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6 Reasons You Are In Love With Winters. 5th One Is My Favourite

6 Reasons You Are In Love With Winters. 5th One Is My Favourite
Last Updated: July 25, 2019

Spend entire lifetime and you will hardly meet anyone who is not in love with winters. After all, you get respite from harsh summer after eight long months and you for a moment forget all hardships of life when that first brush of winter air kisses your cheek. Though we all await winters desperately, most of you never realized that you are in love with this cycle of weather. So here I am, writing those 5 points which instantly make you realize that you have fallen for winters.

1. The cool breeze all around


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It is so good! No? The breeze follows you wherever you go. Every day becomes so pleasant that most of you wish winters to stay year long. It’s ok to wish so; after all, this is what makes you the loyal lover of winters.

2. It is winters. Pack your bags and go vacationing


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Winter fills you with energy. Energy to do this and that and that and that. And look what this energy does. It charges your travel buds up which lead you to places, places that gift you smiles…..lots of smiles.

3. The Sun. The Warmth. The Yellow


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Aah…the Sun. You feel so amazing to sit or walk beneath the yellow umbrella woven by this giant ball. And you literally relish those lovely moments when you bask in the sun while eating peanuts with jaggery.

4. Quilts. Lovely quilts


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O, boy! You never want to come out of those warm, soft and comfy quilts. It so much like a toddler going back to his/her mother’s lap again and again.

5. The Jackets. The Coats. And The Suave You


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Now this is the best part. Winter clothes have this ability to bring back that long gone charm to you. And you so like it when those appreciating glances follow you till the distance.

6. The Romance


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How did I miss it? Winters have this magic to unshackle the ‘romantic you’. The soothing weather, the air, the swaying trees and chirping birds create a perfect setting for that lovely walk with your better half.

Published: 28 Oct, 2014
Gaurav Mahajan


Gaurav is a social media marketer who spends most of his time reading about travel and travellers. His inclination towards traveling takes him to different corners of India, which gives him a chance to share the vacationing experience with like-minded people. He currently works with Tour My India that specialises in satisfying the travel thirst of globetrotters. You can follow this agency on Facebook and Twitter

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