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Last Updated: July 4, 2018

You come to office; you work; you go back home. This process continues for months and you don’t even realize that you need vacations until you start coming across these 7 signs again and again:

Getting up for office is a task now

It’s 6 AM, time to wake up for office. But you don’t want to. It’s 6:30 AM, you are getting late. But you still don’t want to wake up. And this has been happening for days, but you don’t seem to care much about this. You don’t even want to work. TMI

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No Joy You Feel

You feel sad most of the time. You feel sad while eating, watching movies, talking, walking, working. There is no joy in your life as it has been long eluding you. Moreover, you feel tired and sleepy all the time, like him: TMI

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You Start Forgetting Things

From adding sugar to tea to remembering your wife’s birthday, you start forgetting things. And you don’t have an answer when someone asks “how could you?” You always make that expressionless melancholic face that the person confronting you starts feeling sorry. Awwwww TMI

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You Dream of Vacationing

Not occasionally but every single night. Those tree-lined paths, cinemascopic views, snow-clad mountains, gleaming rivers and sunny beaches throng your dreams every night. But everything disappears like that puff of cloud when you open your eyes to the blunt sound of your alarm. TMI

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You start to envy your FB friends who post their vacation photographs every now and then

You log in and you come to know “Ohh…he again went on vacations!! What…my cousins were vacationing too!! Wait, wait, wait…so this boring neighbor of mine was also holidaying!!” And then gloom grips you. You make that poor puppy face and log out, while feeling a bit envious of all those who get to spend time on beaches, amid hills and along rivers. Yearning for a break, you clench your teeth and hastily start to draft a mail asking for a 5-day leave. But what about that client meeting, pending work and reports. Ahh…that ‘poor puppy face’ looks even poor now!! TMI

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You Want To Run Away

“I want to run away”. “I will run away”. “Today, I am sure running away.” Are you saying yourself any of these phrases? It’s ok, you are suffering from FERNWEH. No, it is not a disease. Just a desire to travel!! TMI

You Crave To Read Travel Blogs

Like the one you are reading just now. Your days are incomplete without reading such blogs and you literally jump with joy on finding one that talks about peace, serenity, nature and waterfalls. Always remember, that such blogs are a temporary solution. For a permanent one, go to those heavenly mountain passes and run wildly, shout like a crazy kid, and sit for a while on that bench installed along the road side. You will be cured. TMI

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Is there any other sign that is asking you to go vacationing or you think should be included in this list? If yes, please write it down below in the comment box.

Published: 02 Aug, 2014
Gaurav Mahajan


Gaurav is a social media marketer who spends most of his time reading about travel and travellers. His inclination towards traveling takes him to different corners of India, which gives him a chance to share the vacationing experience with like-minded people. He currently works with Tour My India that specialises in satisfying the travel thirst of globetrotters. You can follow this agency on Facebook and Twitter

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