty nice doing it.


So, you are really enjoying driving on that long, empty road to your favorite weekend getaway. And this is what you wanted for long. Some time alone to shoo away the stress. “It’s going to be a smooth ride”, you say to yourself. And all of a sudden you hear the scream of your rear tyre. You know what it is! You know what it is! You need a mechanic, means you are stuck there for at least 4 hours. Smooth ride you said! Anyway, take some help from this little guy.

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